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Temporal Gauntlet

There have been odd happenings in Jastrey recently. Temporal shifts have plagued the town, dragging all its citizens through time, exposing them to the differing topography of the land, on which what we now know as Jastrey, sits. A pulsating portal has appeared just beyond the Shady Corner.


The Cache of Quor'esh

Adventure written by Thad, edited by Nick, and narrated by Amy. Scheduled for Friday night of the June 2017 Event at 10pm to 12pm.

In the shadow of Mavredor, the crown jewel of Sardia, hides a secret shame. A warded cave, a cache of incriminating documents, a terrible presence, and the promise of Ressik's undoing. Those who braved Talaud and boarded the HMS Occult now near the end of their quest. But, with Ressik's dogs behind and the unsettling strangeness of the cave ahead, will they find the answers they seek... or their own doom?


Bloodlines - Part 2: The Voyage Home

Having received urgent word from her brother, Lady Claudia von Markham prepares to return to a home she has not seen in decades. Something has put the nobles houses of Tarkalsys on edge; what reception can Lady von Markham expect upon her arrival?


[NOTE: Depending on party actions, this adventure may be RP heavy and involve minimal combat.]

[NOTE: Depending on party actions, you may be left to your fate if you attend this adventure.]


The Color Thief

An illustrious collection of art has been vandalized: once beautiful and intricate color schemes have been replaced by monochromatic facsimiles. The distraught owner has come to Jastrey to enlist the aid of capable individuals to capture the vandal, who is trapped in the locked-down gallery, and bring him out alive to face justice.


The Rescue of the Wan Thing

Whole sections of the forests surrounding Jastrey have begun to experience unusual weather, plants dying off, and animals fleeing. Meanwhile the trees and plants themselves seem to be thriving in the areas surrounding Da'er bluff. It seems help is coming from an unexpected source, as the leader of a not-so friendly group of bog trolls has just sent word that she might have some idea what's going on. 


Beyond the Dreamscape

Nearly one year ago, heroes from Jastrey came to the aid of Gol, an awakened golem from The Frame. They successfully defeated The Master, a rogue golem who had slain The Maker, Archmage Bradley Flynn, and was preparing an army to attempt to wipe out organic life. Two awakened golems, ./Matrix and In-Tel accompanied the heroes back to Jastrey, where they have learned much about the world outside The Frame.

./Matrix and In-Tel have received a message from The Frame. One of The Maker's experiments, long thought lost, has re-established contact, and is requesting assistance. What little information has been sent back is incongruous at best, but based on the information contained in The Core, this experiment was physically sent into the Astral realm.

[NOTE: There are worse things than death.]


Magical Mushroom Bounty

Approved encounter written by Marloff and edited by Nick.

An odd little fairy flits over Jastrey's wall. She puts up notices and whispers a haiku to all she encounters...

"Bring me the mushrooms,

polka-dotted ones are best,

you have but to scrounge."


King's Quest - Part I: Quest for the Crown

On First's Elgen of Arathost, 5,730 Nemas Bakril, the dwarf Kegger Ironspur gave his own life to save the wounded Immortal Espidrel, the two merging and becoming Kragg the Forge Father: a massive dwarf of steel and stone that somehow resembled both. Before ascending, Kragg the Forge Father placed the Crown of the Ancestors inside an adamant block within the palace, inscribed with the words, "I await the worthy." Naming FuChu Anvilsmiter his knight, the immortal tasked him with finding a worthy successor to the throne of Forgeholme.

One year and seven mestruns* have passed, and still the throne of Forgeholme lies empty. The council of elders appointed a regent during the interregnum, but have been unable to agree on how to resolve succession. The royal historians have been searching the records of Forgeholme for what to do, but much was damaged or lost when the traitorous Stein Ironspur destroyed much of the city and killed King Guldar. One of them has found a possible solution, and now ventures to Jastrey to seek the aid of both Falkrunn Gobl'nsmasha, First of Kragg, as well as FuChu Anvilsmiter, Knight of Kragg.