Journey to the Past

Submitted by Kade Crysilore on Tue, 10/17/2017 at 8:57am

* Faro’oq came face to face with a father he did not remember on his last journey to Glesmyr, and now he is returning there to have some questions answered. This content is for the PC’s Faro’oq the Frozen and Kade Crysilore.*


It was a cloudy afternoon on the high seas. The wind whipping across the vast plain of water made the air a bit more crisp than Kade would have preferred as she sat in the floor of Faro’oq’s small boat clumsily stitching small furs together. She’d never been to Glesmyr, but Silaine had assured her it was colder than anywhere else she’d ever been.

As the boat rocked gently, so did the contents of her stomach. She’d been in boats before, but never on water like this. After the first few days, Kade realized that using healing to ease her stomach was only going to exhaust her since the sloshing of the waves was not ever going to stop.

But she supposed it could be worse. Anything was better than the Great Marsh. As squeamish and chilly as she felt now, at least they hadn’t encountered any serious danger yet.

She turned to Faro’oq, “Are we there yet?”


Faro'oq pulled the line holding the sail setting the sail to full. The boat gave a small creek as it shot forward. Faro'oq tied the rope off and steadied himself against the ruder. "Not much longer" His voice loud to overcome the sound of the wind and surf. "We should be entering Glysmer soon." The warm air of Rica had caused the Zmajite to keep a cloth bag of ice against his head out of desperation for a reprieve, but as they neared the span to Glysmer he abandoned it. "How iz your stomach? Have you found sea legz yet?" He asked jokingly. 


Kade shot the Zmajite a quick glare before a smirk, "Of course I have. They're attached to my sea hips just like they were when we started."

She lifted the fur blanket she was working on to see her progress. At this point it was still only good for a wrap and the stitching was awful. She set the piece down and continued working. 

"So, I only kinda understand why we are going to Glesmyr. I just didn't want you traveling alone again. What are you hoping for?"

Again? Faro'oq thought to himself before disregarding the notion. His face focused on the horizon as he spoke "I am hoping to find out what iz going on. My father says that he knowz, and you said that what I remember iz different from your memory." He steadied the ruder as the boat went over a rogue wave. "I think it is time I got some answerz. One way or another."

Kade frowned to herself, and paused momentarily in her stitching before looking up at Faro'oq. "What's he like?"

Faro'oq thought for a moment. "He'z not what I remember, and I do not fully trust him. He iz though the only one with answerz." He let out a hard sign as the cool air blew the boat "That iz why I must go."

"Well. I am here to help you with whatever you need, just say the word." The sound of water slapping against the sides of the boat filled a brief silence before she continued. "What about the rest of your family? What were they like?"

Faro'oq watched the horizon as the boat moved along the waves. "What I remember might not be dah truth. You guess iz az good my memoriez iz what I mean." He adjusted the riggings and sat down next to Kade. " I do not remember my mother, and I am unclear on who or what my father iz. I do know dat may birth sister and my father do not get along."

"That's Charra, right?" Kade asked as she continued her stitching. "The one you mentioned when you first came back to town? I hope she isn't really gone... There could be many reasons your letter didn't reach her."

"True but I don't know whether what I remember of her is the truth." Faro'oq stood up and moved towards a hatch on the boat. Opening it up and reach down inside to retrieve a small sack. He opened it a began pulling out a long purple strip of fabric. "Did I mention anything about her when you knew me before?"

It had been a while since Kade had reflected on her memories of Ixifar Faro'oq. "Honestly," Kade replied, "I did not know you that long before you left. I saw you around town a couple times before our initiation, but that was the first time I actually met you. And then after that, everyone was super focused on the Korgons and the dwarves, and then the Paladins occupied the shard and you went away for a while. I don't think you could have been home more than a few days before you left again, and then..." Kade shrugged. "Well, now here we are." She continued her stitching. " And all that to say: no. I never heard you mention her before."

Faro'oq sat silent for a moment as the horizon bobbed up and down. The moment passed and Faro'oq jumped to his feet making motions towards adjusting different riggings on the boat "We move towards dah unknown together then. Maybe what I iz even the truth." He chuckled at his own words. "Prepare yourself we should be approaching the span soon." Faro'oq pulled on a line and the sail shifted lurching the small sea craft to the left.

Kade looked around the boat, wondering what exactly she should do to prepare herself for span jump by boat. She identified the exits: everywhere. Next to her she located some handholds along the side of the boat that she could grab if things became rocky. As the ship lurched port-side she realized the time to grab the handholds was now. "Alright," she said slinging her furs around her shoulders, "here's hoping the frost won't bite."