Tell a Classic Story

Two households, both alyke in Dignity

In fairest Broma where they bred their sin,

From settled grudge break to new mutiny 

Where ageing  hands do fresh revenge begin.

From forth the fatal loins of these two foes 

A tale of star-cross’d lovers ends in woe

Whose misadventured piteous overthrows

Did with their love bury Marcutio.

So with his raging curse he plagued them all:

The Flauntagues and Fiteulots alike.

A poet’s justice shall upon them fall,

Their guilts and fears consume them alive. 

Now madness doth upon dark Broma bend;

Benvolio seeks to redeem his friend.


Istwa the Storyteller has returned to warmer climes to visit her acquaintances in Jastrey. To add to the celebrations, she will call upon the greatest bard of them all: Woldiwuz Shookspiered. All are familiar with the great love of Romeo and Juliet, but the story goes on….

Story Notes

This is an homage to the great William Shakespeare; I hope that, in the afterlife, he receives it as such. 

This is an RP heavy field battle; I will be posting an appeal to theatre nerds to monster this field battle in the days leading up to this event. Additionally, we will be printing extra copies of the field battle and giving copies of RP notes to our thespians to aid with the flow of the material. 

Concerning character inquiries into the inner workings of Glesmyr, this content should be preceded by the feast content “Nexus Ball” at which the NPC Istwa the Storyteller will arrive. At this point she will be able to answer any questions regarding the Circle of 13 and Glesmyran politics. 

LOCATION: Scene 1 should take place in the tavern, scene 2 outside the tavern; the splits should be run in the main and Hills fields. Final combat in front of the tavern; final theatrics within the tavern.

BARDIC CHECKS: Any player who speaks an unrepeated line of iambic pentameter will automatically succeed on any checks set from very easy to very hard. The easiest way to accomplish this is quoting the bard; 10 syllables self-composed will also do the trick. 

SCENE RESET: For every scene reset, recite the following: “The world flips, you briefly feel as though you might be sick, but when things are righted again you stand exactly where you stood before.” 

  • 2 Gold bodysuits
  • Guilt List (Provided by Rachel Webb- compiled by artistic team)
  • Men’s tunics
  • Dress for Jocelyn
  • Ensemble for Queen Mab (wings, glitter, and whatever we can dig out of available costuming)
  • 2 cones for the Fiteulot Split
  • ALL Guilt Skuthropazown (Aranox Guilt)
  • ALL Zombie Juliets/Tybalt’s Romeo (Blight Elf Fearmonger)
  • 1 Tybalt (Black Shuck Hound of the Ravening) 
  • 1 Marcutio (Uordeq Tombwarden)
  • ALL Lawrence’s Plants (Angor Chainbound)
  • ALL Zombie Romeos/Zombie Lady Flauntagues (Blight Elf Fearmonger)
  • 1 Benvolio/Lord Flauntague- needed for Hit Points ()
  • ALL Depression Skuthropazown (Aranox Depression)
  • ALL Mab’s Pixies (Goblin Bard Control Mage)
  • 2 Golden Statues (Angori Bloodpike)

1. Storytime

The Storyteller stands before the assembly, opens her great tome, and begins to read:

Two households, both alyke in Dignity
In fairest Broma where they bred their sin,
From settled grudge break to new mutiny
Where ageing hands do fresh revenge begin.

From forth the fatal loins of these two foes
A tale of star-cross’d lovers ends in woe
Whose misadventured piteous overthrows
Did with their love bury Marcutio.

So with his raging curse he plagued them all:
The Flauntagues and Fiteulots alike.
A poet’s justice shall upon them fall,
Their guilts and fears consume them alive.

