The Awakening of Lucinda Aleron

A strange hum fills the air. Distorted light shimmers in all directions, suddenly coalescing above, as both light and sound. A flash, a whistle... and then silence. A split moment later a grizzled and broken man falls from nowhere to land slumped on the ground before you.



>>> This adventure is heavy with puzzles. <<<

Story Notes

In short, the story so far... ( more can be read here , although the story did not go as planned.)

Lucinda Aleron is a vampire (as yet undiscovered by any players) that was bound with magic ages ago. The turmoil in Jastrey had unearthed her. The adventurers discovered that she was encased in magical ice by an ancient Wizard and took her to the paladins' citadel to create a tomb of stone, in an alcove.

And now...

  • A grizzled wizard portals into Jastrey battered to near death.
  • He and the party travel to to paladins' citadel.
  • The grizzled wizard releases Lucinda by reciting the two chants found on the monolith, high in the mountains ages ago (some may remember discovering the monolith)
  • She, upon having her powers released from the bonding, will breach the wall in a fit of anger.
  • A fight ensues and she kills the wizard who had just freed her, and, in the process, Lucinda Aleron splits into three beings and each are drawn through a portal.
  • The portal remains open and the group must pursue, find the three parts of Lucinda's soul, bring together the three essences of Lucinda, and engage in an epic battle with her.

Plastic vial/bottle on a lanyard, filled with red liquid (Marloff will supply)

Ring of Keys (Marloff will supply)

Jeweled Dagger (Marloff will supply)

Code Cubes (Marloff will supply)

History Book printout (Marloff will supply)


Elf, Wizard - Grizzled Wizard NPC

Human, Paladin

Bulwark, Sentinel (carries the jeweled dagger prop) (epic)

Mau, Swashbuckler

Lucinda - Iocrin Bloodpike (epic)

Wizard of the Ages

A death whistle screams bringing sharp pain to your ears. A strange shimmering glow of distorted light appears all around. The coppery scent of fresh blood permeates your nostrils. A moment passes as the whistle softens and glow swirls, shifting between red and blue, before coalescing in a dense ball above your heads. The world goes silent. From the now dissipating ball of light, a beaten a grizzled man falls to the ground, in a slump.

The grizzled man's body twitches, limbs twisting and replacing themselves, his flattened midsection swelling back into shape. As a dark hue returns to the man's face, he gasps and draws much needed air into his lungs. Slowly his open, struggling to focus on the crowd before him. In a deep, commanding voice he speaks, "I... I made to Jastery... yes?"
Scene Notes
Monster Required: Grizzled Wizard

The grizzled man will regain conscious life if 'CURE', 'HEAL', 'PRESERVE', 'RENEW BODY', or 'REVIVE' are directed at him.

The grizzled man will answer, if prompted:
-His name is Nemo
-Tell the players that he was the wizard who encased Lucinda in magic many ages ago.
-Explain to the players that Lucinda is the body found buried and unearthed from under the tavern steps and then walled up inside the paladins' citadel.
-He needs adventures to help him get his embattled body to the citadel so he can destroy her.
-If asked how so badly beaten: He will be dodgy about responding, saying only that there are those who work against him in ridding the shards of the evil Lucinda represents
-Give directions to reach the paladin's citadel.
-Regarding Lucinda (NPC monster can role play/elaborate on this):
She is a Iocrin vampire, powerful in magic and a source of great evil
He has been hunting her for many years
This is the closest he has gotten to ridding her evil from the lands

