Faith: 217.62

Played by: Nick

Followers: Esgir Anvilsmiter (Ordained) Follow

Shrines: Esgir's Market Stall and Grimm's Forward Camp

Deep voices in halls of stone sing the praises of Kragg the Forge Father, whose anvil forges the souls of the dwarven race. Kragg appears as a massive dwarf with steel skin and shoulders like rocky peaks, wielding an axe and a shield. His symbol is a shield decorated with a mountain design.


Kragg is a combination of two beings, the Ageless One known as Espidrel, the Mason of the Mountains, and a mortal shaman named Kegger Ironspur. Keg was famous for his service in the dwarven conquest of Sind in 5,728 NB. Two years later, his illegitimate son Stein the Betrayer counterattacked Forgehome at the head of an uordeq army, killing King Guldar and destroying the city. Soon after, Keg defeated Stein at the heart of Mason's Deep, but not before his son struck a fatal blow to the heart of Espidrel. In a last ditch effort to save the immortal, Keg poured his own essence into the wound, becoming Kragg in the process. Kragg's first act was to banish his treacherous son to a pit of no return.

Kragg is counted among the first Chosen, ascending mere hours after the immortal Avaren. As such, he has few long-standing relationships. He maintains an alliance with Githal and Imphalios, both of whom are often revered by dwarves. He likewise harbors a deep hatred for any immortal favored by the uordeq, such as Etejeril, Secronus, and Tenaebrus.


Heed the timeless wisdom of the ancestors. Honor them with earthen crafts worthy of their blessing. Stay true to your clan, for betrayal is the gravest sin. Make your home beneath the stone, and brook none save your kin to lay claim there. Whatever storms may come, stand firm as the mountains themselves.

Followers and Temples

The followers of Kragg are called stonespeakers and dress in vestments of gray and green. Many will don armor and shields for formal occasions. As interpretters of the will of Kragg, their approval is sought in most matters within dwarven communities, from naming ceremonies and dedications to laws and public works.

Temples of Kragg are known as earthwards and are traditionally built in the deepest part of a dwarven holdfast. They chiefly feature statues honoring the ancestors as well as mausoleums housing the dead. Upper levels often contain breweries for the creation of holy water and forges where smiths can show their devotion. Dwarven craftsmen make a practice of working in the earthward one day of each mestrun as a tithe to the clergy. Arms forged there may be blessed and sold, but are often stored to serve the community in times of war.