Karma Bounty: Communal Food in September

Submitted by Thad on Fri, 8/11/2017 at 11:47am

As we will be without our beloved chef Marcel for the September event (Captain Kirk: "Dragon KAHN!"), Jennifer plans to buy some communal foodstuff. Anyone who wishes to contribute to that effort may bring shareable food items (preferably fruits and vegetables) in exchange for karma at the standard rate of one karma per $5. Please be sure to provide receipts to Jennifer so we can be fair with our awards.

Note that this food is meant to be supplementary, not a full replacement of all meals. If you're attending in September, please arrange enough food for yourself for the entire weekend.

I'll bring a couple gallons of chili and stew, if anyone's interested. I'm capable of adapting recipes to fit dietary concerns, if anyone has a need for that.