Create a system for story bounties

Submitted by Thad on Fri, 5/12/2017 at 11:59am

Story bounties give a structured way for players to request stories and offer extra incentive to have them written. They use the following workflow:

  • A player posts a story bounty. The moderation state begins as Posted. Fields include:
    • Title
    • Description
    • Desired Format(s) (encounter, cinematic, open play activity, adventure, and/or field battle)
    • Details for Writer (only shown after a writer is chosen)
    • Karma Award (must be 1 or more)
    • Writer (hidden from non-administrators and selected by custom form)
  • Any player with at least one karma can post a story bounty. Karma is deducted from the player immediately, and the post does not validate if the player does not have enough karma.
  • Any player who has attended three or more games sees an Offer to Write button. The workflow functions the same as narration, where writers offer to write and the player can select a writer or wait.
  • Once the player selects a writer, the moderation state changes to Accepted. The Offer to Write button disappears and the writer is able to read any anything written in the Details for Writer field.
  • Before a writer is selected, the player can instead choose to withdraw the bounty, which deletes it and refunds the karma.
  • It's unclear how the bounty should be concluded and paid out. It would make sense for the bounty to be attached to a story by the writer. It would also make sense for the karma to be paid out to the writer when the story is approved. The bounty would then either be deleted or have its moderation state set to something like Archived. Some level of oversight from the player seems reasonable to avoid writers accepting a bounty and fulfilling it with something else entirely, but it may be difficult to achieve before the story is run.


After discussing with Nick, it seemed reasonable to automatically drop a writer from a bounty if they sit on it for more than a month, or that the posting player should then have the option to withdraw it.