Effects define what abilities do. The level of an ability is determined first by its effect, then adjusted by any modifiers. Combat abilities are further adjusted by their triggers.

Name Level Effect Type Description
Dazzle 6 Combat, Affliction

You are rendered unable to use packets, Gaze attacks, or Seek abilities.

Decay 5 Combat, Affliction

You cannot benefit from Preserve, Recover, or Renew (Limb or Body). Effects that restore Hits (e.g., Drain Damage, Heal, Share) cannot increase your Hits beyond one.

Fatigue 4 Combat, Affliction

You take twice as long as normal to rest.

Mute 5 Combat, Affliction

You cannot speak or use abilities that require speech, such as Spell abilities.

Weakness 7 Combat, Affliction

You cannot attack with melee weapons, ranged weapons, or unarmed attacks. Furthermore, you cannot drag other characters.