On His Lawgiver's Secret Service - Licensure to Cast (Dossier)

Scouring the documents taken from the Cache of Quor'esh for information regarding the Theocracy's influence, you have uncovered something!

Story Notes

This content outlines content that has been unlocked through research. It gives biographical information on the agent, a short breakdown of location, advantages, disadvantages, and outlines possible outcomes of the future content.

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1.1 – Agent Dossier

Scene Notes
Robert Davi comes from a long and prestigious lineage of wizards who can be traced back to the Age of Wonders. Accounts of meetings with Kreilos Vesdrekim, seats on the Silver Council, the Berylline Syndicate, the Wizards Guild of Jerascht; enough to fill any mage with measures of jealousy and respect. It's this heritage, combined with his impressive personal skills in magicks, that afford him such a prominent position on the Dragon's Court. That same lineage places him in a position almost beyond suspicion or reproach - an almost perfect position for an agent to be in.

If circumstances were different, Robert Davi would likely be beyond the reach of the Theocracy, knowing their stance on magic. However, their approach in recruiting the mage came at the right time, and with the right goals. With knowledge of all magic has to offer, and all it has done, both good and evil, over the ages, Robert Davi is both a staunch proponent for the teaching and use of magic, and perhaps even more so the necessary need for control.

The Shunning of the Magicks occurred because there was no order, no control. Anarchy, cataclysmic battle, and corruption ran rampant through the Silver Council after Kreilos ascended. For nearly five centuries, magic went unchecked. {In response to the powermongering of the Silver Council and the unrivaled devastation of mages such as Jeddit O'Jorramn and Sahk-Vorik, a movement called the Way of the Pure quietly begins to grow on the continent of Sardia.} Nearly two centuries later, {Nimera DesMarta takes over as head of the Silver Council, purging corruption and re-establishing order.} In doing so, she pushes the Silver Council towards noninterference in politics however.

During this time, Dragon's Crest stepped up and assumed the role it has today, a city of incredible magic, but also of harsh legal system and licensure. While not clearly detailed in any official records, there was apparently an incident, ages ago, involving Muralakrum’s Touch and Dragon's Crest. Citizens of Dragon's Crest have been wary of Muralakrum ever since the War of the Straights during the Age of Ascension. The kingdoms of Dragon's Crest, then Dragonridge, and Daithrus were at war. {A soldier named Thallius Draethus lead a flight of dragon riders in a surprise attack on Daithrus in the closing days of the war. At the climax of the battle, Muralakrum appeared in the form of an ancient drake. Though his battle with Muralakrum left him forever changed, Thallius was victorious.}

Muralakrum stands for change, and Muralakrum's Touch stand in direct opposition to the order imposed by Dragon's Crest. They are {a group of kitsune that seek to bring about change for the very sake of change. Seeking to honor the one they believe to be their creator these kitsune are true anarchist, they’d just as likely seek to overthrow a dictator as to try and cause a volcano to erupt near a population center. So long as they can upset the status quo their goals will be met.}

The Theocracy has given Robert Davi the resources to back his already impressive lineage and abilities. For the purpose of bringing order to magic. If magic can be forced to abide by order, it can be a force of good. While Robert Davi does not agree with the Theocracy's stance on demihumans or wizards, he agrees wholeheartedly with its resolution to impose order. He has been assured that, should wizards show that they can abide by the rule of order, magic may have a place within the Theocracy. {Uphold the law above all else, for it is most sacred. Spread the rule of law to those who have it not. Seek out and punish the lawless, that the world may know justice. Stamp out the agents of anarchy wherever you find them, lest they infect others with their heresy. Drive out wizards, demihumans, and all others whose very presence offends the order of the world.}

1.2 – SPOILER ALERT – Content Guidelines

Scene Notes
Location: Dragon's Crest, Lower Metsar.
Agent: Robert Davi.
Position: Member of the Dragon's Court. In the running for the position of Hynafol (Ancient): leader of the council.
Advantages: The legal system of Dragon's Crest. Absolute devotion to the cause. Contingency plans.
Disadvantages: Sure of his abilities. Dark past. Public figure.
Theocracy Purpose: Take advantage of economic position of Dragon's Crest, influence its Legal System, monitor its Military Forces. The Theocracy works within and affects change to the legal system of Dragon's Crest via its seat in the Dragon's Court and judicious use of wealth and influence.
Unlocks Adventure: "Licensure to Cast".

1.3 – SPOILER ALERT – Content Outcomes

Scene Notes
Critical Success: Expose agent to Dragon's Court. Allow them to use whatever methods necessary.
The agent is exposed and left to the Dragon's Court - for procedures perhaps best left unquestioned. The agent might be coerced into revealing information, or may be replaced by a double working for the Dragon's Court.

Success: Kill agent, staged death. Expose agent posthumously to Dragon's Court.
The agent is killed during a Wizard's Duel - it's a test of skill after all. Expose the agent to Dragon's Court after agent is killed. Installing a new agent will prove difficult now that they are aware of the Theocracy's interference.

Neutral: Kill agent, no effort to cover up.
Players murderhobo the agent without any tact or forethought really. Loss of standing within Dragon's Crest, likely tried for murder if caught.

Failure: Fail/Refuse to expose the agent, while revealing you know he is an agent.
Multiple assassinations within the Dragon's Court. Blame rests upon Muralakrum’s Touch. Dragon's Crest sways towards even more draconian laws regulating magic. Dragon's Crest begins plotting how to deal with the immortal Muralakrum, who long ago did battle with Githal before his ascension.

Critical Failure: Fail/Refuse to expose the agent, while revealing you know he is an agent. Weylyn or Ikara involved.
Multiple assassinations within the Dragon's Court. Blame firmly upon Muralakrum’s Touch, Ikara and/or Weylyn implicated. Dragon's Crest sways towards even more draconian laws regulating magic. Dragon's Crest begins plotting how to deal with the immortal Muralakrum, who long ago did battle with Githal before his ascension.