The Den of Fools

The Den of Fools

A cluster of hillocks dot the area where a majestic, ancient tree once rose into the clouds. Wooden walkways circle their way around each of the homey barrows. Cradled by rustic hand rails, many of the homes enjoy a small garden of herbs growing nearby on the banks of a cool, slow-moving brook. Rafts constructed of reed float next to a pier jutting out into a large swamp surrounding the mound village. The dens serve as both housing and, more importantly, a school for the newcomers to Jastrey.

Rest in Peace our Benevolent Founder, Marloff Thistru

Rest in Peace Akaidus of the Broken Wing


The Benevolence Society

Abell, Akaidus of the Broken Wing, Alathos, Bea, Bramble Goldleaf, Conner, Cynder, Dallow Everleaf, DelKey NahTey, Drusilia, Gor'bash of the Broken Wing, Hallow Everleaf, Krassus, Claudia Thistru, Marloff Thistru, Opi, Oscar, Rock, Rose Riles, Synder, Toka, Yorn

"We're not bad people, we're not dirty, we're not mean, We love everybody, but we do as we please."


Home of:

"The Fool's Gambit" - An honorable pit fighting, two souls enter the ring until one is subdued. Run differently from all other sport fights and sure to attract large amounts of gambling.

Alathos' Arcane Arts

Dallow's Method of Detective Reasoning

Gor'bash's Skool of Hard Knocks

Krassus’ Trinket Hole

Marloff's Sanctuary


'Company Of Fools'

'In The Summertime'

Level 20 Sanctum

Residents: Alathos (Owner), Krassus the Were-Mandrill, the Monkey "King", "Lord"of Laughter, "Chaplain" of Chaos, Opi, Bea
Value: 1121.00


  • Alarm
  • Delayed Damage 5
  • Durability
  • Guest 2
  • Income 13
  • Library
  • Resupply
  • Room 8
  • Shrine of Vipinbehari 7
  • Stash
  • Trap "Stop"


Usable within arm's reach of the sanctum.
  • Sign "Renew Limb"
  • Sign "Repair"


Usable by residents and guests.
  • Immune to Fear, Maim, and Reach
  • Fly
  • Self "Withstand"
  • Sign "Cure"


  • Bullion 6, Gold 6, Infusion 6, Mana 6, Outfit 6, Trinket 6, and Weapon 6