The Guardian Council

It has been declared that Jastrey and all her citizens are guilty of heresy. Now, agents have come to administer all due punishments. Settle your debts, make peace with the land, consult your immortals, for the end is upon you.


Journey to the Past

Submitted by Kade Crysilore on Tue, 10/17/2017 at 8:57am

* Faro’oq came face to face with a father he did not remember on his last journey to Glesmyr, and now he is returning there to have some questions answered. This content is for the PC’s Faro’oq the Frozen and Kade Crysilore.*



Heroism 101: Save the Children

A young woman comes to Jastrey looking for heroes to find her lost twin brothers. They have been missing for several days and a few others went missing before them; none have yet been recovered.


The Princess and the Pea

A young woman staggers into the Shady Corner.  Her eyes are bloodshot with dark rings, her skin is pale and translucent, almost sickly.  She spies your group, raises a hand and immediately slumps to the ground.


Karma Bounty: Generic Classes

Submitted by Thad on Wed, 1/24/2018 at 10:12am

In order to fill some gaps in our already-impressive player-created collection, I'm looking to get some really solid generic classes built before the start of the season. I will award one karma apiece for each of the following:


Deaths' Due

Approved encounter written by Nagru and edited by Sheila.

Three cloaked and hooded figures enter Jastrey.  Their voices rasp whispers, their faces obscured, their mannerisms concealed.  They come asking a singular question.


Kickback Trivia Night at the Shady Corners!

Flyers go up around town advertising “Kickback Trivia Night at Shady Corners” hosted by Jiminy Bortnik. The prize? Bragging rights and erasure of the team’s tab for the night! Come on out, give your muscles a break, and show off your brains!


*Newbies welcome! This would be an excellent learning and bonding experience for those newer in town.

** All lore information on the website is considered common knowledge. Learning lore over the downtime is encouraged!



Shadow Over Talaud

Submitted by NCDarkness on Wed, 11/29/2017 at 6:33pm

*Esgir wasn't sure where Goose was, but he'd often said to "just send a bird" if he was needed. And so Esgir stood outside the tavern awhile, looking at a few birds perched on a rooftop nearby.*

"Aye'm gonnae feel like a fool if'n this actually works... umm... birds? Aye dunnae s'ppose annae of ye know Goose? Dryad, usually looks like a panther? If'n ye could- Aye dunno- let him know Aye'm here, I s'ppose?"

*The birds didn't seem to take any note of the dwarf's rambling, preening and settling in for the night.*

"Well.. Aye'll j'st- go inside then..."


Barbarians at the Gate

An ancient empyrean 'poofs' into sight, white hair scraggly and wild, worn robes disheveled, the near electrical feel of the Astral clinging to her.  Clutching a great staff, she turns, milky eyes fixing upon your group. Astoundingly, the ancient being totters at a quick pace over to the group, hands and staff waving in the air, pointing toward the gates anxiously. "What are you all standing around like some earth-bound terrene? You have enemies afoot!"