Abilities 30 of Fudai Daimyō

Light Weapon

You trigger a Light Weapon ability by attacking the intended target with a light weapon. Light weapons cannot be shorter than the distance between your wrist and elbow or longer than the distance between your fingertip and shoulder, though certain abilities may allow you to treat other weapons as light. If you do not have the ability to use the weapon or it is Ruined, you cannot use the ability.


You cannot attack characters other than the user. The effect ends if anyone else hits you, the user is incapacitated, or the user flees.


A Free ability costs you no Spirit to use.

If the ability is granted by a sanctum, characters may use it as their own as long as they are within arm’s reach of the sanctum. The sanctum’s owner may restrict who is able to do so (e.g., everyone, residents, customers, owner) on the sanctum’s sheet.