No Smoking Next Event

Submitted by Thad on Mon, 6/12/2017 at 9:24am

In light of the fact that we continue to find discarded cigarettes on the ground and in places other than the smoking areas, we are banning smoking during the July 2017 event. We need everyone to know this is a privilege and that we're serious about taking it away if smokers continue to abuse it. Smoking can resume starting in August, but will be banned permanently if the problem continues after that.


King's Quest - Part 3: Romancing the Stone

One mestrun* ago, Hathin Grandhelm, royal historian from Forgeholme, came to Jastrey on orders from Thorhad Stoneshield, acting Regent of the dwarves. Both Regent Thorhad Stoneshield, and the Council of Elders, have agreed to abide by the decision of Falkrunn Gobl'nsmasha, First of Kragg, and FuChu Anvilsmiter, Knight of Kragg, as to how to determine the new king.

Hathin Grandhelm awaits your arrival in the ancient Dwarven city of Dwarroholm, wherein a passage, carved by the immortal Espidrel, and used by the ancestors to flee the Dwarven fatherland of Owi Uldros, has remained sealed since the death of the First Grandhelm. Within Owi Uldros, first kingdom of the dwarves, you will find a way to determine the successor to the throne.


[NOTE: This content will remain available until it's completion conditions are met.]


A Letter Home

Submitted by WildeChild on Mon, 6/19/2017 at 6:42pm

Silaine sat in her room in the Library, head in her hands. Other than the market days and her job at the tavern, she had spent most of her time in this room, and the magic of the Tower had slowly started to shift it so that it felt more like home.


A Call to Arms

Submitted by WildeChild on Mon, 6/19/2017 at 6:42pm

After handing her letter to the courier with delivery instructions and payment, Silaine tacked a sheet to the notice board.

“Attention Jastrey

“I need your help. For the past 2 years, I have been tracing the location of a murderous scoundrel named Andor Bensten. In the last few mestruns, I have found him, and discovered that his crimes are greater and more terrible than I ever imagined. Some of you have witnessed his crimes with me, and know how dangerous he is.


King's Quest - Part II: To Heir is Dwarven

One mestrun* ago, Hathin Grandhelm, royal historian from Forgeholme, came to Jastrey on orders from Thorhad Stoneshield, acting Regent of the dwarves. Attempting to agree upon the rightful heir of the throne, they seek the aid and counsel of Falkrunn Gobl'nsmasha, First of Kragg, and FuChu Anvilsmiter, Knight of Kragg. Hathin Grandhelm briefly explained the situation, and extended invitation for the two, as well as any other dwarves of Jastrey, to come to Forgeholme.

Having arrived, you are granted entry to the dwarven capital and led to the royal clanhold, where the acting Regent, Thorhad Stoneshield, and the Council of Elders have been locked in contest since Kegger Ironspur's ascension, one year and eight mestruns ago*.


[NOTE: This adventure is Story and RP heavy and involves no combat.]

[NOTE: While anyone may attend this adventure, it is strongly suggested that Dwarves, those declared "dwarf friend" by Kragg, or those who received a blessing from the ancestors during "Blood and Stone" attend this mod. Others may feel unwelcome or left out of certain parts due to the serious nature of the subject matter to the Dwarven people.]


2017 Extra Weekend Event

Submitted by Marloff on Sun, 6/18/2017 at 9:21am

The Event has taken root and will be held at our place, on 2017, August 18, 19, 20

Please contact us about any special needs or desires and we will do our best to accommodate them.

Also, would like to hear your idea of an activity to add.

Hours will run just as Orn Events, from 5:00 pm Friday through 9:00 am Sunday (showing up early or leaving later is fine.)

Staying warm at night should not be an issue in August, but, bring plenty of blankets for padding to sleep on.


Tortured Sites; Repairing Hearts

Submitted by Althena on Sat, 6/17/2017 at 2:12pm

Althena stood at the crater's edge, eyes closed and head raised.  She had no words to fully express the gratitude she felt toward Malkonius, who had selflessly, without regard or concern for his own well being, petitioned Thereon for His assistance regarding the anomalies that had plagued Jastrey.  She opened her eyes, staring down at the crater where once the Warren of Avaren had stood, a smile upon her face.  


A Matter of Dark Research

Submitted by Morgan on Fri, 6/16/2017 at 11:06pm

Garen made his way to the docents tower late one evening.  Unusually he was minimally armored, his chain vest clinking softly against his shirt.  After going through the doors he unstrapped his sword and leaned it near the entrance.  He cleared his throat and began searching for Esgir Anvilsmiter, as well as Yeou Weylyn, the kitsune who assisted the family in Angor.  He needed their assistance in finding information that perhaps might not be available to everyone.