Prestiges are special honors or titles that distinguish a character in society.


Everyone needs to make a living: sometimes that living is made in taking a life. While any adventurer is well acquainted with death, assassins specialize in targets that other adventurers either would not, or could not, touch. They specialize in quick, discreet kills that let them slide back into the shadows undetected. Assassins may be used as weapons of war, as personal bodyguards, or a means for one to remove a rival without suspicion. Assassins will offer their services to any willing to pay their price.


Whereas druids learn the mysteries of nature, greenwardens are devoted to its protection. They walk in two worlds, tending to the needs of the wild while maintaining peace with the lands of men. Their careful ministration of natural concerns makes them welcome in most communities, just as their kinship with nature allows them to walk the wilderness without fear.


Nobles are the bluebloods of high society, the privileged elite with the burden of rule. Most are born to their station, inheriting the lands and responsibilities of their forebears. A few are commoners who manage to impress a reigning monarch and are endowed with nobility as a reward. However they come to it, nobles are able leaders who observe the highest standards of decorum.


Oracles are privileged disciples of Banekeril who have been allowed to drink deep from the River of Ages, thereby attaining sight out of time. In addition to lesser precognitive abilities, oracles sometimes receive visions of the future.


Though many are devout enough to channel the power of the immortals through theurgy, few have the dedication or strength of character to wear the mantle of righteousness. These few are the paladins, who wield the power of virtue in their crusade against evil.


Runesmithing is an ancient Dwarven method of utilizing magick. While more traditional schools of magic call upon powerful bloodlines, pacts with powerful entities, or direct manipulation of the natural leylines of Orn, rune magick taps into the connection of all things to the maelstrom.


Though many are trained in the art of the sword, few have the dedication, sense of duty, and honor to truly be a samurai. To be a samurai is not only to be a warrior, it is to hold yourself to a higher standard and serve others.


All who live must die, though many attempt to cheat the reapers of their due. Magic can extend life to unnatural lengths, resurrect the departed, bind souls to lifeless forms, or animate the dead. Violating death's law is not without risk, however. Wayward souls live in constant fear of the reapers' mortal servants, the shades, whose sole purpose is to shepherd the undying to their rightful rest.