Graveyard Picnic

Submitted by Spyder on Thu, 2/26/2015 at 10:39pm

Spyder had found her way back to the graveyard, flitting along just above the layer of frost on the ground. Her pale skin nearly glowed with the chill in the air, an Unseelie in the peak of the cold season. She inspected the tombstones carefully, the writing on the tombstones that remained legible over the years still unfamiliar to the fae who knew few of Jastrey's current residents. She plopped down on the ground, placing both hands in the grass and digging her fingers into the cold soil beneath. Closing her good eye, she exhaled slowly and watched the ground with her dead eye. She sat very still, as if listening to the ground itself and the corpses beneath it.

Pelle walks out of the woodline, bottle of wine in one hand. He was headed towards a rather large Grave marker in the far left of the graveyard, but his plans changed when he spotted the familiar Unseelie kneeling in the dirt. "Erhm, Madam Spyder? May I ask why you are so focused on the ground? I promise you, theres nothing of any real use down there. Believe me I checked." He swirled his bottle slightly. "May I offer you a drop of Rican Red?"

Poppy made her way through the woods just enjoying the nice weather that came with the winter season when she picked up on two very familiar voices. Getting excited she heads toward the source eventually finding her way into the graveyard. "Hey guys!" She said giddily
Her attention turns to Spyder "Whatcha doing there?"  She said inquiry plopping down in the patch of dirt across from her watching intently "Is it another kind of magics?" She asked curiously 

The unseelie seemed to ignore Pelle as first, but she finally looked up at him with both eyes. She huffed once, understanding his meaning. Her disappointment faded as Poppy approached. She grinned broadly. "Yus. I'm listening to them," she gestured to the headstones, her demeanor changing back a pout, "but I don't know them. And Pelle here says they're no good." She flopped onto her back, sprawling out as if she had fallen dead herself. She lifted one hand towards Pelle and his wine, "Yes, please."

The riven handed his bottle down the the fae before propping himself on a nearbye tombstone. "Is there any real reason for the listenings? If I may ask? Or is this another one of those 'Fae Curiositys' that your kind have?" 

The Fae seems kinda disappointed at Spyder's response. "Well, that no good! The dead with nothing good to say are about as useful as the living who cant be quiet" She said pouting a little. "Though Pelle would know of there quality, he does deal with body parts and such" she says nodding to herself slightly while speaking. Hearing Pelle comment she directs her attention to him. "Have you never listen to any of the bodies you use?" she said curiously "sometimes the things that can't speak have most interesting things to say." giggle she continues "You'd be surprised the funny things the earth has to say"  She pause to ponder something for a bit " though to be fair sometimes they spout the same dribble as anything else"  

"It's not fae, it's me." She said, "I like to know what's dead around me. I listen for a corpses story of how it died or the energies it left behind when it died. You can learn a lot of history about a place when you know about what died in it. All kinds of stuff. And if they have nothing interesting to say, you can pick the parts to study or experiment on." Spyder took a swig of wine and got to her feet. She handed the bottle back to Pelle and began flitting about the graveyard with renewed vigor.

Pelle looked up to Poppy. "Oh sure, I listened to a few tings they said once. Well, heard mostly. They mostly weren't terribly interesting, sadly enough. They don't speak much once they leave their corpse behind. And thank goodness for that! I can only handle soo much praise and compliments in a day, I don't need my own pieces to start up too!" He received the bottle back from Spyder, wiping the bottles opening before taking a small enough sip to coat his mouth. 

She giggles at Pelle response "Yes, I suppose so" watching Spyder lightly make her way around the graveyard. "Oh, Are you planning a new experiment?" She inquired her curiosity peaked. "Or, did you find anything interesting about Jastery past?" She cups one of her hands around her cheek and speaks in a hushed tone. "The current residences can be really touchy about it what ever had happened here" 

"Always!" Spyder chirped. "I experiment on all the things. I like to learn how stuff works and how to make them better when I bring them back. Maybe ill show you my logs sometime." She made her way around the gravestones and to the edge of the graveyard itself. "They haven't told me anything yet...but none of these gravestones are very recent." She answered, staring to wander into the treeline at the back of the little cemetery. "What's this...?" She called over her shoulder.

Pelle looked over to what the fairy was calling about. Thinking he knew this area fairly well by now, he decided to go see what she was talking about, his interest peaking. "What is what?" he called out to the fairy.

Poppy scurries over to what Spyder had found. "I am not sure..? I didn't even notice it it blends really well in with the forest line" She said flying around the thing trying to get a better look at it. "I dunno what it was for, but it is certainly very very old." 

