Smoking at the August 2017 Event

Submitted by Thad on Wed, 7/19/2017 at 4:34pm

Smoking will be allowed again starting this event. If you plan to smoke, please review the rules on smoking carefully. Of special note are the new smoking areas at the Lakes, Hills, and Oaks fire pits, as well as the fact that Pines is now reserved as a smoke-free unit.


2017 Cameron Gaming Weekend

Submitted by Marloff on Thu, 7/27/2017 at 12:26am


The Event has taken root and will be held at our place, on 2017, August 18, 19, 20


Marcel has agreed to cater for us all. (no menu yet, but no doubt it will be tasty.)
Please, sign up for the meals, in usual fashion, with contact link below or in the comment section.



Exhume the Bodies - Vol. 2

Constable Mulvany from Stoutnail sends another message to the citizens of Jastrey for aid.  Since their last meeting, the town has been beset by undead and necromancers.  With each citizen that falls to the menace, their ranks swell and make the defense of the city all the harder.


King's Quest - Part IV: The Perils of Scohilt

Two mestruns* ago, Hathin Grandhelm, royal historian from Forgeholme, came to Jastrey on orders from Thorhad Stoneshield, acting Regent of the dwarves. Both Regent Thorhad Stoneshield, and the Council of Elders, have agreed to abide by the decision of Falkrunn Gobl'nsmasha, First of Kragg, and FuChu Anvilsmiter, Knight of Kragg, as to how to determine the new king.

In the ancient Dwarven city of Dwarroholm, a passage, carved by the immortal Espidrel, and used by the ancestors to flee the Dwarven fatherland of Owi Uldros, has remained sealed since the death of the First Grandhelm. By bringing the ancestors together, the Path of Espidrel is once more open; within Owi Uldros, first kingdom of the dwarves, you will find a way to determine the successor to the throne.


[NOTE: Depending on party actions, you may be left to your fate if you attend this adventure.]


Bloodlines - Part 5: A Crown For None

Two mestruns* ago, Lady Claudia von Markham, better known in Jastrey as Althena Andropolis, journeyed back to a home she had not seen in decades. The Nobles of the Barren Throne are on edge; all non-essential travel within Tarkalsys falls under heavy scrutiny, while the noble houses mobilize their forces and raise militia. The cause of the current tension was revealed as an attempt to take Arqveil's Crown.

The reclusive Duke Stursgraad has summoned all the Nobles of the Barren Throne to Vlostoc. Riding on the name of House von Markham, you are allowed entry as retainers. After two ages, who has attempted to break the entente between the Nobles of the Barren Throne?


[NOTE: Depending on party actions, you may be Left to Your Fate if you attend this adventure.]

[NOTE: The writer requests that those who attended "Bloodlines - Part 2" please strongly consider being In Play for this content.]


Red Armbands!

Submitted by Jennifer on Thu, 7/13/2017 at 8:40am

Hello again, Jastrey!  The time has come for red armband donations!  I'd like them to be at least 2 inches wide and 2.5 ft long, preferably made out of cotton.  1 karma/20 and I'll take the first 800, so we have extra.  And only donate 100/person.  Thank you all!


Updated Player Requirements

Submitted by Thad on Wed, 7/12/2017 at 3:49pm

Shards of Orn has always been an open, inclusive game. Be that as it may, over the years, certain minimum standards have emerged to restrict membership. These are now codified in the Who Can Play? section of the game guide. Here's the short and sweet version: