Submitted by Tziar Nurzadeh on Sun, 5/20/2018 at 9:21pm

An engineer, a molder of brick and stone, a bender of pipes and steal, a harnesser of crackling energy, these roles and more does an engineer perform. Throughout the ages all civilizations have depended on these men and women for their skills, and on the battle field they are highly prized keepers and maintainers of towering siege equipment, but they don't usually start there. No, an engineer's career normally begins with a simple desire to create and modify existing technologies. In their workshops they develop some of the cutting edge pieces of equipment, but they guard the method of their manufacture well. Often times, an engineer becomes embroiled in the conflicts of their day and age and once their, they use their creativity and their hardiness to overcome the various challenges they face, whether this is caring for supplies and equipment, or denying the enemy the use of their own is up to the individual engineer in question.