Shadow Over Talaud

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*Esgir wasn't sure where Goose was, but he'd often said to "just send a bird" if he was needed. And so Esgir stood outside the tavern awhile, looking at a few birds perched on a rooftop nearby.*

"Aye'm gonnae feel like a fool if'n this actually works... umm... birds? Aye dunnae s'ppose annae of ye know Goose? Dryad, usually looks like a panther? If'n ye could- Aye dunno- let him know Aye'm here, I s'ppose?"

*The birds didn't seem to take any note of the dwarf's rambling, preening and settling in for the night.*

"Well.. Aye'll j'st- go inside then..."

*With that Esgir went into the Shady Corner and found a seat.*

Cedar walked towards the Shady Corner, his hooves lightly dragging against the gravel as he walked, fresh gravedirt clinging to his clothes and the smell of fresh pine permeating hair from the crafting of coffins.  As he made his way to get a drink after a long day of work, he happened to overhear Esgir attempting to contact Goose.  Cedar watched with curiosity for a moment, but quickly noticed that the birds the dwarf was speaking to didn't seem to respond <Inspect Nature>.


After watching Esgir walk inside, Cedar considered attempting to use one of the wild birds flitting around as a messenger, but decided against it.  Cedar let out a sharp whistle, echoing into the nearby woods, and moments later a large hawk swooped down from a nearby branch and alighted on the faun's shoulder.


"Cenite.  Find the dryad, Goose.  The one who sometimes appears in the form of a panther and smells...odd recently.  Tell him the dwarf Esgir wishes to speak to him at the Shady Corner and then lead him here."  <Commune Nature>


With that, Cenite took off and after a moment Cedar entered the Shady Corner, scanning the crowd for Esgir.

Claudia sat at a table, a cup of tea cooling between her hands, a thoughtful expression creasing her features.  She was dressed this day as though she expected battle, her sword and mace hanging from her belt, feathers low to her brow as she stared at her cup.  She heard the door open, and she looked up, taking note of her dwarven friend as he entered, and watched as he crossed the tavern floor to take a seat nearby.  Her friend seemed a day <inspect aura>, and a sense of concern swept over her.  Tipping her head slightly, she rose, leaving the cup and tea pot at the table as she crossed quietly toward the dwarf.  She stood at his shoulder for a moment before addressing him.  "Good day, Sir Esgir.  You seem, perhaps out of sorts is not quite the correct term, but 'tis the sense I get," she smiled down at the dwarf, uncharacteristically placing a hand upon one broad shoulder as she awaited his reply.

*Smiling and looking up to Lady Claudia as she approached, setting out some papers and smaller books.*

"Good day, Lady Claudia. Aye, Aye'm wonderin' about a course o' action ag'in. As ye know, we've been researchin' all tha' paperwork we took from Ressik awhile back. An' some o' it speaks t' his time in th' beyond." *Looking off into the distance at nothing.* "There's only one person Aye know who knows much o' th' beyond, an' we nearly lost 'im on more than one occassion b'cause o' it... Aye dunnae know if Aye can ask it o' him t' get involved in this..."

After a moment, Cedar saw Esgir sitting with Lady Claudia, a pot of tea sitting between the two as what seemed to be friendly words were exchanged.  Cedar didn't want to immediately interrupt, so he walked over to the bar first, asking for a bottle of mead and three cups, placing some coin on the bartop as the exchange was made.

Cedar took a moment to straighten his clothing, brushing off the odd bit of dirt and dust, before picking up the bottle in one hand and the cups in the other, striding over to the table where Esgir and Layd Clauda sat and placing the bottle and cups down.

"Good day Lady Claudia.  Good day Sir Esgir.  I couldn't help but notice your, ah, attempt to find Goose?  I sent my hawk Cenite to find him.  I'm afraid the sparrows you spoke to are a little, well, bird-brained."

Cedar poured mead into the three cups, taking one for himself and leaving the other two near the middle of the table.

