Scowling Spirit

Submitted by Damian J. (He/Him) on Thu, 4/20/2023 at 5:57pm

Either a skuthropazown of frustration and anger or a bard that utilizes and spreads hateful emotions. All Scowling Spirits transform hatred into energy by imbuing fire damage, spread rage, and taunt passerbies into attacking them. Tapping into devious intuition, they can sense critical weaknesses and pass them amongst allies to mobilize. As they develop the fury they spread blinds with a dazzling display, and cause frenzies.

Pairs best with the Astral: Skuthropazown stigma.

"We found ourselves in the Astral, surrounded by disembodied scarlet faces. As one of it's eyes met mine, I felt all of my anger rise to the surface and I felt my blood boil. Next thing I knew I came to my senses and nearly beat our healer unconscious. Needless to say I stopped spanning planes for personal reasons"