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Punitive Damages

While near or within the Docent's tower the ground beneath you begins to shake, and you are thrown off balance. As the tremor subsides you realize that not all is the same as it once was. Within the main floor of the tower is a large hole that leads deep underground, and the tower itself seems to be uneasy.


Help Needed at the Haunted House

A young woman approaches the town notice board and pins a piece of parchment to it before rushing away.  The parchment reads:

"Help needed.  Something is not right at the Murigras Festival's Haunted House.  Meet me in the Shady Corner tonight if you can help!"


What Lies Below

As the sun reaches it's apex in the sky a low hum can be heard for a moment before a violent quake. As the earthquake subsides one of the faces of a mountain on the edge of town collapses revealing a a small opening. Light issuing from runes in the rock can be seen from the caverns mouth. They are captivating and of a long forgotten tongue. Peering through the cavern bestows a sense of mystery and overwhelming magical power.


Carnelevarium - Part 4: Shadow Puppet

One mestrun* ago, Poppy sought out her sire, the Wanderer; a mysterious vampire who's carnival has visited Jastrey in the past. The Wanderer was aware of the situation in Tarkalsys, including the meeting of the Nobles of the Barren Throne, the betrayal by Earl Tremblay, and the theft of Arqveil's Crown.

The Wanderer was not forthcoming - while he readily answered some questions, he refused to answer others, or did so in such a way that only led to further questions. In order to get the answers she seeks, she must earn the Wanderer's trust. He has given her a test: She must find Duke Tremblay, the leader of House Tremblay, in Targas. She has been told that he has some of the answers she seeks, and if she can reach him, she will have proven herself worthy of her sire's confidence.


The Mediary Wing

The town of Jastrey is proud to harbor the tower; library and home of the Docents. Today is an especially proud day because Lord Aristone, an ambassador from the Berylline Mediary Wing, has been sent to the tower to learn more about Jastrey's Council, new judicial system, and how it may affect trade. To the surprise of many, he has already finished with his inquiries. Tonight Lord Aristone is holding a feast to honor the Docents of the Tower.


Flos Imperium

A Thrakka runs up to your group, out of breath, and between gasps manages to say that it needs help finding medicinal components.


Exhuming the Bodies Vol. 3

After several mestruns of excavation, research, and trial and error, the opening to what lies beneath the tower in Stoutnail is finally available to you.


NOTE:  Those that attended the previous Exhuming the Bodies adventures are Strongly Encouraged to attend this adventure.