Bondæ Stormvind

Submitted by Nick on Fri, 4/12/2019 at 7:05am

Stormvind first appeared in the tribes of Tordenvær found in mountains of Glesmyr; they are noted for their wild or ecstatic fighting style. Their only possession is a pair of old beaten or even broken swords which are very often their only worldly possession. Lacking the wealth of many others in the tribes a Stormvind is often found in the company of other swords for hire. The moniker of Bondæ has been added to members of their cast by other groups, primarily because they appear to be of the peasant class.

Although they lack proper training many Bondæ Stormvind are quite accomplished fighters, wading into combat and incapacitating their foes with quick strikes to their legs and feet hampering movement. Some are even know to completely paralyze their opponents in combat.

Bondæ Stormvind make excellent companions to other Bondæ (peasant) classes.