Now madness doth upon dark Broma bend;
Benvolio seeks to redeem his friend…

You find yourself in a tavern much like the Shady Corners, but the Storyteller is no longer to be seen. A frantic, booted man runs into the tavern.
Scene Notes
BENVOLIO RP NOTES: (If you want to sound Shakespearean after the first lines, that’s totally up to you.) Frantic and earnest. The person you care most about in this world is making terrible and dangerous decisions.
"Citizens fair of Shirelan (SHEER-lan) far, Harken/ to me and heed my call! Disaster sure shall soon ensue! Marcutio gone his wrath to pursue! Aye me!"
[DISASTER] He’s called upon a great and dark power to bring vengeance on the Flauntagues and Fiteulots. I convinced him that they’d made peace, but now they are fighting again!
[MARCUTIO?] Once a member of the Barnave house, he cast off that title when all of Broma believed he was dead; he and Benvolio have since shared their love here in Shirelan.
[MARCUTIO ALIVE?] After Marcutio was made a casualty of the fight between Tybalt and Romeo, the fight moved on with no one to care for him but me. I recalled some shady friends he had mentioned and took him to them. They were able to recall him from the shadow realm; we escaped the city.
[FIGHTING AGAIN?] Lady Jocelyn writes there has been some dispute over a child, but offers no other details but concern that the old feud has been revived.
[LADY JOCELYN?] Niece of Lord Fiteulot and a dear friend.
We must make haste! Marcutio’s rage is swift and violent, and he does indeed have dark friends...
Narrative Effects
Dispel: impossible- the witch’s magic is more powerful than yours
Insight: easy- Benvolio is an earnest, kind-hearted individual
Inspect Aura: medium- Loss and guilt
Inspect Evil: easy- no
Inspect Magic (Benvolio): easy- mundane
Inspect Magic (general): medium- You have been transported by the magic of the astral.

2: Back to Broma (Party Split)

Benvolio leads your party through the mountainous terrain between Shirelan and Broma as one highly experienced with the route. As you make your way through the foothills nearing the city, a woman on horseback approaches your party. Her face is lined with worry as she embraces Benvolio.

[After RP] You follow Benvolio and Jocelyn back to Broma. But when you arrive, it is not the Broma you know: the brightness of the day is darkest night and two storms stir over two halves of the city: a great red storm over the west and a great blue storm over the east. Lady Jocelyn and Benvolio agree that they should each see to their own houses, who will accompany them?
Scene Notes
LADY JOCELYN RP NOTES: Benvolio has become one of your best friends though much of their communication is through letters.
"Dear friend, I know not what to think, to do!/ Alas, to mend this mess must fall to you."

"Jocelyn, are we arrived too late? I have found what help I can. Can you tell us how this all began anew?"

The families have been at peace these three years.
The deaths of his wife and only son have made Lord Flauntague a dour man who keeps only to his work and his wishes that his nephew Benvolio would return from abroad.
The Fiteulots, however, have been miraculously blessed with another child, a son.
Word got out that the Fiteulots intended to name their new son Romeo in honor of their son-in-law and a gesture to Lord Flauntague that they considered him family.
But when Lord Flauntague attended the name-day of the child, the Fiteulots named him Paris, after their daughter Juliet’s original intended. He left in a rage.
Since then, the Flauntague house has been arming itself and servants brawls are breaking out in the streets again.
When she left the city, it was like something out of a nightmare...
Narrative Effects
Forecast (help): easy- Good
Insight (Jocelyn): very hard- She is not who she says she is
Inspect Aura (Jocelyn): hard- madness and mischief
Inspect Evil (Jocelyn): very hard- Yes
Inspect Magic (Jocelyn): medium- Astral
Inspect Secret (Jocelyn): very hard- Something about her is off, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

3A: Calling Upon the Fiteulots

Passing through the gates of the city, the day turns to night, two storms roil on opposite sides of the city. Jocelyn, beckons your group to follow her to the Fiteulot estate on the west side of the city. Upon your approach, you see bright, red fog spilling from the gates. The lightning overhead flashes red. You hear screaming within.

