War canoe style ship sporting large outriggers used by Faro'oq to travel trade routes between Jastrey and Glesmyr. Outfitted to cut the ice of the frozen north and stay insulated from the biting cold. The ship is rarely in port at Jastrey during the winter mestruns of the year preferring to make port in Glesmyr, but travels back and forth during the summer mestruns when the ice blocking the trade routes is minimal. But will make the journey when the Captain or Quarter Master have need to be in Jastrey. 


After the ascension of Aldrhunrik, Faro'oq gathered what remained of his brothers market stall and transformed the colorful awning, and engraved wood into a shrine to the fate forger. Da'Charra now acts as a temple to Aldrhunrik when in any port. The wide flat central deck of the canoe being used as a mobile market place for merchants and followers of Aldrhunrik to sell wares. For a fee of course.


  • Between events, players may help run Da'Charra (rent out Rooms to take advantage of Workshops).
  • Shop space may also be negotiated for a flat fee or a percentage of sale price.


    Available Shop Space: 20/20

    Resident Slots: 4/6




    • Gold Workshop 6
    • Infusion Workshop 6
    • Jewel Workshop 6
    • Mana Workshop 6
    • Medicine Workshop 5
    • Poison Workshop 5
    • Rune Workshop 6

    Level 17 Sanctum

    Residents: Faro'oq the Frozen (Owner), Kade Crysilore, Lionel Tabbison, Reven Hale
    Value: 751.47


    • Alarm
    • Income 13
    • Resupply
    • Room 6
    • Shop 20
    • Shrine of Aldrhunrik 12
    • Stash


    • Gold 6, Infusion 6, Jewel 6, Mana 6, Medicine 6, Poison 6, and Rune 6


    Exotic Herb
    5.00 gold
    Exotic Herb
    5.00 gold
    Exotic Part
    5.00 gold
    Exotic Stone
    5.00 gold
    Iclunia Dust Powder
    Quality 1 Poison
    Poison "Burst 4 Hits"
    12.10 gold
    Jewel of Revivification
    Spell "Revive" on Spell Focus
    36.00 gold
    Quality 3 Poison
    Poison "2 Crit"
    15.00 gold
    Recipe: Pale Ivory Inlay
    Damage Ability "Add Drain" on Melee Weapon, Projectile Weapon, Spell Focus, or Wraps
    72 Rune production, 1 Exotic Mana, 8 Uncommon Mana, and 4 Common Mana
    28.80 gold
    Uncommon Bullion
    3.50 gold
    Warp Crystal, Fragment
    Quality 3 Dust
    Dust "Blink 10"
    15.00 gold