Joseph's Rebellion Part II: An Assembling of Avengers

The locals have called an assembly outside of town to discuss their plans for dealing justice in Jastrey.


Story Notes

This cinematic should be run toward the beginning of the Saturday morning session in a location that players are likely to be in play in small numbers but not necessarily where they would congregate: possibly the Pines campfire or the resurrection tree near the bathrooms.


Monsters en route from Dragon Den need not be out of play. They should go in groups of 2-3, if interrupted, they should respond as the locals would ordinarily respond but quickly excuse themselves and continue to their destination.


This cinematic is meant primarily to be overheard though combat may occur.



Staves to represent pitchforks

Writing accoutrement for Jonathan



Level 5 locals

Avengers Assemble

Up ahead you can see a fairly large gathering of farmers, artisans, and hunters: about 20 if you had to guess. They seem highly agitated, but you don’t think they have seen you yet.
Scene Notes
**** If the players present never interrupt the assembly. They will simply cover all of their material and disperse. If 1-2 players interrupt, NPC’s should attempt to kill them at all costs to avoid discovery. If 3 or more players interrupt, NPC’s should scatter in all directions.

David is ringleader of this assembly. He will start with the group chanting: What do we want? JUSTICE! When do we want it? NOW!

David will guide the NPC’s through the following order of business:

List of grievances
List of demands
List of obstacles
Search for a champion

He will call Jonathan up to gather grievances and demands in order to pen a document declaring their purpose and motivations. Perhaps the adventurers will meet their demands, but it is unlikely. Each NPC will call out the following grievances and demands in any order.

G: They provoked the Theocracy! Now EVERYTHING is gone! We’ve seen the armies of Ressik before; they won’t give up! And neither will the adventurers. It’s their fault and they don’t spare a thought for what’s happening to us.
D: Declare neutrality from the ongoing Sardian war.

G: They think they deserve all goods and services for next to nothing because they’re “heroes”. Don’t they realize that the locals have families to provide for?
D: Monetary restitution for all who lost family in the Circle of Death.

G: They keep poking their nose where things don’t belong. Remember that box of demons a few years ago? They just HAD to open it! And remember a while back when Ling kept touching that other box even though it kept knocking him unconscious. There was nothing in the box, but what if there had been?! He could have set something on the entire town.
D: Institute a no-box-touching-policy

G: And they’ve tried to set up governments multiple times without talking to ANY of us about it.
D: Kill or exile all the uordeq. We don’t need that sort of riff-raff on our shard!

G: They really don’t care about us at all. I watch them heal and resurrect their friends all the time, but any time one of us is dead they just walk over our bodies and leave them for the creepy uordeq with the skeleton donkey.
D: The adventurers will allow the local population to form and manage any government moving forward.

David will call it good there and ask that any further grievances be directed to Jonathan by the end of the next day. After contemplation he will propose that Jonathan strike all demands apart from family restitution and make only one demand: that all adventurers relocate to another shard. They don’t have to disperse; they don’t have to stay together; they just have to leave.

Everyone agrees!

David will inquire about information concerning a champion because, inspired though they are, they are not fighters.

SIMEON: Knows that Patricia is following a lead with some hermits in the outer limit of the Shard.

NELL: Her brother is a traveling merchant and is inquiring as he travels.

David will thank everyone for attending and remind them to meet with him out at the training pitch again in three days.
Narrative Effects
Commune Corpse: medium S- She refuses to talk other than to say that the adventurers will get what’s coming to them.
Consult Thareon: medium S: Finish listening to their grievances and then attempt to clarify
Consult Avaren: medium S: Finish listening to their grievances and then attempt to clarify
Consult Kragg: medium S: Humans to not make demands of dwarven heroes. Squash this rebellion.
Forecast (interrupt the locals): medium S- outcome unfavorable
Insight (the locals): medium S- they are not screwing around. They mean every word they say
Inspect Arms: easy S- these are high quality pitchforks
Inspect Magic (locals): medium S- they are all mundane
Resurrect: easy
Track: medium (only works once) S- You manage to track down one of the women who works in town. She refuses to talk other than to say that the adventurers will get what’s coming to them.