[After passing through the gates] After the last member of your party passes through the gate, the world flips, you briefly feel as though you might be sick, but when things are righted again, you find yourself in a black nothingness: the gate and the estate are gone. You feel a breeze; you are wearing nothing but your underwear and weapons. However, as you look around, everyone else seems to be fully clothed.

[After brief RP] The ground shakes! Directly in front of you, something erupts from the blackness: a judge’s bench that continues to rise twenty feet into the air. A voice booms from the bench: “Step forward and receive your judgement!” The man at the bench leans forward exposing the face of a corpse, slowly rotting away.

[Begin Combat] The judge brings his gavel down. It echoes eternally in the expanse. Skuthropazown descend upon you: this is what he meant by a lifetime of guilt….

[After one wave] A large open door appears in the distance.
Scene Notes
Allow time for RP and narratives at the gate.

Allow time for RP briefly with adventurers in their underwear. A ROUSE will remove the belief that a player is in their underwear.

Jocelyn will identify the judge as Noble County Paris.

PARIS RP NOTES: Calm, mild-mannered, but matter-of-fact
The Fiteulot Estate is now a judgement house
Ask for volunteers to step forward and receive judgement
If no one volunteers, start going down the guilt list
After each player is found guilty of their crimes OR players attack the judge, give them a lifetime sentence of guilt and shame.

When the party kills/attacks OR the group is sentenced, Skuthropazown descend upon the party. After a wave, a door emerges across the field or far down the path. The party must make it through the door to make the Skuthro stop spawning.

COMBAT: Skuthropazown- Guilt
Narrative Effects
Commune Corpse: automatic- He can hear you.
Commune Dream: very hard- This is a dreamscape crafted specifically for the sins of this family; It’s made of shortcomings come back to haunt them
Dispel: Impossible- RETORT SLEEP
Explore: impossible- there is nothing to explore, when the light around your group disappears into darkness, you see it appear again before you in the distance.
Insight (Jocelyn): very hard- She hasn’t told you everything she knows
Inspect Aura (PARIS): No Effect, he is an Astral Phantasm
Inspect Evil: automatic- Yes
Inspect Magic: easy- Astral
Light: automatic
Propel: medium- You make it to the top of the bench. The judge brings the gavel down sentencing you to a short lifetime sentence of living with your own guilt. (proceed to combat)

4A: Listen!

You flee from the blackness and manage to close the door on the Guilt pursuing you. You look around to find yourself in the candle-lit entry to the Fiteulot mansion. The ground is littered with the fresh corpses of servants and guards. A stream of blood trickles down the center of the grand staircase.

[After RP] A young woman about age 14 rushes into the room from the hallway.

[After RP] Another young woman that looks exactly the same as the first rushes into the room.

And another. And another.

[Combat Begins] The young ladies clinging to your party cease their pleading. Her expression hardens and the flesh begins to melt from her face before she shrieks and attacks you.

[Romeo Volunteers] Each of the Juliets walk to __________ and merging into one Juliet offers her hand. She ushers _________ to the top of the stairs where he/she can see the place that the stream of blood down the stairs begins.

[After puzzle solved] Juliet drives the dagger into her chest and collapses at the top of the stairs. The stream of blood down the staircase has begun to flow again. After a moment of silence, the double doors at the top of the staircase burst open and the sound of screams pours forth. Juliet is gone.

Scene Notes
Allow some time for narrative actions on the corpses and the room before sending in Juliet 1. Jocelyn is able to identify her; each of the monsters playing Juliet will be given one line to memorize and repeat to the adventurers; they should recite it to one and then move on to another person close to them:
-“Now, by Lemesin’s Order and Lemesin too, Paris shall not make me there a joyful bride!”
-“I pray you, tell my lord and father, madam, I will not marry yet.”
-“Good Father, I beseech you on my knees, hear me with patience but to speak a word.”
-“Delay this marriage for a month, a week. Or, if you do not, make the bridal bed in that dim monument where Tybalt lies!”
-“Come night, come Romeo, come thou day in night… Bring me my Romeo.”
-Listen, I beseech you! Please, sir, hear me!

