Iron Wolf

Submitted by Gworin on Tue, 5/29/2018 at 8:48pm

A martial fighting style carried over from the last remnants of the Iron Wolves of Wolf Clan, and adjusted to work with the more common methods of the Jastrian Natives. An Iron Wolf has always been known to be the stone wall within the battlefield. They are where the enemy simply, stops. They are both the rock, AND the hard place. This is a class meant for the gnarliest of Sword and Shield combatant, whose sole purpose in life is to make the guy in front of them as utterly miserable as possible by not only pecking away slowly at their life, but also effectively gluing them to a single spot, in order for ones' allies to swoop in and pummel them to pieces, or to have them dragged back to be slaughtered away from their friends.

This does come at a price, however; you effectively have no ability to heal yourself through your skills for the majority of your time as an Iron Wolf.

(Caution: This is a relatively Intermediate / Advanced Class to play, and is heavily dependent on items and consumables to make up for the abilities it lacks. Your mileage may vary.)


"No games. No sympathy. Just survival."