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Finder's Fee

A blast from the past, Leona DeRoo has just been reunited with a friend from her college days: Falcus Carpenter. After successfully completing their mission to Jomptland, Leona extends the offer to meet her father. She believes he might be able to help Falcus on his quest…


The Trial of Blood

Varian has called upon a servant of the necromancer's guild to administer his apprentice's advancement from Acolyte of Flesh to Disciple of Blood. Even after a year of study and sacrifice, though, does Cedar have the qualities it takes to walk this dark road?


Path of Conquest - Broken Horns

According to the survivors, Ragna's horde was near the crater of New Jastrey. Assuming the span is still open, you should be able to follow the same path they took last night. Broker no quarter, for none shall be given.


Reaping Carnival

A golem – faceplate painted a stark white, blackened “eyes” with a dot under them, and black “lips” drawn onto the featureless faceplate – wanders into Jastrey, putting on a show for anyone it encounters; moving in an almost clockwork fashion. You feel an aura of enchantment emanating from the mime as if a jovial and festive night was in store for you.


[Coulrophobia: This mod will contain clowns!]


Brain and Brawn

The Quiet Wing, a sect of the Wizard’s Guild of Jerascht, has information regarding the location of two powerful djinn who have been imprisoned. The members of the Quiet Wing have finally unanimously agreed that the djinn have been a temptation for far too long, and for too many; they must be destroyed before their power can benefit the wrong people.


OHLSS - The Paladin with the Golden Arm

While researching the Theocracy, Garen the Resilient discovered correspondence between Sardia and a knight of the Crystal Fists: Christopher the Lion of Dawn. According to the documents, he was originally an Inquisitor, who came to Huel Vor in response to the call for aid during the Hour of Twilight, two years ago.

After losing his arm in defense of Gallant Hall, he continued to fight on with a zeal often likened to Shimosh Rosequartz himself. He was offered, and accepted a position with the Crystal Fists, and was given a fleshforged arm. While he has not been on any active assignments since, he is a familiar face in Gallant Hall.

Since that time he has used his position to report on the kingdom of Huel Vor; rebuilding after the massive destruction by Dhuroscht's armies, training and recruitment for both the standing armies of Huel Vor and the Crystal Fists. Garen has taken this information to his partner, Jet the Wolf, who in turn brought it to the attention of Judge Judith the Vindicator. Now, you join several knights as they go to confront the agent within their ranks.


The Ravening - The Thrill of the Hunt

For the past three mestruns the nights in Jastrey have been plagued by an unnatural darkness and scattered disappearances. Some simply disappear, others are found, or parts of them at least, throughout the shard. At night the streets are nearly deserted, as Jastrey's citizens seal themselves indoors and leave the lights burning.