Ling's Weapon Trade

Submitted by Ling on Sat, 8/12/2017 at 1:31pm

Ling goes up to the bulletin board and shoves the top of a longer note onto one of the nails that are sticking out of the board instead of just hammering another nail into it. Its a larger note, mostly because his handwriting is large and a little sloppy but it is readable enough that you can probably make out what it says. He walks away back toward the Brok'n Noz.


ATTENTION Citizens of Jastrey,

Winter is coming, and that means I can't farm as much. And what with portals being harder these days I'm just going to stay at my farm, so, I'm going to forge a lot of weapons. At first, I figured I could just sell them and make some money then I thought, "No Ling, there are some nice lads and lasses who have just gotten here who don't have anything." So instead I'm going to make people stuff they don't have! If you don't have armor (outfit) or weapons, please feel free to talk to me.

"Why is Ling doing this?" I hear plenty of you ask from the Brok'n Noz, "He is just trying to make people fight more!" I hear your outcries. Nah, too much work. I'm making stuff because its better for people who fight along my side to have it, than sell it to the bandits and brigands. So yeah, if your one of the new citizens of our fine, town... that would be great if you want to come down to either the Noz, or if I'm not there drop by my farm and chat me up. I'd love to help you out because it also helps me make stuff better more.


Elzara Rilyndare

"Ling Thorwaldson of the House of Wolves"

Adira strolled up to her clan leader, curious after reading his post.  She inclined her head politely in greeting before posing her question, "Sir, if your post is open to all, I would love to upgrade the weaponry I currently own.  I'm more than happy to help you with any material work that might need to be done for both my own weapons as well as any for other newcomers in return." 

She looked around at the well run Tavern, "Of course, this would have to be worked around time I must be here as well as my time watching Nozina. Would that be acceptable?" 

Rekre tapped a yellow scaled finger on the tip of his beak, staring at the notice on the board. "Well I suppose this could be a start." He said to no one in particular and then made his way over to the Broken Nose. 

Upon arriving at the secondary tavern in Jastry, Rekre ordered a single glass of wine and bobbed his head appreciatively to the bar tender as it was handed to him. Gingerly lifting the glass to the side of his beak Rekre tilted back and took a sip. The red feathered Ixifar then spotted Ling already engaged in conversation with another patron of the bar. He decided it best to draw near and wait respectfully for an opening between their words to introduce himself, and more importantly, his agenda.


Ling nodded at Adira and smiled, sipping on his drink. "Aye lass, Ill get to your weapons. And I'd love to get more help with more cloth and metal." He put his drink down and waved the Ixifar toward him. "Afternoon there lad, what can I do for you then?"

"And good day to you." Rekre said as he approached and stood over a chair near the table, abandoning his drink.

"I saw your advertisement on the town bulletin and wondered if you had any means of transporting all of these weapons you are creating. I know I do not appear to be very strong, but I can act as a delivery agent to your customers." The red and black ixifar remembered his forgotten glass on the other table, and reached around to grab it while in midsentence, but he never lost a beat. "You see, I am likewise trying to start an enterprise out here making deliveries and such, and I thought that this would give me a good opportunity to place a talon in the doorway." Rekre tilted his beak down and stared with both eyes into the elf's. "Of course, I would expect something in return, nothing much, possibly just a simple modification to this." And the ixifar produced the gladius that hung from his belt. 


Ling nodded and took the short sword. They were good for hacking and stabbing. He had used one before, when he was younger. "Right, I will need someone to run supplies around." He said putting the sword on a nearby table. "Doesnt mean you are a part of wolf clan. We arnt taking anyone. But if you know where my farm is, report there in the morning. I've got another job in my queqe right now lad, but ill get to yours after that." He threw down a his drink and rose it up with a coin in hand, "Adira, another please?"

Adira pocketed the coin with a smile and headed to the bar, filling another tankard before turning back around to drop off the drink. She nodded at Ling, "I can help with both materials you mentioned starting in just a couple days while I finish up one last project. Which would you prefer I work on first- cloth work or metal work?"

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"Very well, we shall see each other in the morning." and with that the ixifar departed, satisfied that he had at least proven himself a little useful to Jastry