The Nexus Ball

For the heroes of Jastrey, there is much about which to be concerned, all of which hangs over the city like a dismal cloud. However, let us not forget that, though there is darkness, there is also light. Gather together this Second's Seventh of Mentrischt for a night of celebration at the Nexus Ball! Celebrate the advent of two new Jastreyan immortals, the perseverance of your companions, and the reclamation of the Nexus. Pull out your fancy wear and cook up your favorite dish to share; The Shady Corner will provide the main course.

Story Notes

SCHEDULING: This content should be run at the 2019 Late August event during the dinner shift. Marcel will not be catering, so this seems like an ideal occasion for a potluck/feast. 


ORGANIZATION: Istwa’s RP notes are an amalgamation of all the information that she has been willing to provide in small content for the past two years. In Rachel Webb’s absence, the potluck will still occur, but Istwa’s portion of this content will not run. The information in the notes will be given as it is asked for. 


Ideally, Firsts and Ordained will be willing to tell a bit about their immortals and whip up some support. 


Bluetooth Speaker

Cloth napkins (If they are out of the Caribbean scheme, grab the turquoise)

Any light in the storage unit that isn’t a flashlight (candles, gems, ice cubes, whatever)

Map of Glesmyr & Pencil


1 Astral Witch- Istwa the Storyteller

The Festivities

Scene Notes
After everyone has found a seat with their food, Bramble (if he is present) will provide a retelling of the towns victorious reclamation of the Nexus.

After this, the floor will be open for recruitment of new faithful.
- Kragg ordains Esgir to represent him.
- Poppy represents Trey (if she can make it).
- Cedar represents Kelvaros. If he can't make it, or if DJ prefers, DJ can do it himself.
- Thareon represents himself.
- Claudia represents Avaren or Avaren ordains Maya to represent her, or else represents herself.

Play instrumental music for dancing if folks so choose; otherwise, it’s just ambiance.

An Additional Guest

[If asked, What do I See?] You see an elderly woman in a green cloak carrying an enormous tome. If you’ve seen the Storyteller before, you recognize her now.
Scene Notes
Istwa should wander in shortly after music/dancing begins and make conversation with players she recognizes. As the dinner hour closes, she will announce that she would love to contribute to the celebrations with a story. Call a hold and have all monsters report to the den for duty; PCs may continue feasting.

She has come to visit her favorite heroes; she did not realize she was interrupting a party.
How is Treylorn?
The other good witches are still interested in an alliance with Jastrey; Chillheart will come around eventually. Grand age either grows your patience or your ability to hold a grudge; it may take some time.
-The rings have not yet been destroyed (their location is a secret that will not be shared)
-They have found all rings except the rings belonging to Andor Bentsten, The Lonesome Queen
-The ring belonging to the Succubus Yolanthe (the 13th Witch) was recently found… you have no idea why she parted with it in such a fasion.
-Andor Bensten’s body has not been found.
-Lord Sawyer Cortland Winters IV of the Far North has been returned to his domain along with custodians from several of the family. He has been reasonable.
-The Lonesome Queen has not been seen or heard from. It’s possible that she’s left the shard, not something that anyone besides the Storyteller has done for a long time… as far as she knows...
-Yolanthe has been seen by none of the other witches since she was given her ring. She did not assist in the Decade Solstice conflict and nothing has come from her castle since. Nor did her gates open for Germana Gran’s progress after the Decade Solstice

If asked, or someone conjures paper and ink, produce the map of Glesmyr, outline territories if that is something they have an interest in.

ADDITIONAL CHARACTER KNOWLEDGE: Only give knowledge that has been asked for.

1. Germana Gran- At DS (One of the Alliance of Good Witches)
Race: Gnome
Magic: Prime
Domain: None- She is Mediator and Older Sister to the Thirteen; lives on Progress

2. Queen Nimue Chillheart- At DS (One of the Alliance of Good Witches)
Race: Kitsune (9 Tails)
Magic: Astral
Domain: Timantti- in the eastern mountain range between Lord Winters and the Lonesome Queen

3. Sawyer Cortland Winters IV, Lord of the Far North- At DS (the whole operation was his proposal)
Race: Human
Magic: Pit
Domain: The end of the mountain rage on the eastern side of the gulf

4. Dropletta Meer, Lady of the Lake- At DS
Race: Undine
Magic: Maelstrom
Domain: The lake that in the center of the shard that feeds to the gulf

5. Nath the Azure- At DS
Race: Angori- Vorhex
Magic: Maelstrom
Domain: The entirety of the peninsula

6. Vioska- At DS (One of the Alliance of Good Witches)
Race: Archon Giantess
Magic: Aether
Domain: One tower and surrounding lands north of the necromancer’s territory
Additional Story Notes: Runs an orphanage and school for found aetherborn children.

7. Necromancer Hagatha- At DS
Race: Elven Lich
Magic: Nether
Domain: ½ Kelvin Wood; The west-reaching range to the source of the river
Additional Notes: She is kept under a watchful eye. It is her nature to attempt creeping out of her designated territory. Though never against Alaion with whom she has the most stable, lasting alliance among the witches

8. Alaion- At DS
Race: Elf
Magic: Druid, Prime
Domain: ½ Kelvin Wood; the southern half including the river
Additional Notes: Has had a standing alliance with Hagatha for a long time, but clearly has no love for her. *Far’roq’s father (Has anyone seen Far’roq by the way, his father is missing him)

9. Andrea Lahmmin the Lonesome Queen- NOT AT DS
Race: Elf
Magic: Nether & Maelstrom
Domain: The mountains northwest of the peninsula
Additional story notes: Creator of the Rings of Despair; rescued Andor Bensten from the wilderness, used him, and then returned him to the wilderness. Known to be in close relationship with Lord Winters though there is no evidence they’ve had contact since DS.

10. Istwa the Storyteller - At DS
Race: Human
Magic: Astral
Domain: Land of the Tordenvaer
Additional Story Notes: Frequently travels from home to tell and learn stories; guardian of the Tordenvaer. She will not disclose the exact location of her home in order to maintain the secrets of the Tordenvaer.

11. Tumulus- At DS
Race: Wind Elemental
Magic: Maelstrom
Domain: the plains east of Tobolsk

Name: Lorboubella Broadbraids
Race: Dwarf
Magic: Astral
Domain: The Lands east of Vyberg

Name: Yolanthe
Race: Succubus
Magic: Pit/Astral
Domain: The large island off the eastern coast
Additional Notes: Has not been seen since she received her ring; Germana Gran was not received on progress. Her ring was recently recovered; it was found in the possession of the Wizards Guild in Jerascht
Narrative Effects
Conjure (paper): automatic
Insight: easy- She is providing honest information
Insight (most questions): Medium- She is telling the truth
Inspect Aura: Easy- Adventure, Drama, Sorrow, Triumph!
Inspect Evil (the Storyteller): Medium F: She's so cute and nice! No way. S: When you live that long, it's hard not to go grey.
Inspect Magic (Istwa): Medium- Homegirl is hella magical! And Astral at that.