Abilities 19 of Shaman

Ancestors' Balm


You trigger a Spell ability by speaking an incantation. Incantations must be at least nine syllables in length, distinguishable from normal speech, and related to the nature of the effect. If you are hit while speaking the incantation, the ability is interrupted but not expended. If you are Muted, you cannot use the ability. Once the ability is triggered, you deliver the effect by throwing a packet at the intended target. If the effect is beneficial, you may also deliver the effect through touch or have it affect yourself.

Heal 2

You regain two hits.


A Burst ability includes the "Burst" prefix as part of the tagline and affects all characters close enough to hit or be hit by you in melee at the time it is called. The ability cannot be avoided or blocked, though countering and immunity apply normally. If the effect is beneficial, you may choose to affect yourself as well.