Submitted by Tziar Nurzadeh on Wed, 5/9/2018 at 2:55pm

The Soldier has many roles on the battle field. When just starting out, they serve as willing raw recruits for the armies of the Theocracy, they tend to the menial tasks of the legions and aspire to rise though the ranks. On the field they function more or less as infantry of the line.
Later after a soldier has proven their devotion to Ressik, they will be elevated to lead teams and squads of the theocracy's legions. Functioning like sergeants their aim now is to care for the soldiers under them.
Further on, if a soldier has been especially useful they are considered for a position among the chosen, an elite band of warriors dedicated to serving Ressik on the battlefield. It is not uncommon for a Chosen of Ressik to become an inquisitor later on in life.