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Death in the Family - Part 2: Flesh and Blood (and Bone)

As any good uordeq knows, the shadows are the safest place to be. Luck has let you pierce the shadows Dreghor conceals himself in, but it requires you to act quickly; once he's met with the Necromancer's Guild of Sind, he'll likely slip away again. You've managed to book passage to Orissa, in Sirison. However, getting into Sind is another matter.

[NOTE: There is a chance that you may be left to your fate if you attend this mod!]


A Khan in the Desert

A large palanquin plated in bronze and silver and hauled by six camels comes to the gates of Jastrey, and from its doors emerges an olive-skinned man with white and tan feathers instead of hair. He looks around at those that have gathered about and smiles broadly and bows. "Greetings and salutations, I have a proposition for the bravest and most adventurous among you."



Shades of Grey - Mercy

The imposing figure of an older man, wearing full plate, and adorned in red and white, rides into Jastrey, making his way through the streets until he arrives at the ruined Tower of the Docents, whereupon he seems at a loss.


Duality - Lake of Thieves

While you are walking along the lake to behold once more the monstrous vortex and ponder the fate of Orn, you spot a small shoreboat that has landed further down the beach. A formidable black schooner is anchored nearby. Ahead, a small group of pirates is studying a rather large piece of parchment.



Dragon Flies

You see a large dragon flying high overhead. Several huge crows molest it, in its flight. You notice a large, gleaming object is falling away from the dragon's grasp.