Personal Inquiries

Submitted by KingNasher on Wed, 9/30/2015 at 1:05pm

The familiar riven Pelle walked excitedly into the graveyard from town, whistling a cheery tune as he made a beeline for his home. It was very obvious he was excited about something, it being excentuated by the amount the bags the single riven was attempting to pack and drag out amongst the gravestones. 

Poppy resting in one of the trees of the in graveyard notice Pelle and is good mood. She flutters down to greet him. "Hey, Pelle. Whatcha in such a good mood about?" The Fae chirped 

The riven set down another bag, his small pile starting to grow. "Because of the future, Madam Poppy. I have seen it and I must go catch it." He looked down to his many bags. "Although, I may need to rethink my baggage a bit. Oh, but it's so hard to choose," he said as if he was flustered.

"Ooo you have" she said curiously. "What is this future you have to catch?"  At the mention his of baggage she had a solid hunch about what was in the bags. "Hmm, could reduce it down so you have one for every occasion?"

A devilish smile creeped accross the Riven's face. "One of great opportunity for power, for ascendence even. Or it may be a false lead. Who knows? All I know is that I must tread the waters if I ever hope to ge closer to the Golden Shores." The riven looked down and pouted again. "Ah shoot, I suppose I'll take the one bag. I suppose I'll have to restock a,ong the way." He began to collect a few of the other bags as if to bring them back inside.

Poppy eyed her friend curiously "Back to Rica? Glad you were finally able to find a lead, had heard you had been up in the tower quiet a bit." She helped him picking up bags that were supposed to return to the temple. "Yea, see that will make the trip there so much more fun!" She chirped cheerfully

"No, not Rica this time. I have grown bored of the old port. No, I set my course for the cursed swamps of Tarkalysis. I may find atleast a couple of the clues I seek there. A starting point if nothing else."

"Ooooo, Well bring fun stuff back of course!." The fae giggled cheerfully. "The Swamps of Tarkalysis always have had curious thing residing beneath them, from what I can recall"

"Ah, you know how I do love my souvenirs. I'll be sure to bring back some sort of tasty morsel for you, Madam Poppy." He began looking about, making sre he had everything he needed. Pulling a gate crystal from the bag on his hip, he picked up his bag from the ground. "I best be off then. No need to hang around here and gather dust. Till next we meet." He offered his greeting with a sort of polite bow before smashing the crystal to the ground. "To Tarkalysis!" he proclaimed before stepping into the gaping portal, it quickly closing behind him.