Beyond Games, Beyond Prizes Pt. 1

Story Notes

REQUIRED PC: Goose Igaly


Goose has been building a relationship with the parasite he contracted in his 60 year journey through the Beyond in search of his wife Resah and daughter Clover whom he believes to be held captive there by some greater power. 


MADNESS: Whenever a player receives a madness effect, ask them to make a check. Go down the list of madness effects below and choose an appropriate effect. If no effects are appropriate, you may determine your own; however, any effects not approved in this content must have a mechanic no more severe than what has been approved below.


  1. You believe that your leg is deforming into a hideous tentacle beyond your control. You feel the irresistible urge to cut it off or at least stab it til it stops moving. (RP EFFECT)
  2. You pass out. In your dreams, you are suspended over an endless void. Tentacles reach up out of the darkness to drag you down toward an impossibly huge mouth. When you wake, act as if you are being eaten. (SLEEP)
  3. You believe there is an alien being writhing inside your body. If you are outside of combat, fall to your knees and act as if you're puking your guts out. (DECAY)
  4. For the remainder of the scene, whenever someone speaks, you hear them chanting "Ocean beneath" instead. You are under the effect of FEAR toward all other party members and cannot understand what they're saying.
  5. For the remainder of the scene, whenever you attempt to speak, you must laugh maniacally instead. You cannot communicate with words or use incantations, as per MUTE.
  6. You believe that the ground is dissolving into sticky ooze. Try as you might, your feet are stuck fast. Act as if you are trapped in a giant stomach being slowly digested. SNARE
  7. You don't remember who you are, why you're here, or how to use your abilities. For the remainder of the scene, you have total amnesia.(RP EFFECT)
  8. You believe that your eyes have dislocated and rolled back into your head. You can see your brain. It is covered in eyes staring back at you. (DAZZLE)
  9. Your tongue feels large. Why is it tickling the back of your throat? When you open your mouth, you believe you see several large tentacles unfurl from your mouth. (MUTE)
  10. In your mind’s eye, you see a vast plane swarming with maggots under a vast red sky. You see a figure in a yellow robe. It collapses and transforms into a centipede made from human appendages. The vision ends. You are unperturbed… which DOES perturb you.

Note provided by Rachel Webb

  • Redoptic Parasite (EPIC)

A Note

As you wrap up your business and return to Jorvagr, you see that a folded page has been pinned to your front door.

[Reading the Note] You unfold the paper. As you can see the characters on the page, the hairs on the back of your neck stand at attention and you feel you should look away.
Scene Notes
Anyone who attempts to read the note besides Goose, will take a madness effect.

The note says: “Come play with us, Daddy.” and there is a red clover drawn in the top right corner. If Goose reads the letter in his head, there is no effect. When he reads it aloud, proceed to the next scene.
Narrative Effects
Breach: automatic- The page is in two pieces now, but still legible as it ever was
Dispel: impossible- Retort Madness
Forecast: easy- Don’t read this note.
Inspect Aura:automatic- Chaos. Retort Madness
Inspect Evil: medium- neutral
Inspect Magic: very hard. S- This does seem to be some type of magical inscription, but you aren’t sure if you’ve seen it before or not…. F- You temporarily can’t access any knowledge you have of magical notation
Inspect Secret: hard- S: You think you might have heard this language more than you’ve seen it, and it was no good. F: You think that this is more than language… possibly some sort of magic?
Sabotage: [Competitive Actions] easy- you shred the note completely
Speak Drakeric: MADNESS
Speak Durnamn: MADNESS
Speak Gor'ek: MADNESS
Speak Naastrine: MADNESS
Speak Opunin: MADNESS
Speak Steric: MADNESS
Speak Takral: MADNESS
Speak Tceril: MADNESS
Speak Velysh: MADNESS
Translate: SUBDUE

A Pocket Bargain

As Goose reads the runes aloud several things happen at once. Everyone within earshot except Goose drops to the ground unconscious [Field Subdue], a wavering yellow portal opens off the porch of Jorvagr, and Goose winks out of existence.

[To Goose] Goose feels a splitting headache- a pain the likes of which he has only felt once before. You find yourself in a small cloudy green space, a pocket dimension. You’ve collapsed, there’s a pool of blood on the ground beneath your head. Your sight is… so confused. You see the “ground” but you also yourself lying in a heap. You hear a gurgling and feel a probing coming from nearby. Turning your head, you see yourself turn your head, but you also see your eye protruding from the appendage of some strange, multi-limbed worm. It’s red, and… putting dots together… much larger than it should be. But that’s the Beyond for you. In it’s gurglings you understand: “We do not want to go!”
Scene Notes
ANNOUNCE: Field Dazzle
ANNOUNCE: The Redoptic Parasite is an Epic Monster!

