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Unbearably Hungry

A heavy rustling of leaving and snapping branches is only overshadowed by the incessant grunts and snarls coming from just inside the wood line. Pausing to study that area of trees, you see several large bears, fighting over a mangled body. Steam is rising from the torn body and jets from the bear's nostrils.


Demonic Shite

Heading to the outhouse for your morning constitutional, you stop dead in your tracks. At the very moment a funk overpowered your nose, so did the detestable sight of nauseating muck, sloughing its way out of the very hole you sought.


A friendly Encounter

A helpful friend decides to follow along, on whatever journey that you choose. Protective and loyal as they come, but not controllable, some friends cause more trouble than they are worth.


On Sale Now

A table is found on the roadside holding a large basket of fresh vegetables, with a sign that reads; "1
copper a bunch: honesty is a virtue!"


One Dark Knight

The Story Teller returns to Jastrey. This time he brings a troupe, for pageantry and splendor. Don't miss this, one night only showcase, replete with all the alternative facts. 


Carnelevarium - Part 5: Masquerade

One mestrun* ago, Poppy sought out her sire, the Wanderer; a mysterious vampire who's carnival has visited Jastrey in the past. The Wanderer was aware of the situation in Tarkalsys, including the meeting of the Nobles of the Barren Throne, the betrayal by Earl Tremblay, and the theft of Arqveil's Crown.

The Wanderer was not forthcoming - while he readily answered some questions, he refused to answer others, or did so in such a way that only led to further questions. In order to get the answers she seeks, she must earn the Wanderer's trust. He has given her a test: She must find Duke Tremblay, the leader of House Tremblay, in Targas. She has been told that he has some of the answers she seeks, and if she can reach him, she will have proven herself worthy of her sire's confidence. Should she fail, he may disappear into the shadows again...


Increasing Danger

The whoosh of a bat flying close by, unsurprisingly grabs your attention. Another swoops nearby... and then another. Soon there are many and they seem abnormally aggressive today. Without much fanfare you grab a fellow adventurer and decide to dispatch the pesky critters before they spook the town's horses and the younglings. But things have a way of getting out of hand in Jastrey. 


A Sturdy Maiden

A human woman saunters down the streets of Jastey. Appearing very fit despite the advanced years showing on her face, she sizes up all of the citizens she passes. At the moment that it seems she will walk through town without a word, she spins on her heels. Mouth agape, she heads straight for a group of adventurers, following her outstretched finger.