Once enough information has been gathered from the grizzled wizard and/or the party decides to help him make the to trip to the paladin's citadel, continue onto the next scene [THE CITADEL]
Narrative Effects
Commune Corpse - easy - The man is not dead.
Commune Dream - easy - A foggy vision fills your mind; A woman encased in ice, darkness surrounding her.
Commune Spirit - easy - The man's spirit has not left the body.
Conjure - Success at the narrator's discretion.
Consult - The narrator may reveal one of the grizzled man's prompts (scene notes)
Dispel - medium - His wounds are not magically induced, but are physical in nature.
Forecast - medium - Would CURE, HEAL, PRESERVE, RENEW BODY, or REVIVE help this man? - yes
Insight - hard - (if conscious) - He is honestly motivated to destroy Lucinda.
Inspect Arms - medium - The grizzled man carries a spell focus rod. High level spells of; dispel, breach, and call prime are infused onto the weapon.
Inspect Aura - easy - Grizzled man's weapon carries much hate and fear within it.
Inspect Magic - medium - The grizzled man has residual harmful magic impressions coming from all over his body.
Inspect Wound - easy - The grizzled man seems to have been beaten with blunt objects, tossed from a cliff, or perhaps hurled repeatedly against a wall.
Purge - (aura from weapon) The fear and hate held on the weapon are too deeply seeded to be removed in this manner.
Resurrect - The man is not yet dead.


After several hours of travel, including carrying and many rest periods for the grizzled wizard, you arrive outside the paladins' citadel. Forcing himself to find the strength, the wizard starts the climb up the large stone steps leading to the foyer. Inexplicably, he makes his way directly to the alcove that was walled shut to house the frozen body of Lucinda. Without hesitation, he begins to chant the same magic words that were found engraved on a monolith high the mountains...

Intentions were right.
The bindings are tight.
Return, all the same,
from whence you came
Back to the caster,
take your disaster.
Steel my resolve
and all involved.
Hold us true
in all we do.

Sounds of cracking ice are heard from behind the stone wall that blocks your view of Lucinda. You feel the stone beneath your feet tremble as a muffled explosion beats against the wall before you. Again the citadel shakes, but this time the wall bursts forth, pelting the entire party with bits of stone and mortar. {'FIELD 2 HITS'}

The wizard unleashes his spells at Lucinda, but instead of outright killing her, she is split into three complete beings. The three descend upon the wizard with lightening and fire and his body dissipates, his spell focus dropping to the floor. {FIELD '1 SHOCK'}; {FIELD '1 FIRE'}

A portal opens and all of Lucinda's essences disappear into it. You regain your feet as three paladins make their way into the chamber.
Scene Notes
Monsters required: paladins

The paladins are upset that people have entered the citadel unannounced and vandalized the place. Further outrage comes upon realizing the captive was released.
(let the players role play with the paladins.)

Lucinda Aleron is a dangerous being.
They do not know her origin or nature.
She has been imprisoned since the Paladin Thomnlyn the Compassionate brought her here many mestruns ago.
Narrative Effects
Conjure - At the narrator's discretion.
Consult - medium - Lucinda must be found in each of the three embodiments and brought together.
Forecast - easy - Using the portal to find Lucinda is the correct move.
Insight - easy - paladins - The paladins are worried deeply about what havoc Lucinda may bring to the shards.
Inspect Arms - Grizzled man's rod - easy - The infused improvements once held within have be depleted. The rod is now merely a wooden stick.
Inspect Aura - Paladins - easy - Law, Good, Perseverance, Concern
Inspect Aura - rubble from Lucinda's tomb - evil has permeated the stone
Inspect Magic - easy - The portal is a strong, concentrated magic doorway, through which Lucinda's essence was pulled.
Locate - The embodiment of Lucinda are somewhere through the portal.
Resurrect - impossible - The grizzled wizard's body has dissipated and can no longer hold life.
Track - There is no way to track Lucinda without going through the portal

Labyrinth 1

You emerge from the portal at one end of an immense labyrinth and watch as a swirling mass entwines with Lucinda's essences. The unmistakable pulse of magical energy erupts from the mass. {FIELD 'PUSH 10'}

In an instant the swirling mass speeds off into the depths of the labyrinth and out of your sight. Mice skitter away in fear and disappear into the maze. Directly ahead, you see a cabinet and a small matching table settled directly in the middle of the path.
Scene Notes
The cabinet houses bottles of the three primary colors - Yellow, Blue and Red and several empty bottles.

On the table sits a blank, multi-colored parchment (It holds a hidden message)
The players must mix the yellow and blue liquid in the empty bottle, then use the newly created green to peer through at the parchment, revealing the hidden message;

'Lucinda now trapped in objects Three. Hid them deep in the labyrinth did We.'