Spyder stood with her feet on the ground for once, pointing at what appeared to be a large mass of vines and brush, taller than any of them. Upon further inspection, one could see stones beneath the greenery. Once the others had joined her, she flitted up to it and began tugging vines here and there, trying to get a better look at the structure beneath.

Pelle clamored over and began pulling vines to get a better look as well. "How in the world did I miss something like this?" he said to himelf. After noticing the dirt that beginning to build up in his stitches, he quickly released the vines. Turning to Poppy, he says, "Say, aren't you one of those druidy nature'-y types? Any chance of moving some of this back a bit?" He then looked down to his hands and began to carefully flick clumps of dirt from his seams.

"Hmmm" Landing she places her hand on the vines her facial expression contours into confusion and frustration for a moment. "Ah! " As her face lights up she walks to one of the sides and twists and braids the vines out of the way behind it revealing a old beaten down door. "They don't know what it was either, it been her longer them any of them, but there is no telling how long that is they don't really have a good sense of time" She said laughing. "Not like we do anyway"  She said still threading some of the other vines into massive braids and shifting them out of the way. "But they could at least tell where the entrance was" she said gleefully 

As the two fae worked to clear the vines away, it became increasingly obvious that the structure beneath was a long forgotten building. It resembled a dilapidated temple, unused since the time of some of the oldest, now illegible headstones. Various parts of the walls had crumbled away, there was hardly a roof to speak of, and the stone foundation was riddled with cracks. Time had worn away any signs of who had made use of it or any immortals involved. In spite of it all, Spyder seemed thrilled by the discovery.

"Well now, isn't this interesting!" Pelle said as he stepped inside. Being this was the first real excitement the riven has had since Secronus was expelled, he was more than willing to begin looking around. "You know, this place may be cracking, has no roof, and smell of centuries of rotting leaves, but I think it's overall salvagable," he said to whomever was paying attention to him. "It still beats living in that drab little cabin," he said, this time to himself. 

The fae content with the amount of vines she had moved for now. Allowed her curiosity to get the better of her as she peaked her head in to the door way behind Pelle "Oooo it is quite the big mess, but I think your right it has lots of potential too!" she said excitedly clasping her two hands together really excited with the groups new discovery. "Mhmm but where to start" She said fluttering around absorbed in exploring the place leaving no stone under turned in her exploration

Spyder flitted inside as well, landing with both feet on the old stone floor. There was an audible creak from the part of her exposed spine where her boney wings connected as they folded back. She took a few steps, looking up at the sky through what was left of the roof.
"Oh my...this will be beautiful during a full moon!" She lifted both hands with the excitement of all the ideas running through her head. "And the rain could wash away any...spills!"
Her wings spread open again, stretching the webbing between the bones, and the Unseelie was flitting about the room, touching stones and peering through cracks and holes.

The riven frowned at the notion of just letting the rain in. "The rain may clean any previous messes, but left stagnant will just become absolutely filthy. No, that just won't do. We aren't animals afterall!" Pelle says before looking to Poppy. "Well, most of us anyway. No, I say we fix up the roof. If anything it'll help keep the sun out. You'll be surprised how much it will dry your skin out without a break!" He walked over to what seemed like an old bench. Testing it with his foot, the bench practically crumbled under it's own weight. "Perhaps we can think about renovating alot of this place, actually."

Poppy Snorts at Pelle comment rolling her eyes. "Regardless of the form we take, the place does need a bit of fixing up otherwise the elements will wash away all. including the things we would like to keep in tack" she said nodding to her self. She giggles when she see that bench crumble under Pelle's foot. "I think the whole place needs to be gutted to be honest mother nature has had quite her way with this place" "ooo we could have the new ceiling made of some glasses if you really want the moonlight to shine through" She said making light paces around the room as she thought of what else could be done to the place

Spyder seemed to deeply consider the visions of her two companions. She held her chin in one hand, looking the room over as she floated along just above the floor.
"But what is it...?"
She muttered, stopping and placing her hands on her hips. Fluttering over to the broken walls facing the graveyard, she peered out over the headstones.
"So near death. It's perfect..."
Turning back to the others, she seemed to be looking at them with new eyes that were wide with excitement.