Juliet will always respond as though she cannot see or hear that the adventurers are in fact trying to get her to listen. If players attack her or attempt to leave the room without solving the puzzle, all the Juliets will transform into corpses and attack the party for one wave. If they have not solved the puzzle, the room will flip and the scene will begin again. After one or two tries, tell Juliets to attach the phrase, “Bring me my Romeo,” to the lines they are already speaking. If the puzzle continues on, have specific monsters drop their initial lines and just repeat “Bring me my Romeo.”

PUZZLE: Among the lines that Juliet speaks to the party which she sees as her parents, nurse, and the friar, she will also ask for Romeo. When someone in the party seriously declares themself her Romeo, she will hear that person.

At the top of the stairs, Juliet will hold “Romeo’s Hands” and say “........; thus with a kiss I die.” She will “kiss his hand”; she will produce a dagger and recite the line “Oh happy dagger, this is thy sheath; there rust and let me die,” before dramatically killing herself.

COMBAT: Undead Juliets

BRUTE FORCE OPTION: If players attempt to Breach their way out of the room, the door they are attempting to break through is an EPIC monster. When the room flips after one wave of Juliets, the door will retain any previous damage.
Narrative Effects
Breach: impossible- Announce the door as an EPIC door. Combat commences.
Commune Corpse: medium- “There were so many…. They begged…. We tried to help…..”
Commune Dream: easy- She is already speaking to you.
Dispel: medium- S: You dispel one corpse, but the others attack F: the Juliets attack
Explore: easy- it’s a very ornate entryway, but you realize that the room is unfurnished, that the windows are fake, and so are all of the doors on the ground level.
Forecast (break down a door): easy- You should probably not do that
Forecast (Play Romeo): hard- favorable outcome
Insight (Juliet): medium- Listen. What does she really want?
Inspect Aura (Juliets): No Effect- She is an astral phantasm
Inspect Evil: easy- yes
Inspect Magic: easy- Astral
Inspect Secret: hard- You have to do something to break the cycle of negligence: Listen.
Inspect Wound (the blood): medium- All this blood is from the same source.
Fly: automatic- You make it to the second landing. (Proceed to combat)
Propel: automatic- You make it to the second landing. (Proceed to combat)

5A: Prince of Cats!

Rushing up the stairs and through the open doors, you find yourself in a room filled with black smoke and the scent of death. You hear the tail end of a disagreement.

[After lines] A disagreement that by your hearing has ended with a slap. *A hulking undead warrior with rapier unsheathed turns the corner rubbing his cheek. Upon seeing your group, he points his rapier directly at you.

[After Combat] The wrathful prince of cats collapses into dust and ashes. You hear the screams of women and the cry of a baby. As you round the corner, you see the dead Lord Capulet leaning against a closed door. The cries come from the other side of the door.
Scene Notes
TYBALT: Uncle, these are Flauntagues, our foes, villains that have come hither to scorn and mock at our solemnity. I’ll not endure them!

UNCLE FITEULOT: They shall be endured! Am I master here or you! Go to!

A monster playing ROMEO will be placed behind the party . When Tybalt points his weapon at the group, Romeo will come forward and try to give Tybalt a hug; Tybalt will promptly slay him. The scene will reset at the asterisk in the narrative.

Call Romeo by his name, and challenge him to an honor duel. When he refuses, call him a coward and kill him

Call Tybalt “Good Cousin” and refuse to duel him. You can’t explain why you refuse, but keep trying to give him a hug. Even after the EPIC combat begins, you are attempting to reach Tybalt and hug him into peace.

Players must keep Tybalt from killing Romeo while also engaging in Epic Combat. Each time Romeo takes a knee for more than 10 seconds (add 10 for each additional attempt), the scene resets, including Tybalt’s health. If the party has not succeeded after 9 lives (Prince of Cats), then Jocelyn will step in, slap the mess out of him, and call him a saucy boi.