Yellow = {'Fear"}
Blue = {'Soothe'}
Red = {'Frenzy'}
Orange = {'Sleep'}
Purple = {'Mute'}
Green = {'Weakness'}
Pink = {'Dazzle'}

Any other color created and drank, all effects of combined colors will be the effect given. If narrator is uncertain of what colors are combined, ask before giving the player the effect(s).
Narrative Effects
Conjure - At the narrator's discretion.
Consult - medium - Unclear; the Immortal, however, gives an impression that the parchment holds a message, however it is not seen by them
Explore - easy - Many empty chambers with adjoining corridors are found.
Insight - Bottles - easy - The liquid in the bottles can be mixed to make new a colored liquid.
Insight - Parchment - medium - it is possible that there is a message hidden thereon
Inspect Aura - medium - You get the feeling of pride, accomplishment, and satisfaction.
Inspect Magic - easy - The walls of the labyrinth will magically shift position to direct and/or confine the party.
Inspect Magic - parchment - medium - there is a concealing magic at work here
Locate - Lucinda - medium - Lucinda rests within the walls of the labyrinth, no one place can be determined.
Sabotage - the cabinet lock - easy - The lock on the cabinet was disabled and the door swings freely.
Track - A trail of no kind was left by the essence of Lucinda that can be followed.
Translate - without using a green vial - very hard - 'Lucinda now trapped in objects Three. Hid them in the labyrinth did We.'

Labyrinth 2

The corridor opens into a small room. Through a large, barred window on one side, another window can be seen across an open courtyard. A sentinel, busy taking a leak in the corner, now turns, notices your presence and attacks.

Scene Notes
Monsters Required: Bulwark, Sentinel (epic)
Prop Required: Jeweled dagger

The sentinel is an EPIC monster. The sentinel carries a jeweled dagger which holds one of the three essences of Lucinda. Have him drop it when he falls


After the sentinel falls, allow the players time to explore

The window seen across the courtyard is opaque and the room within cannot be seen.
A drain hole at the room's center, that can be found with explore or inspect secret, holds a key to the door leading deeper into the labyrinth.
Narrative Effects
Breach - The barred window - The tremendous force of the breach passed between the bars and out into the world beyond.
Commune Corpse - medium - 'You will see me again.'
Conjure - At the narrator's discretion.
Consult - medium - How do we continue? - The key to leaving the you room it beneath you.
Explore - easy - You find a grate covering a drain hole in the floor.
Forecast - hard - Neutral
Inspect Arms - jeweled dagger - easy - One of the essences of Lucinda is being held within this weapon.
Inspect Aura - jeweled dagger - medium - It contains a dark spirit; you sense outrage at being so imprisoned
Inspect Secret - easy - It is discovered that the grate covering the drain hole has a latch and can be lifted from the opening. (If checked, there is a key that opens the door.)
Purge - dagger - impossible
Resurrect - sentinel - A low growl escapes the corpse, followed by an icy stare, from his now opening eyes. The sentinel stands and attacks the party (he is no longer an epic monster)
Sabotage - drain hole hatch - easy - The mechanism holding the grate in place is disabled and it can now be opened. (If checked, there is a key that opens the door.)

Labyrinth 3

Having defeated the sentinel, you continue out the only exit down a long narrow hallway. A door at the far end stops the party. A small porthole in the door gives you a view of a cluttered, but unoccupied room. A rocking chair sits near an easy burning fire crackling in a rustic fireplace. The matching footstool supports a book, whose pages are marked in a couple places by strips of old linen. A table, surrounded by stools, holds a bottle of rum and several overturned glasses.
Scene Notes
Prop Required: Vial of Blood

The door at the far end of the hallway in not locked.
The way they just came from is now blocked off, giving no retreat.

If the players have not moved on from this room, to the next scene after a three minute count. They are no longer in the room and find themselves at the doorway entering the room just as they already have done. The descriptive narrative will be re-read in its entirety and any changes that may have been made by the players are all undone.
The key to open the door is found damaged and will not work until a 'repair' is done on it.

