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The Last Crusade

A commotion in the street outside the Shady Corner draws your attention; a crowd has gathered and you overhear talk of ships and soldiers in frantic and worried tones. Stepping outside, you look toward the lake, but see no ships. More people come running towards the crowd, "More have arrived! They're just outside the gate!" A shadow falls over the crowd and they all go silent as they look up; an airship making its way over Jastrey. As your gaze follows its course, you can see sails gathered outside the wall.


Stars Misaligned

Empyrean citizens have fallen ill, claiming that the heavens are in discord. Winged beings have appeared in town, demanding that the Firsts of the Chosen present themselves for judgment. A long-lost star chart in the Pillar of Virtue may hold the key to unraveling this mystery. But who would be foolish enough to journey to the Aether when the stars themselves are out of alignment?


The Boss Isn't Happy

A goblin dressed in messenger boy attire has come to Jastrey with a very specific job, to find and deliver a message to Mr. Dog. He has a message from the Goblin Market Crimelord, Don Guttergold Bloodbeetle. But he is more commonly know as "The Boss". And he is not happy.


Goblin Enterprise

Preceded by the stench of yesterday's vomit, a goblin approaches with the wind at her back. Blueish green hair drapes her thin, scum covered body. "I have the deal of your lifetime..." a small gob of drool escapes the corner of her mouth as she continues, "... artifacts from ages ago." Producing a cloth painted with blood, she offers it to you for a few coins.


Execrable Erratic Errata

A hulking figure staggers through town. With limbs so thick it is not able to get out of its own way. As it lurches to one side, a grimace forms on its grizzled face. Quickly, it lashes out at a nearby rock, blaming it for the clumsy gait.


Man's Best Friend

Snarling canines are being led into the streets of Jastrey. A sinister man holds their leashes and his rule over the dogs seems tentative at best. He rattles his pouch of coin and speaks in a loud, commanding voice, 'Come, join in the excitement. Be entertained and walk away a little richer for the experience.'