Arcane Saboteur

Submitted by Patches on Sat, 6/15/2019 at 4:32pm

A twist of the traditional set of techniques favored by thieves and rogues the world over, the arcane saboteur favors magically-enhanced stealth over the usual tiptoeing favored by most stealthy individuals.  Utilizing the same strategies of stealth and subterfuge as typical rogues, arcane saboteurs differ in that they often back these strategies with aether-powered trickery, rather than traditional means of concealment. 

Most arcane saboteurs are members of races with a natural magical inclination,  but any thief who takes the time and makes the effort to study an ill-gotten spellbook can learn the tricks. 

When adventuring, the typical role of an arcane saboteur is somewhere between that of the traditional rogue and that of a wizard.  They tend to be skilled in the art of lockpicking, but are also somewhat talented at defeating magical treasure defenses.  Like conventional rogues, arcane saboteurs often favor sneak attacks over direct confrontation in combat, though many find their abilities to be equally beneficial for making a clean getaway with their "borrowed" goods.