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Ciorcal Na Dháréag: The Magic Dies

All day the effects of magic have been growing weaker, and weaker; some races are even more attuned to it than others. It's as if magic itself were dying. About an hour ago, concerned citizens began hearing that nobody could find a span off the shard...


Gathered at the Shady Corner, the tavern is packed, and everyone is obviously on edge; jumping when someone suddenly kicks in the door of the tavern, which remarkably does not immediately repair itself, or swing back to strike them. A man wearing a bowler hat, a red vest, and a frilly shirt comes barging in. "Rasiri? Taklinn? Truff? Where is everyone?" Frantically looking around the room. "Look, have any of you seen the Nexus Guardians?"


Confederate Sins

A young woman named Leona DeRoo comes to Jastrey seeking a group of adventures to aid her on a retrieval mission for her father. Signior Naso Tomaras has been a substandard business partner of late, and the DeRoos need a bit of extra muscle, preferably human or passable, to make the trip to Jomptland.


Shadow Mission

A strange letter is left on the Public Notice board outside the Shady Corner. It reads, "I have a job and it pays in ways you like most. I need something done quietly. Bring some..." With some squinting you can see the word "friends" scribbled out. " you trust. They will be paid. Remember, keep your eye on the prize. I'll find you soon." It is signed, "The Last of Thirsife."


Hmw n(y)t Asar - Part II

After the events in the deserts of Sirison on Second's Fifth of Beramosk, 5,733 NB, Treygard Maynot set off on a personal mission against Asar, more commonly known as the immortal Hexadus. Over a year passed without word, until last mestrun. An influx of freed angori slaves all spoke of a "small man with a fine hat" who had freed them; upon investigation, adventurers from Jastrey discovered whole camps of slavers slain, the words "Freed by Asar" carved into their foreheads.

While unable to track down Treygard himself, they did receive word from him; the Docents received a message, "Docents, I am attacking a camp in southwest Angor; send help." Having arrived in Angor via Daralon, they have now joined up with Treygard and plan their next move.


Rusty Refugees

A pair of equipment-eating monsters scuttle into town.  No sword is safe with these beasties devouring any metal they can get their tentacles on.


Corco-metta: Nassë

Rumors of a ghostlike figure in the nearby woods barely phased Jastrey, but when elementals started showing up it got their attention. Elementals were nothing Jastrey hadn't faced before, but while you were gathered for another quiet evening at the Shady Corner, a crack of thunder suddenly shatters the previously clear night as Jastrey is immediately overtaken by a torrential downpour. As the common folk seek shelter from the storm, a figure stands outside; its features concealed beneath a heavy, oilskin cloak and a hood decorated with a single deer horn. They look around, regarding the Shady Corner and the surrounding city.


Shades of Grey - The Code

The imposing figure of an older man, wearing full plate, painted half orange, rides into Jastrey, making his way through the streets until he arrives at the ruined Tower of the Docents and the Brokn Noz, whereupon he looks to those gathered there.