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The issue queue is used to track website errors, feature requests, rule problems, and other issues users might encounter. If you have an issue to report, please check the list below to see if it has already been reported before adding it.

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Title Status Type Severity Reported by Reported on
Show new characters in gold lists in logistics Feature Request 6/15/17 at 9:09am
Fix birthday karma Website Error 6/14/17 at 8:51am
Rebuild and refactor content moderation in tandem with upgrade to Drupal 8.3 Website Error 5/2/17 at 10:35am
Correct den keeper permission problems Website Error 4/7/17 at 11:55pm
Upgrading Equipment Feature Request 5/31/18 at 3:30pm
Add checkboxes to den duty check-in Feature Request 4/16/18 at 11:23am
Revisit racial costuming for Tordenvær Rule Problem 10/10/17 at 10:04pm
Story Creation Other 5/18/17 at 1:40pm
Create a system for story bounties Feature Request 5/12/17 at 11:59am
Add a game guide page about storytelling mechanics Rule Problem 4/14/17 at 10:28am
Remove invalid combat abilities from builds. Rule Problem 5/2/17 at 11:49am
Recreate spawn points Feature Request 4/11/17 at 11:02am
Sort character builder options by the user's Likes Feature Request 4/11/17 at 11:01am
Account for revised status in the editorial workflow Feature Request 3/10/17 at 5:58pm
Send a weekly digest of submitted content to editors Feature Request 3/10/17 at 4:50pm
Program advanced interface options for the ability builder Feature Request 2/9/17 at 2:00pm
Rebuild forums as discussions with user-defined participants Feature Request 1/13/17 at 10:27am
Treasure Claim link (button) exposed in Sanctum stash Website Error 6/26/18 at 1:22pm
Account Blog Display Feature Request 5/30/18 at 3:28pm
"Clear All" Button in Character/Sanctum Builders Feature Request 5/28/18 at 8:46am
Add QR codes to loot tags Feature Request 5/21/18 at 11:27am
Add an option for resource and gold downtime projects to requeue continuously Feature Request 5/12/17 at 10:20am
Hook autocomplete to legal name field (assigning karma) Feature Request 4/11/17 at 11:23am
Keep Filter after Marking a Story as Ran Feature Request 4/8/17 at 11:42pm
Auto-detect credit card type on prepayment form Feature Request 3/23/17 at 5:27pm
Story types in the submissions line. Feature Request 3/23/17 at 10:16am
Color treasure names by rarity Feature Request 3/3/17 at 9:08am
Fix 404s from the old site Website Error 2/4/17 at 10:05am
Optimize background image Website Error 2/3/17 at 5:12pm
Fix URL alias pattern for lore and rules pages Website Error 2/3/17 at 12:01pm
Users are redirecting to the wrong profile page on login Website Error 1/4/17 at 9:32pm
Recreate the staff page as a view of users Website Error 1/4/17 at 8:41pm
Allow players to post community events Feature Request 1/3/17 at 9:13am