Liem's Return [Forum]

Nearly a year after their first encounter, Liem returns to Jastrey to speak with Esgir Anvilsmiter.

Story Notes

This will set the scene for the upcoming adventure in Esgir's storyline.  Liem will answer questions to the best of his ability regarding the previous adventure (he remembers even though in this timeline he shouldn't have been there - his Rubrum recounts this accurately).  He will also talk about the red runes on Esgir's arm, Banekeril's death, and the need to search for the Black Book of Aberrations - Noir.





A return to Jastrey

Liem makes his way back to Jastrey after a year. He makes his way to the Pillar of Virtue to continue his research... and wait for an old acquaintance to arrive.
Scene Notes
Liem Knows:
1) Banekeril is gone. This causes some interesting issues for him, but he won't disclose exactly what that is (leads into endless 8 campaign). Will ask Esgir if he still prefers this timeline over the one he recently left.
1a) Yes, Liem knows of their adventure to seek out Rubrum, even though he shouldn't have a recollection of it. He will show Esgir his own copy of Rubrum which mentions the adventure.
2) Jumping timelines - Esgir isn't simply going back in time. He's jumping to another version of himself in another timeline completely. Time doesn't simply move backwards and forwards (at least it didn't, who knows now that Banekeril is gone) - but there are infinite realities all similar to each other. Sometimes, there are only minor differences. Other times, massive ones. For instance - Banekeril is still alive in the timeline he just left. Due to temporal shifts, sometimes it seems you go backwards or forward in time, but it's simply that the timeline you are moving to has either slowed, hastened, or stopped at different times than your own, causing a difference in events and dates.
3) Red Rune Disease - now that it has begun, it will allow Esgir more opportunities to jump timelines when presented with a major crossroad where timelines diverge. This occurs naturally, but most are unable to see it and choose which path they progress towards. Each time you choose to jump to a timeline that isn't the natural progression of your own, it will grow. He is unsure what the final result of this is, but warns that it could be dangerous.
3a) When Esgir gives out party abilities (use Runesmithing lore/RP), he is spreading this to other people. Its progression and effect on them is slower, so it probably won't cause any immediate harm.
4) Esgir needs to seek out Noir - the Black Book of Aberrations. Rubrum shows his timeline as it has happened. Noir records each time that the reader has jumped timelines, and information on what should have normally happened. Liem's research leads him to believe that collecting this book will help slow the progression of the Red Rune Disease. Liem's Rubrum tells its location - the Fields of the Forgotten.
5) Liem's past life, etc. - Some things are best left untold.
Narrative Effects