A Sting in the Air

Soon after driving a wild bear from the streets of Jastrey, a disturbed hive of wasps project their anger onto anyone still in the streets.

Story Notes

A bear disturbs a wasp hive. The wasps attack anyone still in the streets.

After the wasps are dispatched, the bear returns.(played by a monster previously playing a wasp.)

The bear may be tracked to its den, where two cubs attack.(played by monsters previously playing wasps.)


Wasp, Tox Druid

Bear, Ranger

Two bear cubs (lower level bears)

Clumsy Bear

Still winded from a fight that drove a bear from near the Shady Corner, a loud hum turns to a buzz. You find yourself in the shade of a swarm of wasps that just lost their home and are looking for revenge.
Scene Notes
A swarm of wasps attack players in the streets of Jastrey.
As soon as the wasps are dead the bear returns to the streets.

Exploring brings that player to the busted wasp hive. (battle more wasps)
Locating wasps also brings that player to the broken wasp hive. (battle more wasps)
Tracking the bears travel allows a player to find the bear's den. (battle more wasps)
Narrative Effects
Conjure - At the narrator's discretion.
Explore - easy - You discover a broken hive, the remainder of the wasps at the hive, discontinue their repairs and attack.
Forecast (Should we track/locate...?) - easy - Unfavorable
Inspect Aura - WASPS: agitated, angry BEAR: hungry, confused
Inspect Nature - easy - Stinging, flying insects as big as a small dog. With hard shelled bodies and a powerful, venomous sting able to bring down prey many times their size.
Inspect Secret - easy - The wasps carry a potent toxic sting.
Locate (wasp hive) - medium - The remainder of the wasps at the hive, discontinue their repairs and attack.
Resurrect (bear) - easy - The lifeless body of the bear draws air deeply into its lungs, stands, shakes off the death and attacks.
Track (bear) - hard - You track your way to the den of the bear. You awaken two very upset cubs, who attack.
Tumble (away from the attack) - medium - Your tuck and roll away, allows you to avoid the attack.