Abilities 13 of Pike Guardian

Repulsive Strike


You trigger an Avenging ability immediately after being attacked. The attack must strike you, but you may block, counter, or apply immunity normally. You deliver the effect by swinging a weapon at the attacker.

Push 10

You must move directly away from the user. During this forced movement, you are immune to all attacks, may not perform any other action, and must flail your arms to represent the effect. The effect ends when you've moved 10 steps or you reach an impassable obstruction, which Stuns you for a number of seconds equal to the remaining steps. Push abilities can also be used to counter Pull effects.


A Reach ability includes the "Reach" prefix as part of the tagline and affects a single character within reach who you indicate when the ability is called. If the target is ambiguous or their attention is engaged elsewhere, the ability has no effect. The ability cannot be avoided or blocked, though countering and immunity apply normally.