Searching Within the Books

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The mid-afternoon sun hung high in the sky, bearing its light down across the lands. Pelle did not especially like being out at this time of day, it was much too hot and the sun dried out his sewn flesh much quicker than he would like. However, this would be the most likely time for somebody to be present at the Tower to host him and his apprentice. 


"Stay close Bianca, I do not want any mishaps within the tower like the one with my mirror, understand? We are hear on strictly business. Do not touch anything without my permission," he said to his ward over his shoulder. He made three loud knocks onto the Tower's door. Surely somebody would have heard it to let him in.

Bianca smirked at the mirror comment.  If only he knew what else she'd done while in the temple.

*Runes along the door's frame glowed, barely noticed in the bright sunlight. From inside you could hear movement; after a few minutes the door opened, the runes dimmed, and Esgir stood in the entryway.*


"Pelle? What can Aye do f'r ye?"

"I need access to your Library. Specifically anything thing on artifacts Muralcrum may have scattered about," he said to the dwarf. He shrugged over his shoulder. "My apprentice will also need access, naturally. She is to, erhm, assist me. May we come in? It's dreadfully warm out here."

*Stepping aside*


"Please, come in. Aye'll see what Aye can find in the immortals section. Feel free t' take any open table or seat y'u'd like."


*Walking over to the shelves, scanning through them.*


"What's got y'ur interest with the immortal o' change? If'n Aye may ask?"

Pelle walks into the ower, his apprentice in tow. "Apparently, Correllus was conscripted by a former associate of ours to do some sort of thievery of some sort. But he was apparently duped for they turned out to be some sort of Shapeshifter or some sort," Pelle replied as he looked over the rows of books. Most seemed not too interesting, so he continued following. "He was apparently using some sort of artifact that granted him this skin morphing ability. Seeing as I have been asked to clean up his mess, the first place I need to start is with this blasted trinket."

"Hmmm... Can't say Aye'm familiar with such an artifact, but it sounds like somethin' Muralakrum would be attuned t'."


*Pulling a few books out.*


"'Ere's a bit on th' immortals, Aye'll check the history section for annaethin' on artifacts or relics."

"It's a start at least. Be sure to pull any tomes on legends or story tales concerning the immortal or normal people shapeshifting. I'm sure there's a shred of truth in them." Pelle took the books pulled by the dwarf, glanced quickly at them before dropping them in Bianca's arms. "I assume you all have a spare room I can use for research. Last I was here, I was accosted for asking about taking the books home to my own sanctum."

"Aye b'lieve most shapeshifting will be found in the Tarkalsys section, but Aye'll see what else Aye can come up with. If y'ur lookin' f'r somewhere private, th' dungeon is typically empty an' quiet, we can set y' up an area down there?"

The riven sighed. "I suppose it'll have to do. I expect no interruptions, aside from my apprentice. Also, I will require her to come and go as seen fit. I hope this can be arranged."

"So long as ye don't cause annae problems, ye're free t' come an' go as y' please. An the dungeon stays fairly empty, unless Poppy decides t' drop in on ye."

"Excellent. If you find any books that may be of use, have somebody fetch my apprentice. She shall be assitsing me today," he said, almost bored like. "Come along Apprentice. I have a lot of work ahead of me and would like to get started sooner rather than later." 

He began walking down towards the dungeons with a faint knowledge of its location. Upon entering the room which he assumed was his, he retrieved a book from Bianca and began his studies. "Leave the rest here and go fetch me a bottle of Rican Red from the Shady Corner." he said to the younger riven. He then began to pour through the tomes pages to find any inkling of information that may be helpful.

In the hours of the wee morning...

"The Silver Cowl of Muralakrum is a legendary relic sought by thieves and grifters all throughout Orn. When worn, the wearer may dictate that the mask take any identity they choose (elven maiden, human barbarian, gnomish vagrant) and the eyes of the viewer shall behold the identity til such a time that the cowl is removed or given a new identity to manifest. Only the Forbidden are unfooled by the rich magics of this artifact.

However, there is only one individual known to have possessed the Silver Cowl: Dalgoon . It is unknown whether this relic was passed on to his successor, destroyed, or merely lost. The Silver Cowl’s most troubling and wonderful characteristics is its self-disguising mechanism. When not in use, the Silver Cowl will transform into whatever it chooses; records include instances of the relic transforming into a pebble, a shriveled tentacle, and an angry chicken. Any who may have found the Silver Cowl were wise to hide the fact and given no difficulty in concealing their ownership."

- Fun Facts for the Long Winters by Freidrich Alderson

"Excellent," Pelle thought to himself. "I now have a way to track the damned thing, and seek it out. Now to find an artifact of Dalgoon and a Forbidden tracker." The riven closed his books and stacked them neatly on the edge of the desk. He then walked out whistling a soft tune.