Attention, please read.

Submitted by Nick on Fri, 5/19/2017 at 8:07am

Please allow me to make one thing perfectly clear. Only an owner can ever ban a player from this game. The process consists of an investigation, a meeting of the disciplinary committee, and a ruling by the disciplinary committee head. We do not take banning a player lightly. Every player that attends our game is afforded the code of conduct throughout their entire Living Action Inc. experience. Even at the end.


Avaren's Warren

Submitted by Althena on Wed, 5/17/2017 at 8:31pm

A small smile had returned to Althena's face. She was grateful that the angori woman, Maya, had visited with her at the devastation that had once been the gleaming white structure that housed Avaren's Warren.  It felt good to have someone be so genuinely curious and willing to explore a faith that was so against what she had previously experienced. The ixifar healer only hoped that it was a calling that would suit the vibrant younger woman.


Raising an Aetherborn

Submitted by Syladorel on Wed, 5/17/2017 at 7:04pm

((Note: Wolf Clan has been role playing actively regarding Nozina in a private facebook group, and this post contains a collection of various roleplay actions and outcomes from said group, made public here for everyone to see, and join in should they so choose.)


Bloodlines - Part 2: The Voyage Home

Having received urgent word from her brother, Lady Claudia von Markham prepares to return to a home she has not seen in decades. Something has put the nobles houses of Tarkalsys on edge; what reception can Lady von Markham expect upon her arrival?


[NOTE: Depending on party actions, this adventure may be RP heavy and involve minimal combat.]

[NOTE: Depending on party actions, you may be left to your fate if you attend this adventure.]


Weylyn's Enchanting Services

Submitted by Diesel Fox on Mon, 5/15/2017 at 9:02pm

A small piece of parchment found it's way on the public notice boards


Yeou Weylyn is offering his services in infusions and crystals. I currently have the recipes for the following

-Infusion of Spellsteel(versatile weapon)
-Infusion of Adamant(immune ruin)
-Infusion of Protection +3(armor 3)
-Infusion of Living Jade(Resurrection Cost 50%)
-Infusion of Dreamsilver(rest in 30)

-Crystal of Quickening(haste)


You can usually find me in the Shady Corners or the Tower.


Gathering Enhancement Recipes for Sale!

Submitted by Ikarafox on Mon, 5/15/2017 at 6:38pm

An uneven cut paper hangs on Jastery's Market board.  It reads:


Looking for raw magical ingredients?  Need supplies for enchantments?  Can't find what you need in the market?  Why not find it yourself!  Ikara your friendly kitsune is selling recipes for mana, gems, elements, and essence.  Common, uncommon, rare, and exotic are available for copy.  See Ikara to have your copy reserved today!


(Post here or send private message through chat by clicking my icon in chat.)


Acquiring Recipes

Submitted by Thad on Mon, 5/15/2017 at 4:19pm

I've added in two new downtime functions centered around acquiring recipes: Deconstruct and Copy.

Other than using fortune, to learn the recipe for an item you must first Deconstruct it. This is akin to reverse engineering; someone with the appropriate ability ruins the item to figure out how to reproduce it. The item is destroyed in exchange for the recipe to create it.

(Note: While it makes sense that deconstructing an item would also take downtime, I felt the loss of the item was a high enough price by itself, so this process is instant.)


Magical Mushroom Bounty

Approved encounter written by Marloff and edited by Nick.

An odd little fairy flits over Jastrey's wall. She puts up notices and whispers a haiku to all she encounters...

"Bring me the mushrooms,

polka-dotted ones are best,

you have but to scrounge."