A restless Thimble decided, of all places, to take a stroll to the graveyard. In truth, she'd never actually been to Jastery's graveyard; she would have a year and some mestruns ago but she was away. With a lit lantern in hand and a cloak over her shoulders to keep her warm, she broke the tree line and stopped dead in her tracks as she encountered the first headstone.
"So eerie..." She murmured, bringing her lantern closer to the headstone to read the print, mumbling the name. "Nope, not that one." She proceeded to go over each headstone. "It's got to be around here some where..." She mumbled, becoming slightly agitated. "Hmm... Maybe I should try this." Thimble set down her lantern on the soft grass and pulled out a silver angori horn (locate).  "Oh! Makes sense..." She put the horn back in her bag and grabbed her lantern and walked over to a grave that was off to the side with a fairly lopsided marker, making her chuckle yet sad at the same time. She placed her lantern just next to the grave. "Hmm... I don't even know if you're still around; if you are, you shouldn't be." She murmured, crouching and then sitting down next to the grave.

"Did you heat that?" the riven said, moving towards the door. "I think theres somebody in the graveyard." Looking out the door, he was able to see the faint twinkling of the gnomes lantern through the tree line. "Ah! There is somebody out there! And here I thought the townspeople never tended to the graves." He looked back inside to the fae inside. "Well, should we go offer a greeting?" he asked, a sly smile stretching across his face.

Poppy's body straightens up in alert manner when she hear someone else with in the graveyard. Curiosity peaked she ties to catch a glance at them through some of the rumble. Here attention then shifts to Pelle comment "Oh yes of course, we should go greet them" She said happily clasping her hand together giggle a bit 

Turning to look out through a crack in the wall as if being stealthy, Spyder watched the gnome with the light. She recalled a conversation with that one back in Tarkalysis, but couldn't remember the name. Squire or some such. It didn't matter because she didn't plan to talk to the girl at the moment...until Pelle suggested it. She looked back and forth between Poppy and him before nodding. Perhaps Squire knew something interesting about whoever was under the soil.

Thimble sat in silence, running her fingers through a patch of grass absantly as a glazed look grew in her eyes. Although her appearance and actions made her look lost in space, her mind was being flooded with thoughts and self questioning.This is dumb, you know his spirit wouldn't be here; it'd be at the burned out hall or in another plane. But what if he is here? Isn't it my responsibility now to encourage or I guess force the restless to be at peace?
"Gah!" She exclaimed in a loud whisper while simultaneously ripping a few blades of grass from the patch she had earlier been playing with. In a fit of frustration, she slammed her open hand flat to the ground. After mumbling something under her breath, a small amount of light illuminated from her palm (purge). "There, now irregardless, I can go knowing I did what I wanted to do." She nodded once before clumsily pushing herself off the ground, dusting her hands off on her skirt once up right. 
Immediately after standing she turned her torso sharply. "... Is someone there?" She said a little louder than anything she had said before. "... Maybe it was just the wind." She mumbled, turning herself back around, starting to collect her things.

Pelle walked out of the old temple and out of the treeline. "You know, it's quite rude to just purge everything because you feel like it. W. hat if somebody was sleeping in there?" A coy smile stretched farther across his lips as he began to approach the gnome. "Do you even know wo's down there, little Paladin?" he asked, gesturing to the grave

Thimble spun back around and saw the Riven had approached her. "Oh! Peele is it?" She asked him before quickly continuing, failing to notice his contempt, "and yes I actually do know who is down there. He is, er, was a friend. But anyway, what are you doing here?" She eyed him suspiciously. 

Spyder fluttered just behind Pelle. The curiosity on her face was plain to see until Squire decided it was a good idea to purge the ground before them. Something dark and unhappy flickered across the faes face in a grimace that bore her teeth. She looked down as if to be certain that her feet weren't touching that ground, so there was no way the purge could crawl up her legs to get her. She managed to hold her tongue, still wanting to know more about the deceased, but she was now looking at the gnome more like one would look at a slug crawling over their boot.

"Oh? You didn't know? I live right over in the gravekeeper's old home. I guess that would make this graveyard part of my back yard, now wouldn't it?"  The riven crossed his arms across his chest. "DId you also know that to some, such as myself, find it incredibly rude for people to just purge things because they feel like it? It would be the equivalent of Madam Spyderhere, for instance, doing some fancy Necromantic ritual in front of your little Paladin hangout. We wouldn't want anything like that, now would we?" The rivens already coy smile curled just slightly more. 

The sounds of the purge makes the fae shutter as sour face can be seen beneath the mask she wears. She tries to brush it off and address the situation. "Yea that is quiet a big double standard if you ask me!" "I think you guys would get your panties in quiet a ruffle if we something of a similar sort" She said placing one hand upon her hip and waggling her finger a the gnome in a scolding manner. 

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Thimble hung her head and looked down at her now folded hands. "Well I was only doing it for my friend." She murmured. "Although you're right, Peele, I know I wouldn't like seeing you guys do naughty necromancy stuffs just as much as you guys probably don't like seeing us do paladin stuff. So I'm sorry."  She nodded once before looking back up at the trio.