ANNOUNCE: Tybalt, Prince of Cats, is an EPIC monster.

The door is just a closed door. It isn’t locked or anything. They just have to move the body out of the way.

Narrative Effects
Commune Dream: Impossible
Dispel: Impossible
Explore: easy- around the corner you see Lord Capulet’s body leaned against a door.
Inspect Evil: automatic- yes
Inspect Magic: automatic- Astral

6A: Marcutio

[After they open the door] The nursery is dark but for the light streaming through the doorway. You count four bodies: the body of Lady Fiteulot splayed face-down on the floor, the body of Jocelyn in a rocking chair with her throat slit, and a lanky man standing over the crib of baby Paris.

[Upon realizing this isn’t the real Jocelyn] Jocelyn blinks, revealing acid green eyes and a devilish grin. “Ta-ta!” With a snap of her fingers, she is gone.
Scene Notes
The moment players put 2 and 2 together about Rosaline, Queen Mab will bid adieu and bounce out.

Marcutio can’t kill the baby. Paris is entirely innocent in all of this.
The woman you were traveling with was Queen Mab.
He doesn’t want to talk about any of it right now. He just needs to see Benvolio. They have to stop her!

After RP has completed, Mercutio will teleport everyone out of the Fiteulot mansion. If players attempt to swing on Mercutio, he will teleport everyone into the next scene.
Narrative Effects
Adapt Darkness: Sure.
Breach (the door): automatic. Almost like it wasn’t even locked.
Commune Corpse (Lord/Lady Fiteulot): medium- “I don’t understand what this has been, but it is everything we deserved.
Commune Corpse (Jocelyn): medium- “... I…. I did nothing to deserve this!”
Commune Dream: impossible- This is not a dream
Dispel: No effect- There is nothing in this room to Dispel
Explore: automatic- you find a lot of baby clothes, toys, etc.
Insight (Marcutio): hard- He does not regret what he has done, but he knows it’s time to stop it all.
Inspect Aura (Marcutio): easy- Bitterness, wit, vengeance, electric purple
Inspect Evil (Marcutio): medium-yes, but not beyond redemption
Inspect Magic (Marcutio): easy- Channels the Astral
Locate (Marcutio): medium- He’s en route to the Montague Estate
Resurrect: medium- but they do not return as they were (think Khal Drogo)

3B: Friar Lawrence’s Cell

Passing through the gates of the city, the day turns to night, two storms roil on opposite sides of the city. Benvolio, beckons your group to follow him to the Flauntague estate on the east side of the city. Upon your approach, you see bright blue fog spilling from the gates. The lightning overhead flashes blue. You hear screaming within.

[After passing through the front door] Passing through the front door, you find yourself in a sunlit garden. Across the courtyard is the great blue door to the Flauntague mansion. The sweet perfume of honey and flowers fills the air and a gentle morning breeze sets you at ease. Nearby, a simply-attired cleric tends the beds, he turns to you with a small flower in hand:
“The gray-eyed morning smiles on the frowning night,/ checkering the eastern cloud with streaks of light./
The glorious dawn shines upon her sister earth, the mother to children of divers kind: flowers, needles, herbs, toxins, more… But even the vilest child of earth possesses virtue also, and many a boon that stretched beyond simplest nature may also be a bane. Take this sweet bloom; it’s scent is pleasure, but its taste: paralysis; two opposing kings ruling in one camp. So too it is with man… it must be. It must be! (breaking down) Tell me that good also dwells here!

As the cleric finishes his monologue, head in hands, the herbs and flowers around him become unnaturally verdant, growing so high as to darken the small courtyard. They set upon their distraught victim.

