Notices and Watching

Submitted by Ling on Thu, 10/26/2017 at 3:28pm

The air has turned crisp and cool. The scents of pies and other baked goods fill the air of the town, the as the leaves begin to fall off the trees. It’s a wonderful day, clear of all but a few puffy clouds in the sky. Recently a note has appeared on the bulletin board that many pass every day.


Dear Residents of The Town of Jastrey,


Following the recent events including the fall of The Tower, the Wolf Clan would like to extend an open door and take in anyone who has been effected by this. You may speak to either Ling about temporary housing on his field, or Onyx about staying at the Brokn Noz. Further more, any other issues that may arise may be directed toward the Wolf Clan, we will attempt to help in any way.


Stay safe out there,


Wolf Clan.


Meanwhile, a few of the wolves have also begun a patrol around the tower as they also look into other matters. While a number just make it a point to make a lap or two a day, Ling has set up a small table and chair in the middle of the Noz’ front yard to watch the Tower. A book in hand he watches the tower and does the research he needs, all while drinking a warm tea. Often he can be heard grumbling about one thing or another, taking notes from the books and otherwise just… acting much different than normal.