State of the Game 2017

Submitted by Nick on Fri, 10/13/2017 at 2:27pm

Good afternoon players,
I thought I would take the time to post a state of the game address before everyone logs off for the long off season. Firstly let me thank everyone that attended the October event. If you missed it, you missed a good one. I want to thank all of the staff that made this ninth season one of our smoothest in recent memory. Thank you editors for all of your hard work and dedication to quality. Thank you narrators for your creativity and problem solving on the fly and letting players "be cool" when you could. Thank you writers for your wonderful stories and contributions to the world of Orn as a whole. I want to thank my fellow owners. This season has had it’s trials with the disciplinary notices, we did our due diligence and preserved the community. Lastly I want to thank all of the players that attended any of the games this season and tried the new 3.0 system.

The 3.0 system was just one of the many changes that Thad has incorporated into the game this season. A lot of changes were made behind the scenes. Logistics has been much more streamlined and in some cases automated. Check in, treasure pull, and den duty all got revamped and the LARPtop was introduced.

The changes to the system and other improvements were just phase one of a larger plan by the owners. Moving forward the original owners will begin to step back from the duties we had been doing for the last decade. Many of the duties will be converted into staff positions and we will be adding owners gradually so that we can bow out and let the game continue through perpetuity.

To that end it is my great pleasure to introduce the new board member for Living Action Incorporated, Brian LaFever. Brian has been with the game for several seasons, he has been a writer, narrator, and editor. He is beloved by the community and will spearhead the new owners team for the future. He and his team will eventually take over all of the owner's duties leaving the current team to join the board of directors and govern the direction of the game more than the event execution.

Throughout next season we will guide and train Brian on the various duties of the owners and groom him for his future. We will also groom more players for other staff positions. We need den keepers, editors, narrators, weapon/armor checkers, custodians, prop masters, and medics. Some of these positions have been filled but if you are interested in any of them please send me a message and we will note you as a player of interest.

Adding a new owner was no small step. Crystal, Jennifer, Thad, and I realized that the Orn we created would be something different; but just as the storyteller system was different from the plot team, the changes will only make the game more spectacular. I look forward to seeing what Brian does in the future.

Everyone please join me in congratulating Brian!

Good evening, Jastrey!
I have been fortune enough to be a player for four and a half years, a writer for two and a half years, and an editor for a year and a half. It is an honor and a pleasure to contribute to the amazing community of players we have. There are many people I'd like to thank, but I promised I'd keep it short, so I'll focus on the big three (or actually five). I'd like to thank the owners; over the years they've had to put up with a lot from me, and I appreciate the trust they have in me. I'd like to thank Kyle, for originally inviting me to join this great community. I'd like to thank Morgan, for being one of the first players to entrust their background to me. I look forward to next season, hopefully I'll be in play more, and storylines are already coming together. The community we have is really the most amazing group that I've ever been a part of, thank you all for being a part of it.
3,2,1, Play On!

I'd like to address a rumor I heard in response to this: Brian did not buy a seat on the board of directors. No money has changed hands. We chose Brian for two reasons:

First (and this is news to no one), Brian is amazing. Few people can claim to have put as much time and energy into the game as he has, and those of us who can were under varying degrees of obligation. Brian has worked tirelessly for love of the game and the players, earning every bit of the outstanding reputation he enjoys.

Second, Jennifer, Nick, and I are tired. We've been at this almost a decade and the discussion comes up almost yearly: When will we be done? How do we hand it off? Who would we even hand it off to? As a non-profit organization, selling it isn't even an option. We wouldn't just leave the game high and dry, and making a quick hand-off to a brand new team could prove just as disastrous.

Thus, we arrived at the current plan: Transition new ownership in slowly as the old owners gracefully bow out, passing the torch carefully and leaving the game in good hands for the years to come. Brian is the first of the new guard. We will be on the lookout for more over the next few years. Those who follow his exemplary contributions can count on the same consideration when it comes time to elect more.

Bottom line: The only price Brian paid to become an owner was his dedication, which is worth infinitely more than money any day.