Abilities 34 of Fudai Daimyō


You trigger a Slay ability by slaying another character or subduing them with Critical Damage. When you use it, it affects you. You may only trigger one Slay ability at a time, and may not trigger a Slay ability from a character who is already slain. Slay abilities may not be used to counter.

Heal 3

You regain three hits.


A Burst ability includes the "Burst" prefix as part of the tagline and affects all characters close enough to hit or be hit by you in melee at the time it is called. The ability cannot be avoided or blocked, though countering and immunity apply normally. If the effect is beneficial, you may choose to affect yourself as well.


A Free ability costs you no Spirit to use.

If the ability is granted by a sanctum, characters may use it as their own as long as they are within arm’s reach of the sanctum. The sanctum’s owner may restrict who is able to do so (e.g., everyone, residents, customers, owner) on the sanctum’s sheet.