Man's Best Friend

Snarling canines are being led into the streets of Jastrey. A sinister man holds their leashes and his rule over the dogs seems tentative at best. He rattles his pouch of coin and speaks in a loud, commanding voice, 'Come, join in the excitement. Be entertained and walk away a little richer for the experience.'

Story Notes

A sinister man leads leashed dogs into Jastrey for the purpose of fleecing adventurers of their coin.

Adventures can choose the dogs and make a wager before each battle begins.

It is likely that a player will challenge the NPC, Kieth in order to put a stop to the fights.

If Kieth (or any dog) is attacked by player(s), the dogs will all be unleashed and join the fight in defense of Kieth.

Dogs blink to their prey, pin them with their paws and deliver two quick bites.
Withstanding attacks, the dogs will blink out of harms way when necessary.


dog masks (Dana will supply)

leashes (Dana will supply)

coin pouch

silver coins (Orn currency)


Blink Dog / Iron Wolf  (several)

Diabolus / Mob Boss (NPC, Kieth)

The Show

A sinister Diabolus leads snarling hounds in your direction. Smiling all the way, his eyes are fixed on you. The dogs tug at the leashes and snap at one another. The Diabolus dangles a coin pouch for all to see.
Scene Notes
The NPC, Kieth asks for adventurers to bet on the next fight. Take the coin up front and pays back at 2:1 odds.
If about to be attacked, all dogs are unleashed and will fight in defense of Kieth.

The encounter ends when Kieth runs out of coin or is slain by the adventurers.

Certain PLAYER CHARACTERS are compelled to stop the fights or punish Kieth for the cruelty to the dogs and may suffer consequences if they witness the show and do nothing. (Greenwardens, Paladins, Followers of Avaren, etc.). Keep track of who these are and make a report to den keeper.

Things Kieth may say:
'I wouldn't hold you over a barrel.'
'No need for bait today, my friend.'
'oh yes, they have game.'
'Watch your scratch line, buddy !!!'
Narrative Effects
Conjure - At the discretion of the narrator.
Consult - Nearly any question - easy - Yes
Forecast - Stop the fights? - medium - Neutral
Forecast - Make wager? - medium - Favorable
Insight - Kieth - medium - Kieth is hateful, cruel, heartless, and would slay you at the slightest provocation.
Inspect Evil - medium - Kieth has much evil living within him.