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Ashfallen Rebellion: All Hands

Breathing hard, and running at top speed, a man dressed in semi military attire makes his way through the north gate of Jastrey. He looks around, frantic, and approaches the nearest group he sees. "I have an urgent message for the Refugee Militia, Commander Thorne sends for reinforcements, they are needed at the front!"


The Ravening - Black Shuck

For the past mestrun the nights in Jastrey have been plagued by an unnatural darkness and scattered disappearances. Some simply disappear, others are found, or parts of them at least, throughout the shard. At night the streets are nearly deserted, as Jastrey's citizens seal themselves indoors and leave the lights burning.


Unbearably Hungry

A heavy rustling of leaving and snapping branches is only overshadowed by the incessant grunts and snarls coming from just inside the wood line. Pausing to study that area of trees, you see several large bears, fighting over a mangled body. Steam is rising from the torn body and jets from the bear's nostrils.