[Leaving] As your party approaches the door, it swings wide; however, you are unable to see past through the wall of blue fog that is now spilling into the courtyard. You proceed through the great door, but as it gently closes behind you, a root grabs Cleric Lawrence by the ankle, pulling back into his personal nightmare. The door vanishes.
Scene Notes
The party may choose to resurrect Cleric Lawrence or not. If they attempt to take him with them, he will be taken at the transition.

[what have you done wrong] I played with the fates of children, yes, they were children. Thinking that in their marriage I could also kill the enmity of their families. In the end my games cost so many their lives….
[What lives?] Romeo, Juliet, Paris, Marcutio, Tybalt, Lady Flauntague…
I fear any good I may have done, has been forever wiped from my slate with these misdeeds....

DUPLICITY: Plants call tox. They only take CRIT and HEALING as damage. Plants will respawn until they are killed by HEALING. In the event of a TPK, the scene resets.
Narrative Effects
Insight: medium- regular damage isn’t working effectively
Inspect Evil: medium- plants are neutral
Inspect Magic: easy- there is Astral magic all around you
Inspect Nature: medium- they appear to be typical plants until they are morphed by astral magic
Inspect Secret: medium- regular damage isn’t working effectively
Resurrect: easy- you successfully resurrect the cleric

4B: Benvolio’s Guilt

The blue fog clears and you find yourself in the dour foyer of the Flauntague mansion. There are no doors. The fog coalesces into multiple versions of the same corpse standing in each corner of the room: from his attire and the discoloration around his mouth, you assume this must be Romeo… all of them.
Scene Notes
Choose four main Romeo’s and place them at intervals. After each Romeo repeats his phrase, all monsters take one step closer to the party (Benvolio specifically), the next Romeo says his phrase, monsters step in, and so on until they reach Benvolio or the party commences combat. If the group goes around once without being attacked, repeat the phrases. Romeos should advance with weapons raised.

1. You laughed at my pain; how could I trust you with my secrets?
2. It was you who suggested that I find another love. Wasn’t it?
3. You could have stopped Marcutio that day. You didn’t try hard enough.
4. I lost my friend, home, and wife in one day. Why did you leave me in exile alone?

If the party defeats all Romeos, the room resets and the monsters are back in their same corners. Let the first wave be as written above; the second wave Benvolio will beg the Romeos to stop and to understand. After that, he will beg the party to make it stop. Any resets farther, he will beg for death as it is only fair; why should he live when his cousin and friend are dead.

The party advances when Benvolio “dies”.

COMBAT: Zombie Romeos
REINFORCE: Monsters do not respawn. Stay on a knee until the scene resets and monsters return to their starting locations.
Narrative Effects
Commune Corpse: automatic- it’s already speaking
Commune Dream: automatic- it’s already speaking
Dispel: medium- S: You dispel one of the Romeos, but the others attack. F: The Romeos attack
Forecast (let Benvolio die): medium- Weil
Insight: medium- This is Benvolio’s nightmare. His own guilt come to haunt him
Inspect Evil: medium- Yes
Inspect Magic: easy- Astral
Inspect Secret: Hard- Let them kill Benvolio

5B: Depression and Grief

The room flips, but you are no longer in the foyer. You find yourself in an expanse of blue and fog. The mists swirl around your feet and Benvolio’s corpse. You begin to hear the whispers of a multitude as a swarm of skuthropazown pass slowly through your group.

[After first wave] A great silver door appears floating in the mists.
Scene Notes
All skuthro should pick 2-3 key phrases to repeat throughout the mod (... couldn’t save them… stole from that… still haven’t finished…) amidst hissing whispering sounds. Skuthro should allow the party to attack first; even after attacked, Skuthro should not deal damage but effects only.

After the first wave, the Epic Door will appear; after the first refresh the door may move about freely making use of BLINK and SLEEP but dealing no damage. The door should be marked with a glow stick. After the epic falls, proceed to the next scene.

