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Deaths' Due

Approved encounter written by Nagru and edited by Sheila.

Three cloaked and hooded figures enter Jastrey.  Their voices rasp whispers, their faces obscured, their mannerisms concealed.  They come asking a singular question.


Kickback Trivia Night at the Shady Corners!

Flyers go up around town advertising “Kickback Trivia Night at Shady Corners” hosted by Jiminy Bortnik. The prize? Bragging rights and erasure of the team’s tab for the night! Come on out, give your muscles a break, and show off your brains!


*Newbies welcome! This would be an excellent learning and bonding experience for those newer in town.

** All lore information on the website is considered common knowledge. Learning lore over the downtime is encouraged!



Duality - Part 4: Tipping the Scales

A maelstrom has formed in Ivelis' Haven, large enough to threaten most ships attempting passage through the Strait of Metsar; a harsh red glow emanates from its depths, a red waterspout formed at its center. Large enough to be seen from Dragon's Crest, and bright enough to be seen at night, the call has gone out for anyone who can find a way to dispel the anomaly.


Barbarians at the Gate

An ancient empyrean 'poofs' into sight, white hair scraggly and wild, worn robes disheveled, the near electrical feel of the Astral clinging to her.  Clutching a great staff, she turns, milky eyes fixing upon your group. Astoundingly, the ancient being totters at a quick pace over to the group, hands and staff waving in the air, pointing toward the gates anxiously. "What are you all standing around like some earth-bound terrene? You have enemies afoot!"


Heavy Burden

A horse gallops towards your group, kicking up dust into the sun's rays. The boy on the horse slows his stead, only momentarily, to shout out, between heaving breaths, 'My father... he's trapped under the barn... Go quickly... save him..."; riding off to tell others. You recognize the horse as belonging to an elderly human who recently took over a rundown, abandoned farm house near the wall's gate.


Joseph's Rebellion: Guerrilla Warfare

The locals demand restitution or revenge for the loss of their loved ones at the hand of Andor Bensten. They hold the fairy Poppy responsible and seek to punish the town for refusal to turn her over.