Spyder pursed her blackened lips, scratching her head with one finger at the surprisingly humble but shiny gnomes apology. The movement disturbed a spider that had been taking refuge from the cold in her bun and it emerged, climbing down her back.
"Is that what you do to all of your friends?" She asked, sounding almost concerned the idea.

"No no!" She shook her head frantically. "Well firstly, I only just became a paladin; I hadn't thought about purging my friends grave until this evening when I returned from Varalon. And secondly, he's the first friend I ever had I known to die and not come back." She shruged looking down at the grave a moment before looking back at the mildly decomposing fae. "I'm not sure what people do when others day and don't come back, I thought purging might help him move along if he hadn't already."

"Oh? But what if this 'Friend' didn't want to go? Mayhaps they were perfectly content in their happy little grave. Who are you to evict him from his new home?" Pelle let out a very dramatic scoff. "Some friend you are, huh?" The riven's eyes moved down to the ground where the grave was. "And how is it you know, exactly, that your friend is really in that grave? Hmm?" he said to the gnome.

Poppy sat atop one of the grave glance from one party to another while they talked back and forth. "oooo I got it!" she said gleefully "If you want to know if your friends is still there, get someone you can talk to the dead" "Surely they can tell you if he is still hanging around" "Annnd then you can ask them if they want to ya know skedaddle or stay in their new grave home" She said nodding confident if her solution to the gnomes problem.

Spyder puffed her cheeks out while Pelle spoke, though unclear if this was an attempt at some kind of intimidation to back him, or if she was trying to hold in her words and not interrupt him with her opinion. Whatever it was, it was gone when Poppy chimed in. Suddenly the fae was grinning ear to ear, touching down on the cold grass to rock back and forth on her heels. She liked that idea.

"I-I didn't-don't know where his spirit is, er, was? That's why I came here..." Fumbling with her words, Thimble hung her head again, her hands messing with her skirt and the ends of her cloak to possibly distract her mind from the whole thing; Peele's words weren't really helping. "Plus you're right, I'm not a very good friend if I couldn't save him from burning him and the guild hall to the ground..."
Thimble snapped out of her glum posture as Poppy mentioned something about talking with the dead. "No no no. As much as I'd like to talk to him again and give him a piece of my mind, he's probably changed. Though if he hadn't changed, I guess I could simply ask him to move on... Wouldn't talking to the dead be something I'm not allowed to do though, as a Paladin?" Thimble was naively unaware that she was asking the painfully wrong people this question.

"Why would you be not allowed? Were you not speaking to your dead friend only a few minutes ago? Granted, he didn't speak back, but thats little difference!" A devilish twinkle escaped his eye. "I'm sure your little code says nothing about speaking with your friends, afterall. What's the worst that could happen?"

"oh, well then.." Poppy said trailing off a little. "I suppose there is not much of a body to talk to if he burned with the place" She seems disappointed with a the way the conversation had shifted combined with the gnomes outlook. 

Thimbles comment about the paladins makes the expression on her face go sour. "Humft" Poppy said crossing her arms in front of her chest " That is a silly code if it wouldn't allow such things. You are checking up on an old friend. And making sure all is well." Waving her hand about nonchalantly as she makes her next statement. "Isn't that code supposed to encourage you to give good will to others and.... stuff. I see no reason why dead would not be included as well" 

Spyder's restraint had apparently been stretched to its limit, because she let go of the air in her cheeks to burst out, "I can help!" The excitement of the idea had her hovering above the ground again, moving to the gnomes side. "I don't see why it should be a problem...after all, we all go see an old friend eventually. Well, most people anyway. But I can help! I can see if there's anything left to talk to. I do that."

"Well as far as I remember, there's nothing in our code that says talking to an old friend is bad... I guess you guys could try. Though if he shows, which I doubt, I may give him an ear full, as a fair warning." She looked over at Spyder and smiled. "I do appreciate you wanting to help! Oh, his name is Zwey, don't think I've mentioned that yet..."

The riven clapped his hands together. "Wonderful! Nothing makes me happier than the prospects of reuniting old friends afterall!" Pelle looked around to everyone. "So, who wants to do the digging?"

Poppy pushes up he selves as if to prepare digging into the ground, but pause for a sec as a look of realization seems to pass over her face "Where are my manners." "Thimble they were your friend and as such you get the honor of digging him up" "That of course unless you prefer one of us to"

Spyder hovered above the ground, looking over some of the tombstones. Her eyes narrowed in thought and the fae was suddenly serious. "We need to know who it is, first." She remarked to none of them specifically.