Cameron 2017 Extra Day of Summer Fun

Submitted by Marloff on Fri, 8/11/2017 at 10:07am


2017, August 18, 19, 20 - Location: 2226 Ponderosa Road, Cameron, NC 28326 (cell# 9192001498)

Marcel has agreed to cater Saturday for us all.

Please contact us about any special needs or desires and we will do our best to accommodate them.

Hours will run just as Orn Events, from 5:00 pm Friday through 10:00 am Sunday

Staying warm at night should not be an issue in August, but, bring plenty of blankets for padding to sleep on.

Points of interest include:

  • Long house tent
  • Sno-Cone machine
  • Popcorn  machine
  • Chilled Bottled Water
  • Prop crafting tent (BigDan operated)
  • Table top gaming
  • Packet Golf
  • Architect Competition
  • Story mod adventure
  • Story mod adventure (for any children who attend)
  • Monster encounters
  • Sparring contests
  • Off the street parking
  • Tables and chairs for gaming/eating on
  • Folding lawn chairs (bringing your own too, will help insure seating for all.)
  • Catering by Marcel (Saturday Only)
  • Refrigerators for your cold storage needs (We do not have a microwave. You are welcome to bring one)
  • Plenty of space to pitch your tent.
  • One, four person tent and three, two person tents are available for use. (contact and reserve)

Contact Marloff  to show interest in attending, express an activity idea or reserve a tent space.

Expecting about a dozen players, so far.

Children are welcome and content will be run, especially for them.

Donations to help cover the costs of the event will be greatly appreciated, but, not necessary. Thank you.

(Your character will not earn experience points at this event, but, you are encouraged to be in character.)

Revising the menu a bit:  Breakfast is the same... Lunch will be stuffed peppers. Dinner will be Tri Tip, mashed potatoes and green beans