Attention, please read.

Submitted by Nick on Fri, 5/19/2017 at 8:07am

Please allow me to make one thing perfectly clear. Only an owner can ever ban a player from this game. The process consists of an investigation, a meeting of the disciplinary committee, and a ruling by the disciplinary committee head. We do not take banning a player lightly. Every player that attends our game is afforded the code of conduct throughout their entire Living Action Inc. experience. Even at the end.

The members of the disciplinary committee take the stewardship of this community very seriously. Breaches of the code of conduct are always investigated when they are reported. If you feel that another player has broken the code of conduct, report it to an owner. If you do not report an issue to the ownership we cannot act upon it. 

We will not act upon hearsay or rumors. If you have a complaint don’t tell another player to contact a staff member or complain about how unfairly another player treated you to other players. Bring the issue to the attention of the game owners and we will conduct an investigation to find the facts and act upon them.

The safety and wellbeing of all of the members of the Orn community is a high priority of the game ownership. With your help we can keep this community strong and growing with interesting and fun players long into the future. Anyone found to be undermining the integrity of the game will be disciplined accordingly.