Combat in this scene is optional; it is mostly likely combat will be avoided.
IF GOOSE DEFEATS THE PARASITE: He will lose his special Beyond abilities and red eye costuming.

IF THE PARASITE DEFEATS GOOSE: This combat will run again anytime Goose comes close to a portal to the Beyond. His eye remains red and he suffers the Star effect til the end of the SHIFT. (Half Body). He may attempt the combat again, but I don’t see that going well.

Parasite RP note: The parasite has been learning through observation- it makes no use of articles, prepositions, or plurals. If there is a need to indicate multiples, it simply repeats the term an appropriate number of times up to five. Uses the royal we to refer to Goose and Gooseself.

[Offer] We do not want to go. We see that we want little head and lady green head. We get back we no go Outside again?.... With big grey bite we think we can stay safe little time.
[Stop eating grey!] We cannot stop eating grey. But we can eat different grey. Grey without pictures.
[How do you make the pocket] *Shrugs* We do.

For this specific occasion, when the Redoptic Parasite eats Grey, Goose will suffer the effect of the Sun listed below. In exchange, he will be granted Subdue Heal 1 for this specific content in the Beyond.

IF GOOSE LOSES COMBAT: He can either get pocketed again and take the deal, his party can go on without him, or the content ends here. If the content ends here, the portal remains… right next to the Bear Sanctum… until such time as a Divine Intervention closes it.

If Goose agrees to let the parasite eat different grey, he will gain the following special mechanic:
GREY ROULETTE: At check-in each event, Goose will pull from Fate deck for the following effects. After Grey Roulette, the Fate deck functions as usual for Goose.
Lose Party Ability Slot: Chariot
Forget one combat ability chosen by the narrator: Emperor
Forget one narrative ability chosen by the narrator: Empress
Forget the names of everyone in a specific guild as chosen by the narrator: Fool
Forget the names of colors: High Priestess
Lose a set of memories regarding Resah and/or Clover: Star
Forget where you left the thing; lose one bag item: Strength
Forget how to turn left: Sun
Forget how to use eating utensils: Temperance
Forget how to breath- die: Death
Narrative Effects
Forecast (anything that leads to Goose going into the Beyond): easy- Good things
Inspect Evil: easy- Neutral


Goose blinks back into existence, no time having passed.

[Passing through the Portal] Everything is sickly yellow, the “sky”, the light, the smell of the air, and the great yellow plane that rolls on before you… but there is something peculiar about the plane. Looking down, you see a column of eyes descending downward eternally, all of them turned upon your group. Your feet slowly begin to sink into the great ooze, and flagella slowly begin to form, grasping at your feet.

[1] You hear a woman laughing, but cannot detect the source.
[2] Overhead, you see a flame within a wheel within a wheel covered in all size and manner of wings. From within you hear the woman’s laughter.
[3] A familiar voice speaks from within the wheels, “Grab your fallen comrades and reach up your hands if you want to live.”
[After players begin to follow instructions] As you lift your hands, ropes of flame descend from the creature above and wrap around your arm lifting you into the center [2 Fire]
Scene Notes
IF THE PARTY GOES ON WITHOUT GOOSE, content runs mostly as written, though Clover is very disappointed; she is willing to send Resah back anyway as a sign of goodwill toward a father she hopes will come to visit her.

Players on Oxoqlps suffer the following flaws:

Every 15 seconds, rotate through the following effects:

As players begin to take knees, read narration 1.
After another round of effects, read narration 2. ***Goose finds the wheeling creature vaguely familiar, but is unable to recall a name
After another round of effects, read narration 3.

After all players are rescued or abandoned, proceed to the next scene.
Narrative Effects
Adapt Water: MADNESS- Swimming through the ocean beneath was a terrible idea
Breach: No
Explore: Easy- Oxoqlps extends as far as you can see.
Forecast [go through the portal- anyone but Goose]: automatic- that’s a terrible idea
Forecast [Accept Help?]: very easy- Do it.
Fly: Player not SLOWED
Tread: Player not SLOWED
Purge: No. MADNESS.