Claudia moved around to sit beside her dwarven friend, raising her head as the faun approached, bowing her head in greeting to Cedarborough.  Eyeing the extra cups of mead the apprentice had set upon the table, the healer reached over, and pulled one closer to her, cupping it between her hands, but leaving it otherwise untouched.  Turning back to Esgir, she remarked in a soft voice, "I am certain that Goose would, at the very least, listen to your concerns, good friend.  He is, after all, a member of your clan as well as a decent sort."  She glanced down, watching a slight swirl form in the dark liquid in the cup before her, quietly tapping the clay of the cup with one long finger.  

*Glancing to Cedar as he joined the table.*


"Well met, Cedar. You, ah, saw that? Aye was hoping it'd j'st go unseen..." *Looking back to Lady Claudia.* "Aye, Aye have no doubt Goose would assist, if Aye asked; my concern is more f'r his own well being... Aye hesitated on Talaud - an' Aye swore Aye'm not hesitate ag'in... but neither would Aye lead him t' that point."

*In the crater in the middle of Jastrey*

He had been spending his days and nights for the past several mestruns here.  Around the giant tree at the center he had been slowly and meticulously arranging river stones in what appeared to be large fairy rings encircling the tree.  Though the work was slow and steady he used it as a chance to reflect on his memories and to reaffirm himself to nature.  Too much had been occupying his mind over, how many years?  While he had not given up on his search he took this time to reground himself.

A hawk spiraled down toward him and he heard its cry.  Placing the last stone from his pouch on the ground Goose turned his eyes to the sky to watch the hawk makes its descent and land on one of the lowest branches of the central tree.  He approached the tree and listened to its message. <Commune Nature>

"Thank you, friend.  I will make haste to the tavern."  Pulling some bread bread from his pouch he placed it on the ground at the tree's base.  "For you help."  He then walked over to the nearby spring and drank deeply from it before setting off.

As he approached the Shady Corner he took note of several birds perched on a nearby rooftop.  At his arrival a couple began chirping at him and one flew down to land on his shoulder.

<Commune Nature>  "Esgir is looking for me?  Yes, I am aware.  Bread?  No, you did not come find me as you were requested.  No, telling me now does not qualify."  He pat the bird.  "Next time come find me and you will receive the bread."  The bird took flight and Goose approached the tavern door.

Claudia smiled softly at her friend as she looked up, staring directly into his eyes. "Goose Igaly is a grown man," she reminded the dwarf.  "His decisions are his own.  You explain your need, and he will decide whether it is a wise decision to proceed, or if it is far too dangerous."

*Looking to the doorway as Goose entered the tavern, the dwarf actually looked a bit surprised.*

"Brother Goose? Did- did a bird happen t' come find ye?"

Stepping through the doorway he took a moment for his eyes to adjust as he looked about the tavern.  It had been a while since he had been here.  His eyes finally caught sight of one of his Brothers and he began moving toward him. 


"Yes, as a matter of fact one did."  He stopped next to the table.  "Lady Althena, a pleasure as always."  He nodded his head slightly.  "Cedar, thank you for the use of your hawk friend."

"Good tae see ye, brother Goose. Please, join us. Aye was hopin' t' ask f'r your assistance."

Turning his attention to Esgir he took a seat.  "Of course, Brother.  What is it?"

"F'r the past several mestruns, a group of us have been examinin' all tha' paperwork we lifted from Ressik's study."

*Shifting a bit in his seat, before continuing.*

"Goose, Aye know ye don't recall much about Talaud, an Aye'd nae ask ye t' put y'urself intae danger - but - we know Ressik spent a great deal o' time in th' beyond, and, apparently, you've been there f'r decades. You may be th' only person who may have annae insight intae that realm, if there's annaethin' to know about it. Aye'm nae sure what may be in all the papers we have, but we've already found portions o' what appear t' be journals, kept by Ressik while he was there."

He stared intently at his brother with his one normal eye and one red eye, the red eye a constant reminder of his time away.  "Interesting.  I remember fighting his shadow, or past self, or whatever the hell he was.  I must have missed out on the discovery of these journals.  I am curious to see what he recorded."

"It's- complicated... The serathine, Lustrael, has allowed us use of a small corner of the Prime within which we've been conducting our research."

"Few things in life are simple.  Is that why the town has been a touch quieter recently?  I have been keeping myself busy so I thought it due to a preoccupied mind."

"About as quiet as c'n be expected, what with the tower on fire, and fiend infested; e'en with tha' it's still been quiet of late."