Slepnir Moose

Submitted by Patches on Tue, 7/9/2019 at 2:02am

Appearing as an extra-large moose with midnight-black fur and eight, slightly-elongated legs, this nocturnal creature is essentially a moose, twisted by necromancy and prefers to live a mostly peaceful life in the wraithwood and other supernatural forests that tend to show up as less-than-friendly when inspect aura is used.

Generally peaceful unless provoked, Slepnir mooses usually keep to themselves, though are known to make smalltalk with those who know how to commune with them.  That said, they are omnovorous and will hunt humanoids if sufficiently hungry, though they do prefer smaller prey, such as racoons, badgers, cats, and similarly-sized animals.

In combat, slepnir mooses are meant to be strong, tanky animals that can charge down all but the largest players.  While they are only armed with their hooves and antlers, they weigh approximately 2500 lbs and are not to be trifled with.

While they are intelligent enough to carry on a conversation with anyone who can properly commune with them, their bulky size means that they favor sturdy classes that allow them to make full use of their high strength.