Death Toll [Roleplay]

With the apparent death of Banekeril, the Oarsman of Ages, concerns have been raised about how his absence may impact things that have been taken for granted. As the full moon rises over Jastery's shard, a faun prepares to undertake a journey to discover the truth.

Story Notes

Cedar is concerned about one of the alleged aspects of Banekeril, the ferryman. What has become of the ferryman with the apparent loss of Banekeril? What will become of those souls who reach the River of Souls?


GUIDELINES: All information is given as guidelines, as otherwise this content would be much longer, and unwieldy; it is meant to convey information in as direct a manner as possible. It may be altered slightly for presentation, but factual information should not exceed what is provided herein.



1.1 – Attuned to Death

Scene Notes
"Reaching the Near Nether is done, like most realms, via a properly attuned portal. Many factors play a part in this attunement: It is easiest at dusk, during the new moon, in the presence of the undead, and in places where death is common, such as graveyards, crypts, or battlefields. Less scrupulous spellcasters may also employ fresh death, sacrificing a living victim in order to create strong but temporary attunement for their purposes."

The roleplay opens as dusk settles over Jastrey. Short of that setup, it is largely up to Cedar to guide it. He has proposed asking malkonius, Weylyn, and Varian to join him in venturing to the nether. Both Varian and Cedar should have no difficulty reaching the near nether and taking anyone they wish with them.

The near nether of course resembles the Jastrey the players all know, but after wandering for some time, they will eventually reach the River of Souls. While a few souls may be lingering near the river, the ferryman is concerningly absent...

2.1 – For Whom the Bell Tolls

Scene Notes
After noting the absence of the ferryman, and likely attempting to communicate with the souls near the river, they will hear a low tolling of a bell in the distance. The souls will start to wander along the shore in the direction of the bell.

Assuming the players follow, they will eventually find a much larger gathering of souls on the shore of the river, as well as a rather large contingent of armed Forbidden, attempting to maintain order. Multiple ferryman can be seen in this scene, taking small groups of souls across the river if they have coins for passage.

2.2 – Crossing Guard

Scene Notes
Before the players can attempt the crossing, a reaper should appear nearby, much to the despair of those crowded near the shore. The Forbidden will step forward to interpose themselves between the reaper and the souls, commanding it to leave and declaring the souls are under the protection of the Forlorn City and King Vagald the Mourner. The Forbidden will attempt to hold off the reaper, but the souls will attempt to swamp any ferries that approach the shore in the meantime. After some time one of the Forbidden will give several long, low notes on a horn.

3.1 – Bridge Over the River Styx

Scene Notes
In response to the horn, the players will hear something in the River of Souls. Several moments later they will see a bridge rising up out of the waters of the river. The Forbidden will work to both fend off the reaper and ensure that only those souls who have coin are allowed over the bridge. If the players have coin, they may pass over the bridge. As they do so, the mists hanging over the river will give way and they will see Amaranthine. More Forbidden stand at the gate, ensuring only those with coin have made it over the river and will turn back any who do not.

3.2 – Living Quarters

Scene Notes
Players may attempt to enter Amaranthine, but as they are still living there is an additional fee: blood. If the players give a small amount of blood, they may enter Amaranthine and are directed to the Living Quarter. The Living Quarter of Amaranthine is much like any city in the mortal realm really, merchants and tradesmen (mostly Forbidden) will attempt to ply their wares, most notably perishables such as food and water, though also knowledge long passed from the mortal realm, or lodging and other supplies that those who intend to enter the deep nether may require.

If players ask about the bell, it is part of the old city, and was designed to sound at a tone that specifically draws souls to it, allowing them to find Amaranthine. If they ask about the ferryman, they will largely only get responses of they're doing their best. Players may attempt to deduce that the ferrymen they saw are not an aspect of Banekeril, and rather are Forbidden who are playing the part to continue allowing souls to cross the river.

While there is nothing of note that this roleplay intends to offer the players, it does set the scene for possible later content and forays into the deep nether via Amaranthine. The players may leave Amaranthine whenever they wish, and ferrymen can take them back to the near nether without coins.