No Peace, No Surrender

The siege of Jastrey may have ended, and the armies of the Theocracy of Ressik may have retreated, but there are still raids on the country side. Farms are still pillaged for supplies, and those anathema to Ressik are still going missing. After weeks of these continued happenings, rumor begins to circulate: does the Theocracy have an established stronghold on Jastrey's shard?


Restoring life

Submitted by Peleus on Wed, 6/20/2018 at 12:51pm

As dawn breaks over the once Majestic Forest newcomer falcus travels the path from town. The Sounds of Silence Echo his footsteps. The great trees of jastery covered in black with no life in their arms. The ground one green now covered in Ash. He places his hand on the trees in a moment of Silence for the loss. As he did so small bird flies in and lands on one of the barren branches. It begins chirp and dig through the tree looking for food. In that moment a spark of hope touches his heart. Remembering back to his younger days growing up in the forest brings him comfort.


Buy'ce gal, buy'ce tal.

Submitted by Ling on Sat, 6/16/2018 at 5:01pm

Ling had fought, from the walls to the noz and back again. His fury had known no bounds, for the rage of war had heated his blood and brought long dorment hatreds to bear. It had been a hard fight, and the stand at the shady corners had looked bleak until the riders of Thorne's Company had arrived. It had been a good fight, a long fight, a fight that lasted until noon the next day, as pockets of Sardian resistance who had been unable to retreat were found and cut down.


Jastrey's Independence Day

Submitted by Marloff on Tue, 6/19/2018 at 11:05pm

An urchin raced up to the bulletin board, standing just outside of the Shady Corner Tavern.  Newly built, it's wood still smooth, the child grinned mischievously at the thought of being the first to nail a parchment upon the unmarred wood.  Reaching up as high as he could, the youth adeptly held the parchment against the board with the side of  his palm while holding an iron nail between two fingers.


Conservation Efforts

Submitted by Goose Igaly on Wed, 6/13/2018 at 10:59pm

The sun blazed overhead casting rays through the smoke and haze that seemed to be everywhere.  No doubt there were still some fires going on throughout the town as buildings burned and smoldered.  It would take several days for all of the fires to be contained and the ruins of town to cool completely.  As sad as it was to see the town in this condition, worse than that was the sight of its citizens.


A Letter Home

Submitted by Sheila on Sun, 6/17/2018 at 3:50pm

Having left Tziar on the grounds outside, Claudia made her way through the Chapel, quietly stepping through chamber, stopping to check on those injured and ill currently housed within.  A sense of gratitude once more overwhelmed the Ixifar, for she was more than grateful to the Rebel forces and friends whose efforts on Avaren's behalf made it possible to move those poor souls into more stable cover.


The Aftermath

Submitted by Sheila on Fri, 6/15/2018 at 6:32pm

Claudia stood still, face upturned as she gazed up at the stars that speckled the black canvas of the midnight sky.  Cool air flowed over the site, and she closed her eyes, allowing the breeze to ruffle her feathers and cool her face.  Exhaustion threatened to overtake her, and yet the First of Avaren still had so very much left to do before she could find her evening's rest.  Worry, as well, kept her from seeking the solace of sleep.