Clover's Game

Inside the wheels, you see that the flame is a person: a woman to be precise, a woman who looks very much like Resah, though she is shorter than you remember and her green locks are now wreathes of flame. The wheeled creature begins to ascend, carrying you away from the yellow ocean beneath.
Scene Notes
RED CLOVER RP NOTES: She is an adult now; less petulant but still crazy [Coalition of Madmen- Both Goose and Clover are under the effect of Soothe toward one another]
“Hello, Daddy. I appreciate you bringing your friends out to play.”
[Resah?] Goose’s wife is back home with my mother.
[Clover?] I am Clover.
[You’re older] Outside, we have no chronology.
[This creature] This is Cbhlchn (Cubhlichean). (offer nothing else on the subject)
[Your Mother] Mama Flacarilor; we are building our home here, from whence we shall launch all offensives and woman all defenses. (say no more on the subject)
[Resah is your mother.] Barely, and much less than you are my father.
[Oxoqlps] Careful shouting names: even here they have power. But do not be concerned with the ocean beneath. All shall be Oxoqlps; there are plenty of things that should be feared more than oblivion.
How is Master Dreghor?
[Master?] He is a master of his craft is he not? As a necromancer and a secretary?
[Secretary?] Secretary… a keeper of secrets. His familial loyalty far ourstrips our own, wouldn’t you say Father Goose?
Did you bring me a present?
I have a present for you, but to get it you have to play a game with me.
[What’s the present?] Well that’s half of the game!
[What’s the game?] Master Clearwind taught it to me: he said the Ornish call it Twenty Questions. Do you know it?
[Master Clearwind?] We aren’t talking about that right now. We’re playing 20 Questions. If you can guess what your gift is in 20 questions, I will give it to you! But you also have to promise to visit again and bring me a gift.
[What do you want for a gift?] Something I cannot find Outside.
[IF THEY REFUSE TO COOPERATE] I understand that in Orn you are people in possession of power; here that power is nigh useless. Understand also that I am there are more chaotic and more cruel things that could befall you here than my simple game.
[Any Questions You Don’t Want to Answer] It is not yet time for you to know these things.

If players still refuse to cooperate, they will be dropped from the wheeled creature and left to their Fate.

Twenty Questions Answer: Resah/Goose’s Wife (Clover/Sylvia’s Mom is not an acceptable answer)

COMPETITIVE ACTION: Killing Clover is a competitive action. If Clover is killed, players are also left to their Fate. Goose appears back by Jorvasgr, SLAIN.
Narrative Effects
Insight: medium- Clover’s actions are entirely self-serving; she is not being forthcoming
Inspect Aura: medium- Mad and driven
Inspect Evil (Clover): hard- S: Yes. F: Last time you saw her, she was childish; people grow up….
Inspect Magic (Clover): very hard- S: She possesses supernatural power drawn from many realms, and clearly draws some strength from the Beyond, but you don’t know if that even counts as magic… F: She is a great magician to be able to cast in the Beyond.
Inspect Secret: hard- Clover is not full-blooded Dryad.

Play Beyond Games, Win Beyond Prizes

As you realize that you are going to get your wife back, you notice that your surroundings have changed, the sickly golden glow has shifted to green. Cbhlchn descends before a series of minarets that seem to have been pulled from the ground. Clover shows you how to dismount the spinning wheels, and asks you to wait while she retrieves your prize. Waiting outside, you are able to more closely inspect the minarets: they seem to be towers built of bone. Leather of diverse kinds stretch around them in strange arrangements, all covered with various repeating patterns painted in reds, blacks, and greens.

[After RP] You can see the flames bouncing in the door frame before Clover emerges, carrying a smaller, more frail version of herself with the green locks you would expect of a dryad. Resah is in a deep sleep.

[Portal] With great difficulty, Clover manages to use the offered conduit to open a portal back to Jastrey. After you’ve gone through, it collapses nearly instantaneously.
Scene Notes
Clover will hand Resah over to Goose and advise him not to wake her until they have returned; she’ll likely sleep for a while-- give her plenty of time to breathe real air and she should start to look better. She will then ask if anyone has a small item they don’t mind leaving behind; she needs a conduit for their portal home.

Upon seeing Resah, Goose will feel a brief disinclination to take her home.

COMPETITIVE ACTION: Killing Clover or Resah is a competitive action.
Narrative Effects
Forecast (take Resah home): hard- bad idea
Insight: medium- Clover’s actions are entirely self-serving; she is not being forthcoming
Inspect Aura: hard- Fire and fury
Inspect Evil: easy- No
Inspect Magic: very hard- there is some residual magic around her that you can’t quite place.
Inspect Wound: medium- Resah seems malnourished and under-exercised. (If Clover is asked about it, she and her mother are made of stronger stuff)