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Heavy Burden

A horse gallops towards your group, kicking up dust into the sun's rays. The boy on the horse slows his stead, only momentarily, to shout out, between heaving breaths, 'My father... he's trapped under the barn... Go quickly... save him..."; riding off to tell others. You recognize the horse as belonging to an elderly human who recently took over a rundown, abandoned farm house near the wall's gate.


Vedrischtal - Occasus

With new of the battle of Halfway spreading through Tarkalsys, the Nobles of the Barren Throne prepare to meet to discuss new developments and plan their next move against the Theocracy.


Bronze Beasts: A Debt to be Paid

In the previous year, Adventurers from Jastrey traveled to the far distant northern shores of Glesmyr to acquire cannons. Three were loaned out with the promise that they would be returned at some point after Jastrey had defended itself. Grimgi, the chief engineer from Lovenia, has made the call for the cannons to be returned, but the cannons were either taken from Jastrey or destroyed by the nearly victorious Sardian Army during the assault. 

Grimgi is not pleased, and there is a debt to be paid. He summons you back to Glesmyr, back to Lovinia, he and his engineers have a task that was deemed suitable as a payment of this debt. 


The Singing Shores of the Ambon Isles

A weather-beaten sailor comes into town asking for Jastrey's help.  After a terrible storm, strange lights and sounds have been seen coming from one of the smaller islands around the Ambon Isles.


Scars for Sale

An old man makes his way into the Shady Corner. Not a rickety, weak man, nor a sickly, frail man; in his prime he must have been very formidable - an adventurer perhaps, by the looks of him. Surely he had a name and was renowned by many. As he lowers his hood you can see his muscled arm and face are deeply scarred. He sits with some effort and beckons you over to share a drink and hear his tale.


Vedrischtal: Pro Immortali, Rege, et Patria

Word spreads quickly through the shards, as the largest mobilization of armies since the Vedrischtal lays siege to four cities across Orn. With Halfway reclaimed from the Theocracy, King Sorin Arqveil marshals the combined forces of the Nobles of the Barren Throne to strike back at Sardia - seeking to reclaim the city of Targas, lost three ages ago. At the same time, the Mjorlin clans of Upper Metsar, with the aid of the Theocracy fleet and summoned fiends, have claimed Sterkfontein; continuing their rapid push into the heartland of Huel Vor.

Thanks to the swift actions of adventurers from Jastrey, the city of Jerascht has weathered the initial assault. While still besieged, they have fought the Sardians to a stalemate. And now, word has arrived from Sardia itself: the Ashfallen Rebellion has openly engaged the Theocracy. With their fleets deployed far from Sardia, and their armies deployed to the Tarkalsian front, Mavredor stands ill prepared. While the massive citadel city, seat of the Supreme Lawgiver is a formidable structure in and of itself- the mere thought of it under siege by agents of anarchy, heretics, demihumans, and outcasts is enough to stir the blood of any Sardian: for weal or woe.