Seeking Answers

Submitted by wolfgirl on Fri, 5/26/2017 at 11:54pm

Aarielle sat in the grass of a little clearing in the forest near Jastrey, deep in thought. She had been in Jastrey not long, enough to get a feel for the place and its people. For the most part they were...troublesome. Nearly everyone carried a weapon and though the constant mosaic of different races of people, she wondered if perhaps she had left her herd too soon. She'd told Granddam, leader of the herd that she wished to go and see the world and the older Yteyra had touched horns with her, conveying concern.


Trials and Tribulations

Submitted by Ling on Fri, 5/26/2017 at 11:48pm

While some of Jastrey had gone to bed for the night, at the Brokn Noz there was wild antics from those who frequently visited it. It wasn’t uncommon, the drinking and challenges to games of cards, darts, and dice. These events were quite regular, however tonight, there was someone who hadn’t been drinking in months. Ling, the mad elf. He looked tired, exhausted even, and he reeked of alcohol. His bandana was on sloppy, his shirt off in some corner revealing his scarred body from years of fighting, and he had multiple drinks empty on his table.


Honest Work

Submitted by Thad on Fri, 5/26/2017 at 12:11pm

The squeaky wheels of his cart were audible long before Varian appeared in view, driving slowly into the town proper. His eyes scanned the sides of the road until he spotted something in a ditch. He tugged the old donkey's reins lightly, drawing it to a stop with a languid, "Woah." His white robes fluttered in the breeze as he hopped to the ground and stooped in the tall grass, hoisting the partially-decayed corpse of an assassin over one shoulder. With a grunt of effort, he rolled it into the back of the cart atop several other bodies in similar states.


Beyond the Dreamscape

Nearly one year ago, heroes from Jastrey came to the aid of Gol, an awakened golem from The Frame. They successfully defeated The Master, a rogue golem who had slain The Maker, Archmage Bradley Flynn, and was preparing an army to attempt to wipe out organic life. Two awakened golems, ./Matrix and In-Tel accompanied the heroes back to Jastrey, where they have learned much about the world outside The Frame.

./Matrix and In-Tel have received a message from The Frame. One of The Maker's experiments, long thought lost, has re-established contact, and is requesting assistance. What little information has been sent back is incongruous at best, but based on the information contained in The Core, this experiment was physically sent into the Astral realm.

[NOTE: There are worse things than death.]


A Dirge of Frost and Flame

Submitted by Volrog on Wed, 5/24/2017 at 6:33pm

In the middle of Glesmyr, the wind was the only sound that stirred. Punctuated by the unsteady, heavy crunch of frozen bones shattering under crushing blows. Volrog, having departed his Wolf allies during the end of winter, as well as sending his band of Angori Avaren-followers back to spread Her Word to Angor, waged a solitary crusade in the north. 


Entertainment with a Bang

Submitted by Ikarafox on Tue, 5/23/2017 at 5:55pm

All was quite on a dark Jastery night until the ground thumped followed by an explosion of blue color overhead.  With every ground shaking thud, a small fireball steamed on trails of golden sparks into the sky only to explode.  Jastery is lite with each explosion as colors of blue, green, gold, and red fall from the sky.



King's Quest - Part I: Quest for the Crown

On First's Elgen of Arathost, 5,730 Nemas Bakril, the dwarf Kegger Ironspur gave his own life to save the wounded Immortal Espidrel, the two merging and becoming Kragg the Forge Father: a massive dwarf of steel and stone that somehow resembled both. Before ascending, Kragg the Forge Father placed the Crown of the Ancestors inside an adamant block within the palace, inscribed with the words, "I await the worthy." Naming FuChu Anvilsmiter his knight, the immortal tasked him with finding a worthy successor to the throne of Forgeholme.

One year and seven mestruns* have passed, and still the throne of Forgeholme lies empty. The council of elders appointed a regent during the interregnum, but have been unable to agree on how to resolve succession. The royal historians have been searching the records of Forgeholme for what to do, but much was damaged or lost when the traitorous Stein Ironspur destroyed much of the city and killed King Guldar. One of them has found a possible solution, and now ventures to Jastrey to seek the aid of both Falkrunn Gobl'nsmasha, First of Kragg, as well as FuChu Anvilsmiter, Knight of Kragg.


Warrens of avaren clarification

Submitted by spottedmink on Fri, 5/19/2017 at 1:08pm

 For clarification about the warrens. presently there is an anomaly in a large crater with the warrens once stood. This is also present were the old paladin camp used to be. It is not advise that you enter these anomalies. entering the anomaly will end you.  Reconstruction in these areas will be impossible until the anomalies are taken care of. Thank you and have a nice day. 


Anomaly Study

Submitted by Diesel Fox on Fri, 5/19/2017 at 8:56am

Weylyn was sitting at the edge of the crater of the former paladin camp. The odd portal in the second inner crater continued as it had since it's creation several Mests before. The kitsune was currently sketching the odd sight, though occasionally he'd toss a small stone into the anomaly only to watch it disappear like all those before it. He'd write down something in a small book and go back to sketching.