Jerascht - Part 1: The Shunning of the Magicks

The air swirls around an empty spot in the road as a distortion forms. As the portal forms, a figure in ornate robes of blue and silver, carrying a staff, steps through. Looking around a moment before quickly approaching you.

Story Notes

Previously, the Docents have been extended an invitation to come to Jerascht, where Weylyn has (allegedly) been exchanging information with the Wizard's Guild. Separately, Pelle was informed that a situation would present itself that would interest him. In the meantime, the Sardian fleet has made its way to Jerascht, and prepares to lay siege to the city. Armed with extensive magical protections, and the newly acquired information from Weylyn, Jerascht is not overly concerned...


ONE STEP BEHIND: This cinematic should be run twice, once for the Docents (anyone invited by Malkonius) and once for Black Temple (anyone invited by Pelle). Where necessary, alternate narrations are presented, but the scenes generally play out the same.


THREE-MODS-IN-A-TRENCHCOAT: Immediately after this content is run, there is a separate cinematic tailored to each group specifically. The Docents will continue on "Jerascht - Part 2 - Knowledge is Power". Black Temple will continue on "Jerascht - Part 3 - A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing".


Cones (3)

Spawn Point Cards



NPC Dresden (Messenger)

1x Chainbound in Yellow (The Swarm Standard Bearer/Chain Bound Host)

ALLx Theocracy Ships (The Bulwark Ship)

ALLx Angori Chainbound (Angori Chainbound)

1x Inquisitor (Theocracy Agent Master of Chains)

ALLx Theocracy Agent (Theocracy Agent Knight-Commander)

1.1 – An Invitation / An Opportunity

The air swirls around an empty spot in the road as a distortion forms. As the portal forms, a figure in ornate robes of blue and silver, carrying a staff, steps through. Looking around a moment before quickly approaching you.

Not far away you see the air swirl around an empty spot in the road as a distortion forms. As the portal forms, a figure in ornate robes of blue and silver, carrying a staff, steps through. Looking around a moment before quickly approaching the Docents. You're not close enough to make out the entire conversation, but overhear the name Dresden, the city of Jerascht, and a Sardian fleet. After several moments the Docents follow the robed figure back through the portal, which remains open.
Scene Notes
>>ONE STEP BEHIND: For Black Temple, Dresden will not be present, but the portal is still open; they may take advantage of the opportunity to pass through it. Continue to the next scene.

Dresden will appear near some Docents. He is on a mission and will seek out Malkonius if possible.

You are Dresden, a messenger sent on behalf of the Wizard's Guild of Jerascht.
You are looking for the Docents of Jastrey*.
A fleet of ships flying to colors of Sardia have taken up position near Jerascht.
Since the Guild extended the invitation to exchange knowledge on the creation of their own walls in exchange for Weylyn's knowledge of the Exiles the Theocracy unleashed on Jastrey. The Guild would appreciate it if the Docents were present to see Jerascht's defenses in action.
[JERASCHT] Located on the eastern coast of Varalon, Jerascht is the capital of the kingdom of Gateway.
[WIZARD'S GUILD] The wizard's guild of Jerascht has held sway over the city since the time of Kreilos. Mighty golems walk the city's walls, perpetual lights brighten its streets, and its Great Library stands as a pillar of knowledge without rival.
[IF WEYLYN PRESENT] Master Weylyn? When did you leave Jerascht?
The last time you saw Weylyn, he was in the Great Library.

*LIST OF DOCENTS: Poppy, Esgir, Malkonius, Liona, Weylyn, Silaine, Treylorn, Bea, Ikara.

Once the Docents accept the invitation, continue to the next scene.
Narrative Effects
Explore (Portal; Easy): You see a coastal city; golems walk it's walls, and an immense tower stands over it. Out at sea you see ships flying red and white colors.
Forecast (Assist? Easy): You feel a sense of dread, with only a faint hope.
Forecast (Opportunity? Easy): Fortune favors the bold.
Insight (Medium): Dresden is being truthful.
Inspect Magic (Easy): Dresden is definitely magical.
Speak Drakeric (Automatic): [Dresden is fluent in Drakeric]

1.2 – Chained in Yellow

As you step through the portal, you hear a low hum resonating through the city. Several white puffs of smoke from the ships near the city catch your attention before you hear the sound of cannon fire. Overhead you see the magical barrier flash brilliantly where the cannonballs impact it.

After several minutes you can see smaller ships making their way towards the city, breaking off from the main fleet; several of the ships have something lashed to their bowsprit.

With dawning realization you realize what is lashed to the bowsprit; figured, clad in yellow and bound in chains... From the wall you hear "Chainbound! Chainbound! Don't let them reach the walls!" You see several golems atop the walls, moving about before a bolt of crimson lightning is hurled at the lead ship. Striking the figure in yellow, the ship is completely unphased as the bolt is reflected back, the magical barrier absorbing the strike!
Scene Notes
Read the 1st narration, then allow a brief RP with Dresden. Read the 2nd narration and allow the players to use any Narratives they wish. If they haven't used an applicable Narrative after a few moments, read the last narrative and proceed to combat anyways.