ANNOUNCE: The Door is an Epic Monster.
COMBAT: High Level Depression Skuthro, Level 20 Door
Narrative Effects
(no story actions once combat begins)
Commune Dream: automatic- it is already speaking to you
Insight: easy- this is Depression given form
Inspect Aura: easy- Depression
Inspect Evil: easy- yes
Inspect Magic: easy- Astral
Inspect Secret: medium- If you don’t fight the Skuthro, you won’t get out.
Resurrect:. Easy- you are able to Resurrect Benvolio

6B: The Lonesome Lord

As your party crashes through the door, you find yourself in the master’s bedroom. Lord Flauntague lies weeping on the rug. Around the perimeter of the room stand many illusions of the poor master’s late son, lips still green with poison, and wife, bloated and wet; they look on in silence.

[Looking to leave] There is no other exit to the room except the door through which you came. It has closed behind you.

[Attempting to open the door] As you reach toward the door, the corpses around the room slowly close in on your party.

[Ending Combat] The last of the corpses falls. As you escort Flauntague out of the master’s chambers, you find yourself on the street outside.
Scene Notes
FLAUNTAGUE RP NOTES: will not speak until spoken to
I should have been there. I should have been a better husband and father.
I thought we Flauntagues were strong. I valued the independent nature of our house and it has undone us.
They were alone when they needed their family most; they made their decisions… alone.
[Son’s Death] I let him run free, saw him not for weeks though I knew his mood was dark. And sent him no companion or letter in his exile. Now he is dead by his own hand.
[Wife’s Death] I assumed her sorrow showed like mine: that she would prefer to bear the grief alone. Instead, she drowned her sorrows when she drowned her life.

The party may berate or encourage Flauntague as they see fit. If they do not encourage him, that task falls to Benvolio, who will ensure that his uncle makes it out of the mansion.

Combat Notes: Corpses should close in slowly. They are not wild and aggressive, they should kill nonchalantly. Send in as many waves as appropriate.

COMBAT: Zombie Romeos and Zombie Lady Flauntagues
COMPETITIVE ACTIONS: Killing Flauntague is a competitive action. If Flauntague is killed, the room will reset.
Narrative Effects
Commune Corpse: easy- Are you going to let him leave us alone again?
Commune Dream: easy- Are you going to let him leave us alone again?
Dispel: medium- S: You dispel one of the corpses, but the rest attack. F: corpses attack
Inspect Secret: hard- All you have to do is leave
Resurrect:.easy- you are able to resurrect Lord Flauntague

7: Act IV

As Marcutio snaps his fingers, you find yourself in the town square of Broma. The red and blue storms collide overhead casting the scene in an eerie purple glow. Pixies harass the citizens of the city while the bright-eyed fae Queen Mab observes from on high. Across the square, you see your friends emerge from a sidestreet. Ahead of you, Marcutio addresses the Queen of Dreams:

[After RP] Queen Mab surrounds herself in a brilliant green light, and the ground begins to shake with the footsteps of some distant foe. Around the corner of a sidestreet appear two great golden statues: one of Romeo and one of Juliet.

[After the first epic falls] The statue of ________ falls to the ground, hacked to pieces. Overhead, the light surrounding Queen Mab is somewhat diminished.

[After the second epic falls] The second statue falls! Overhead, Queen Mab’s light goes out. Her wings can no longer support her weight, she flutters to the ground. Marcurtio, battered, steps forward:
Scene Notes
Halt now the mad onslaught, o frenzi’ed queen!
No more do I your dark assistance need.
The foolish feuders suffered well their share
Of guilt, and fear, and loss in thy nightmares.

Be still! I am your mistress, and your liege!
O witless 'prentice, bringing forth a siege.
See how I'll answer thy weak enmity,
And strike thee down with golden effigy!

ANNOUNCE: Golden Statues are Epic Monsters
COMBAT: Golden Statues and pixies

After combat, adjourn to Shady Corners for Theatrics!
Continue to the next scene.

