A Den of Fools

"We would rather spend a lifetime in the company of fools than to live knee deep in shite that's polished to look just right."

A majestic, ancient tree reaches far above the shard, its top obscured  by the clouds. Wooden walkways, circling its way up the heavy trunk are cradled by rustic hand rails. Small cabins are nestled in its branches along the way up the boardwalk. Many of the homes enjoy a small garden of herbs growing nearby on its lofty perch. Rafts constructed of reeds float next to a pier jutting out into the large swamp surrounding the raised village.

The Benevolence Society

Akaidus, Akarui, Alathos, Claudia, Conner, Dallow, Drusilia, Gor'bash, Hallow, Marloff, Nixie, Oscar, Rock, Thomnlyn, Yorn

"We're not bad people, we're not dirty, we're not mean, We love everybody, but we do as we please."



"The Fool's Gambit" honorable pit fighting, two souls enter the ring until one is subdued. Run differently from all other sport fights and sure to attract large amounts of gambling.          


Level 11 Sanctum

Residents: Marloff Thistru (Owner), Gorbash of the Broken Wing, Thomnlyn the Compassionate, Alathos, Dallow Everleaf, Akaidus
Value: 395.00


  • Income 9
  • Library
  • Resupply
  • Room 11
  • Shop 5
  • Stash


Usable within arm's reach of the sanctum.
  • Spoken "Soothe"


Usable by residents and guests.
  • Self "Recover"
  • Self "Withstand"


  • Gem 6 and Mana 6


Prayer Beads
Quality 1 Tool
3.60 gold