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Rabbits Come In

 A large group of rabbits hop their way into town and in the tavern, they seem to be chasing a rabbit in the front of the group.


For Science!: A Dark Expedition

A sleek, black golem walks into the tavern. It stands about shoulder-high to a man and a light purple glow pulses from its chest. The master has sent him to obtain adventurers for a research mission to Lower Metsar: there are rumors that black fruit can be found there…


Orn's Got Talent

Approved open play activity written by Marloff and edited by Sheila.

Come one, Come all...

The war with Sardia has been devastating; and Jastrey and its citizens are recovering.  A few moments of levity is just what is needed...

'Orn's Got Talent' has come to Jastrey. Bards fetch your fife, Warriors come share your tale of honor, Urodeq display your necromancy, Gnomes show off some newly devised system. Whatever your talent or skill, regardless of race, class or creed, come and spend five minutes showing all how wondrous you can be and see if you can take home 15 shiny gold coins.



Molox's House of Pain

Several children in town have gone missing, including the young Aetherborn Nozina.  Concerned parents and siblings have been asking about their whereabouts.  A young girl makes her way into town seeking help in releasing the children from a puzzle house that has appeared in the forest outside of town.


The Crying Monolith

You have just experienced a glorious morning and are now enjoying the intoxicating effects, of a few pints, from the Shady Corner. The crisp, clean air and shimmering rays of sunshine draws you out, still clutching your mug of ale. Nearly falling, after stumbling on a loose step, a stench rises and brings your ale back up into your throat.


Mines Stalling

Mr. Bigglesworth returns to Jastrey, once again requiring help for his branch of the Thorne Consortium. This time he needs people he can rely on to investigate strange happenings at the richest mine in Blackstone. People going mad, and a number of disappearances, but none of the other investigators sent by the company report anything other than business as usual. The gnome needs help to make sure his employees are taken care of.


No Peace, No Surrender

The siege of Jastrey may have ended, and the armies of the Theocracy of Ressik may have retreated, but there are still raids on the country side. Farms are still pillaged for supplies, and those anathema to Ressik are still going missing. After weeks of these continued happenings, rumor begins to circulate: does the Theocracy have an established stronghold on Jastrey's shard?


The Maze Festival

A trumpet sounds!

Hark! All friends of the Chillheart Kitsune and heroes of the Decade Solstice are invited to attend the 642nd annual Maze Festival in Timantti as we host the beneficent Germana Gran. We are also grateful for the opportunity to host you as our honored guests for this event. Departure will commence post-haste.


[NOTE: This adventure is Story and RP heavy. It is best suited for scholars of culture and magic.]


Troubled Youth

A young ulf lad runs into town with an embarrassed look on his face. Some of the refugee youth are acting out, and he needs the help of the town to stop them.