[BT ONLY] You will assume the players are from Jastrey, possibly more Docents. Introduce yourself as Dresden.
As you can see, the walls of Jerascht are enough to repel the Theocracy's attack.
Even if they attempted to get closer, the golems would sink the fleet before they reached the city.
You will excuse yourself to speak with the Wizard's Guild about the current situation; if the party needs you, they can find you at the Great Library.

Before combat, lay out the rope to represent the walls of Jerascht. A good ways off, set out the three cones. Read the Spawn Point cards aloud for the party.

ANNOUNCE: Players may not cross the walls of Jerascht unless they have "Adapt Water", "Fly", or "Propel".
ANNOUNCE: Each cone is a Spawn Point. It can be cleared with "Breach", "Sabotage", "Call Fire", or "Imbue Fire". Monsters do not have to wait a minute to respawn if within sight of a player.
COMBAT: Theocracy Ships, Chainbound in Yellow (1)
LASHED TO THE BOWSPRIT: The Chainbound in Yellow should be paired with one Theocracy Ship. The Chainbound is afflicted with "Always Slowed", and they should remain within "Reach" distance. If players sink the Ship, the Chainbound will be slain along with it! If the Chainbound and Ship get too close to the wall, have them sink (be slain) before they reach it.
LANDING PARTY: While the ships may throw packets at players, they will not pursue them. Ships will only move towards the walls (rope).
REINFORCE: Monsters respawn at Spawn Points. They may do so on uncontested Spawn Points while within line of sight of players, on a "10-count".

After several waves, or when the first cone is cleared, continue to the next scene.
Narrative Effects
Commune Spirit (Medium): [Read the last narrative and proceed to combat.]
Conjure (Spyglass, Easy): [Read the last narrative and proceed to combat.]
Explore (Easy): [Read the last narrative and proceed to combat.]
Inspect Aura (Yellow; Impossible): PLAYER: Focusing on the figure in yellow, you feel that the ocean itself is watching you; suddenly you're aware of the eyes that fill the ooze-like sea. You open your mouth to scream, but no sound escapes as the ocean rises up before you. [The player is LEFT TO THEIR FATE] PARTY: [Player] looks out to sea, and never comes back; no matter what you try you cannot rouse them from their catatonic state.
Inspect Magic (Yellow; Hard): There's fiendish magic at play here, but even through it you can sense something that's even more foreign...
Inspect Secret (Medium): [Read the last narrative and proceed to combat.]

1.3 – Landing Party

From farther down the wall you hear yelling. Expecting to see a ship at the wall, you're surprised when you don't see one. However, many of the golems have stopped working! Then you hear more yells, closer this time as the hum from the wall stops. The Theocracy cannons begin firing into the city. The barrier down, and the golem defenders partially deactivated, the Sardian forces make their landing; the Theocracy is in Jerascht! A stray shot smashes into a nearby golem, hurling it from the wall and into a nearby building before landing in the street below; making your way off the wall and into the city streets offers cover from the cannon fire at least.

The sounds of combat and spellcasting fill the streets of Jerascht. As you make your way towards the Great Library a figure, dressed in red and white, emerges from a side street. Over their armor, chains bind their chest and run down their arms. With them are numerous hulking figures in iron masks, chains similarly bind their chest, tightly enough to cut into flesh, running down their arms - as the Inquisitor stretches their arm out, the chains binding the figures shift, moving with a life their own as they sudden lash out at you!
Scene Notes
COMBAT: Inquisitor (1), Chainbound Angori

After several waves, continue to the next scene.

1.4 – The Vanishing Library

You hear cannon fire, combat, and spells all around you still; a familiar brilliant flash from the tower of the Great Library as another barrier repels a cannon ball. You see other wizards heading towards the tower as quickly as possible, and can see spells launched from the tower out into the city and out towards the fleet at sea. As you mount the stairs and look back, you see the docks are ablaze; the Sardian landing ships on fire, and spreading to nearby buildings. Soldiers, wearing the colors of the Theocracy, aren't far behind you, several wizards falling to their advance at the foot of the Great Library steps.

As the gathered wizards get the golem defenders operational again, Dresden approaches you, his robe has been slashed, and he no longer has his staff.
Scene Notes
COMBAT: Theocracy Agents

After several waves, read the 2nd narration. The players have a short RP with Dresden.

You are glad to see them unharmed.
You're a bit worse for wear, but still with the living.
Before the golems were restored, the Sardian forces gained entry to the Great Library and barred the doors.
Beg the players assistance in stopping the Sardians in the library.

After a brief RP the players must gain entry to the Great Library and pursue the Sardians who made it inside. If they cannot open the doors themselves, have the combined wizards and golems assist them after a few moments.

This ends the content.
IF THE DOCENTS ARE WITH YOU, continue to "Jerascht - Part 2 - Knowledge is Power".
IF BLACK TEMPLE IS WITH YOU, continue to "Jerascht - Part 3 - A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing"
Narrative Effects
Breach (Hard): It takes some effort, but you manage to break down the door.
Inspect Magic (Medium): After studying it a few moments, you determine there is a spell imbued in the doors that will open them to anyone who completes the spell; which you do.