Effects define what abilities do. The level of an ability is determined first by its effect, then adjusted by any modifiers. Combat abilities are further adjusted by their triggers.

Name Level Effect Type Description
Fear 5 Combat, Compulsion

You may not attack orĀ use abilities on others as long as you can see the user. Line of sight may only be broken by scenery, such as a building or large number of trees. The effect ends if you are hit.

Frenzy 6 Combat, Compulsion

You attack the closest available target, even if that character is an ally, and continue to do so until subdued or Roused. You may use abilities and items freely, but are not obligated to do so (i.e., you may choose to use basic attacks against an ally and stronger attacks against a foe). This is an exception to the rule that cooperative players may not be attacked by other players.

Sleep 7 Combat, Compulsion

You fall unconscious. You cannot move, use abilities, or perceive your surroundings, and must close your eyes to represent the effect. The effect ends if you are hit.

Soothe 2 Combat, Compulsion

You may not attack the user. This does not prevent you from attacking the user's allies, compel you to attack your own allies, or force you to obey the user's commands. The effect ends if the user attacks you.

Stun 2 Combat, Compulsion

You cannot attack, move, or use actions for five seconds. The effect ends immediately if you are hit.

Taunt 2 Combat, Compulsion

You cannot attack characters other than the user. The effect ends if anyone else hits you, the user is incapacitated, or the user flees.