Auctions are Now Live

Submitted by Thad on Thu, 8/17/2017 at 10:03am

The auction system is now live. You can see them at Character Workshop > Treasure; auctions are now the primary tab, whereas the treasure template list and treasure builder are in a sub tab. Auctions work like this:


Always Check the Bodies

Submitted by WildeChild on Wed, 8/16/2017 at 5:18pm

Silaine was sitting in her room in the Tower, poring over her notes on Andor Benston, Glessmyr, and the Circle of the Thirteen. Once more, she sat and stared at the sigils that had been collected while in the Glessmyr wilderness, wondering if she had missed something. 

Suddenly, a thought hit her like a lighting bolt. 

"Shit. Shit. SHIT!"

Racing out the door, only pausing to grab her staff, she sprinted toward the graveyard, calling for Varian, hoping against hope that he preferred burial over cremation.


A Quick Drink in the Corner

Submitted by KingNasher on Wed, 8/16/2017 at 12:35pm

*NOTE: This forum was opened up in response to the people looking for Pelle immediately following his post (See In Search for Artifacts and a Tracker)*


Pelle had sauntered into the tavern after leaving a quick post outside. "Bar maid, I should hope you know what I want by now," he said in a matter of fact tone. He took his seat in a table in the center of the room, giving everyone a good view of himself. He was feeling generous, after all. 


In Search for Artifacts and a Tracker

Submitted by KingNasher on Wed, 8/16/2017 at 11:01am

Pelle sauntered up to the Notice Board with a rolled up parchment in one hand. He pulled a pin from one of the many documents, allowing several papers to fall haphazardly to the ground, and posted his own. It reads:

"Citizens of Jastrey,


Concordat iz guilds

Submitted by spottedmink on Tue, 8/15/2017 at 1:09am

A large note on parchment made crafted from Bacca skin and written in grey-black squid ink is a fixed to the notice board.

"Citizens of Jastrey I fear the council of governance for the shard has waned. To prevent a catastrophic occurrence or diplomatic breakdown I Faro'oq Ishwaar invite all guild as representatives to a round table summit. The summit will be held the Second's Ninth of Mentrischt, 5,732 NB. Please select an arbiter for discussion. Those with out an affiliation may be present and the unaffiliated will be the first topic of discussion."


Carnelevarium - Part 2: The Last Carnival

One mestrun* ago, the Wanderer, a mysterious vampire who's carnival has visited Jastrey in the past, contacted Poppy. The Wanderer was aware of the situation in Tarkalsys, including the meeting of the Nobles of the Barren Throne; expressing concern about Poppy's well being if she should attend this meeting.

The Wanderer's concerns were justified; however, Poppy was aware that her sire was not forthcoming - while he readily answered some questions, he refused to answer others, or did so in such a way that only led to further questions. While the Wanderer is known to be a powerful vampire, Poppy now seeks out her sire - what reception might she expect, should she succeed?


Ling's Weapon Trade

Submitted by Ling on Sat, 8/12/2017 at 1:31pm

Ling goes up to the bulletin board and shoves the top of a longer note onto one of the nails that are sticking out of the board instead of just hammering another nail into it. Its a larger note, mostly because his handwriting is large and a little sloppy but it is readable enough that you can probably make out what it says. He walks away back toward the Brok'n Noz.


ATTENTION Citizens of Jastrey,


Searching Within the Books

Submitted by KingNasher on Fri, 8/11/2017 at 8:56pm

The mid-afternoon sun hung high in the sky, bearing its light down across the lands. Pelle did not especially like being out at this time of day, it was much too hot and the sun dried out his sewn flesh much quicker than he would like. However, this would be the most likely time for somebody to be present at the Tower to host him and his apprentice. 



Home is Where the Hearth Is

Submitted by Althena on Fri, 8/11/2017 at 5:43pm

Pushing the door open, the Ixifar healer stepped into the cool dimness of the Shady Corners.  Although she had only been away from Jastrey for a couple of mestruns, as she stepped beyond the doorway and made her way to her favorite table, nodding her greetings to the tavern maid, the sudden burst of homesickness that flooded her heart made it feel as though she had been absent far longer.