A vial of what appears to be blood rests on the mantel of the fireplace. It holds one of the essences of Lucinda. (Can be revealed with narrative effects)

Looking through the window: Players see themselves in the window across an open courtyard as they were a few minutes prior, fighting with the sentinel.

To move onward the players need to use the key found in the room a simply walk through the door opposite from the way they entered.
Narrative Effects
Commune Nature
Conjure - Left to the narrator's discretion.
Explore - easy - Looking through all the knickknacks and tchotchkes , you find a vial of blood on the mantel and a small ordinary, but bent key.
Forecast - key - easy - you may need this to open the other door
Insight - key - easy - it appears to be damaged
Inspect Aura - the vile of blood - easy - This vial houses one of the three essences of Lucinda.
Inspect Magic - medium - this entire place reeks of magic
Inspect Secret - easy - The pages of the book contain a piece of parchment with a single-use 'repair' scrolled on it.
Purge - It is impossible to purge Lucinda from the vile.

Labyrinth 4

Walking through the doorway, you find yourselves in a quiet grassy courtyard, walled in on all sides and above. Vines tangle their way up the walls. Three chests, untouched by the greenery, set close to one another.
Scene Notes
Monster Required: Mau, Swashbucklers (they do not take non-crit damage while Bishop chants)
Prop Required: Ring of three keys

Human Paladin (Bishop) - does not attack, but will defend self - chants continuously

Three chests are discovered, each decorated with like symbols; first with cats in various poses, second with religious symbols, third with swords and knives.

The lettered blocks needs to be turned in correct order on all three blocks to unlock the room's exit.
The chest adorned with CATS = blocks will spell out 'FELINE'
The chest adorned with SWORDS = blocks will spell out 'BLADES'
The chest adorned with RELIGIOUS symbols = blocks will spell out 'BISHOP'

1) The FIRST chest opens and is empty.
2) The SECOND chest opened reveals a set of three keys. These keys open no locks they are tried in and house one of the three essences of Lucinda. (discovered through narrative effects)
3) The THIRD chest, when opened, unlocks the door and fills the room with sword wielding cats (mau) who attack. An bishop now stands to the side chanting. As long as the bishop chants the cats are immune to non-crit damage.

Narrative Effects
Breach - chests - impossible - {FIELD '1 HIT'}
Conjure - Narrator's discretion
Consult - chests - hard - The chests are important; they contain something required, but impossible to see what
Consult - keys - hard - The keys contain one of Lucinda's 3 essences
Dispel - keys - impossible
Explore - easy - there are the chests within the room and a locked, vine covered door on the far wall
Forecast - chests - automatic - favorable
Insight - chests - medium - must find a way to open the chests
Insight - keys - hard - there is something important about these keys
Inspect Aura - keys - hard - You sense great evil that is one of Lucinda's 3 essences
Inspect Evil - keys - hard - overwhelming evil you recognize as one of Lucinda's 3 essences
Inspect Magic - keys - hard - ancient, powerful magic is contained therein
Purge - keys - impossible. {'DAZZLED'}
Sabotage - chests - impossible.

Labyrinth 5

As you step from the courtyard, you find yourself in a short corridor, opening into the next chamber, which appears to be made up of cobblestone in its entirety. As you step through the doorway, you get a profound sense of vertigo as you stumble into the room. You see standing about the room statues of depicting in great detail each of you.
Scene Notes
As the players enter the room, the door behind them disappears and the walls are all warded against magic.
Well detailed statues of each player stand in the room with them.

Moving, touching, magic cast upon the statues, or any other interaction with the statues results in noxious gas pouring out from the noses of each statue. {FIELD 'DECAY'}
A staircase leading downward appears in the corner of the room.
Narrative Effects
Adapt Gas - noxious gas - hard - you do not suffer Decay
Breach - walls - impossible. {FIELD '2 CRIT'}
Conjure - narrator's discretion
Consult - impossible
Dispel -
Explore - easy - there are no windows or doors, no way to indicate a way out
Fly - (if winged player) - easy - you fly about the room
Fly - (if non-winged player) - easy - You take flight, but soon find yourself bumping a nearby statue with your foot
Forecast - statues - medium - neutral
Insight - statues - medium - You may be harmed interacting with these
Inspect Aura - statues -
Inspect Evil - statues - hard - there is no evil
Inspect Magic - statues - impossible
Inspect Secret - statues - hard - there are mechanisms in the statues that indicate a vent from the statues' nostrils
Inspect Secret - room - hard - you find the secret staircase leading downward in the furthest corner of the room.
Sabotage - statues - very hard - you manage to disable the mechanism in the statue's nostrils
Tumble - fall into room - easy - you do not fall (no damage taken)