8: Act V

As Marcutio finishes his incantation, Queen Mab and her pixies ascend into the astral clouds above and the sky clears to reveal a grand sunset. Marcutio sinks to his knees and Benvolio sprints to his side.

[After Marcutio RP] Marcutio grasps Benvolio’s hand as he passes into the next realm. His final words echo in the empty square before Benvolio breaks the silence with wailing to rend the heart.

[After Benvolio RP] Benvolio lays his love gently on the ground and draws his sword, but Lord Flauntague rushes to his side, staying his hand:

[After Flauntague’s final speech] A curtain falls on the scene. You find yourself back in the candlelit Shady Corners surrounded by the trappings of your celebration. The Storyteller has departed, but you know she will return in time with another story to share.

Scene Notes
At the beginning of this scene announce a hold for theatrics.

TL;DR: Marcutio finishes the incantation, falls, speaks his lines and promptly dies. After which, Benvolio weeps and monologues before drawing his sword on himself to join Marcutio in the underworld. His uncle, Lord Flauntague tries to stop him, saying that he cannot lose his nephew also. At this point a servant of House Fiteulot will arrive with the child and reveal that it was the intention of the child’s parents that Lord Flauntague serve as godfather; he rises to the occasion now declaring both houses dead with the birth of the new House Pace comprised of himself, his nephew, and his ward.

MARCUTIO RP NOTES: a monologue that doubles as a great incantation
O there I see, Queen Mab, that you are through!
This is she that was the fairies’ midwife, and she that
Galloped night by night through sleepers dreams.
This is she that shows each their deep guilts
and desires and terrors unique; who spreads
Mischief wherever her astral feet tread.
This is she who has crossed the wrong man,
sought to surpass what her summ’ner began.
This is she that shall hie herself hence
Having any instinct for self-defense.
Take your foul pixies and words like freesia.
There’s naught else to say but… bye Felecia.
(Read Narration)

Perhaps, Benvolio, you were right. Perhaps I did go too far, but if… there is reconciliation here… it cannot have been wrong to at least have begun… (wry laugh)... once before I was struck down by irony, now I have fallen victim to my own plots with no one else to blame. Now, there can be peace, at least for me...

Here lies my lighthouse, compass, Northern Star,
My hourglass, plumbline, daily sunrise, all!
O joy that brightened darkest of my nights,
O guiding love who once showed me the way!
My angel who once lived as trickster fiend
Forced by YOUR enmity to die a dark
And somber arbiter, consigned to fade
In undiscovered country all alone …
I shall not let you travel without me.
Each step our journey takes, love will remind
You of the laughter we once breathed as air,
The song that served as speech, and of the jests
That was your language of endearment, masked.
Now, only let me fetch my cloak and sword,
Together, we shall rib the ferryman. (laughs)

Hold, nephew! This day has brought death enough,
This life, death too much. I cannot lose you.
Marcutio would stay your hand himself
Had he power to lift it or voice to
Cry objections! (embrace) We must remain, us two.
Else with your love dies our House Flauntague.

And what of our house? The fam’ly lies dead.
All save young Paris. Here your feud will die.
There are two choices before you, old man.
Kill the infant before the eyes of the
City. Or be Godfather as my lord
And lady did intend; This foul naming affair
Was born of base, street gossip. The child was
Always meant to bring our houses closer still.
Will you fulfill my master’s final will?

LORD FLAUNTAGUE RP NOTES: looks to Benvolio for his agreement to live and aid.
Tears of loss, tears of joy. The feud dies here.
This child Paris makes our two houses one.
And what’s in a name? Pride and history.
Lost is the name of my once rival-friend.
I have no more pride; our story is hate.
We: myself, my nephew, and my new ward
Are henceforth House Pace: a house of peace.
Our joint history is not forgotten, but in
Time may be redeemed. Such is our prayer.
For never was a story of more woe
Than that of Juliet and her Romeo.