Labyrinth 6

You make your way down the enclosed, spiral staircase, brushing cobwebs aside, ignoring the scuttle of spiders and other vermin as you make your long, tedious way down the steps. As the feeling of claustrophobia almost overcomes you, you find yourself finally at the bottom of the treacherous stairs and facing an aged, wooden door, set within a decaying framework.
As you open the door, it screeches loudly, opening to reveal clean, sterile morgue, the walls lined with mortuary drawers, a coffin resting to one side, a table on the other.
An unnatural chill permeates the chamber. The 3 items [character/s] hold begin to tremble, violently escaping their grasp. {'1 CRIT'}
The 3 items sweep toward each other, the cap vial loosening and spilling the blood out; the keys rattling as the blood soaks into the iron; and the jewels upon the dagger glowing brightly as the keys attach themselves to the blade's hilt. As you watch, the items glow brightly, and then a darkness forms and grows, until the figure of the vampire, Lucinda stands before you, stretching and flashing her fangs in a sinister smile.
"You have my thanks, intrepid adventurers," she purrs at you as she saunters slightly closer to you. "But I fear the only reward I have for your bravery is death!"
Lucinda snarls at you, casting her arms about, opening a portal through which she leaps, escaping your blades and spells. The portal remains open.

The portal dumps you at the bulletin board in Jastrey. Citizens wander about, hardly surprised by your unceremonious entry into their midst. Lucinda is no where to be seen.
Scene Notes
Monster Required: Iocrin, Bloodpike (Lucinda)
Prop Required: History Book

The chamber is lined with drawers of dead bodies. Players can discover their own names on plaques beneath the drawers. A coffin rests to one side and a table on the other.
In the coffin, there a doll dressed as a vampire.

Resurrect - Player represented by the body drops to the ground; the body rises from the drawer, is frenzied and that player attacks the other players. When the monster character is killed, the player character rises up, none the worse for wear.

A book lays open on the table, a charcoal pencil nearby. (a printed prop will be available)

Once the players write in the book, Lucinda will appear (see Narration above):



If the players want to roleplay a bit and question any of Jastrey's citizens, they will simply reveal they did not see anyone other than them pop through the portal.
Otherwise, the mod ends with their return to Jastrey.
Narrative Effects
Breach - door - easy - door is rotten and falls apart
Breach - mortuary drawers - easy - the drawer falls apart
Breach - coffin - hard - the coffin breaks, exploding outward
Commune Corpse - body in drawer - hard - the voice that answers is yours, distant and indistinct, and you feel as though your grave has been walked upon.
Commune Spirit - body in drawer - hard - the voice that answers is yours, distant and indistinct, and you feel as though your grave has been walked upon.
Conjure - narrator's discretion
Consult - impossible
Dispel - impossible
Explore - easy - there is only this room left
Forecast - medium - non-beneficial
Insight - hard - something is not right here
Inspect Aura - medium - evil, pain, death, anger
Inspect Evil - hard - there is a lingering evil about the room
Inspect Magic - impossible
Inspect Secret - mortuary drawers - easy - there are no secrets to be had
Inspect Wound - body in drawer - medium - you find vampiric bite marks on the body's neck
Purge - doll - hard - there is nothing to purge; it is simply a doll
Resurrect - body in drawer - easy - Player represented by the body drops to the ground; the body rises from the drawer, is frenzied and that player attacks the other players. When the monster character is killed, the player character rises up, none the worse for wear
Sabotage - mortuary drawer - easy - the drawers are not locked
Translate - book - (Drakeric) - easy