Raising an Aetherborn

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((Note: Wolf Clan has been role playing actively regarding Nozina in a private facebook group, and this post contains a collection of various roleplay actions and outcomes from said group, made public here for everyone to see, and join in should they so choose.)

The Wolf Clan has been bustling with activity the past few weeks, between a booming business venture, construction of a fortification, and a new resident child. The Noz has seen some new faces and has become much like a second home to many. Though for some, the Noz is the only home they have. Named Nozina Malkoniette, after both the Noz and the only other Aetherborn any of the Wolves know, the small baby adopted by Onyx a few weeks ago is one such resident.

Over the past few weeks she has been the center of attention, with the clan sparing no expense to ensure her well being. Her adoptive father, Onyx, has found his paternal instincts and written lullabies for the tiny babe, as well as placing rocks near her at all time so he can commune with the earth to inquire of her well being while going about his other business. When not busy with the bar's many management tasks, he is often seen sitting in a chair and holding Nozina, singing her to sleep.

Adira, a recent Ixifar addition to the Noz's staff, has cleared away a small nook on the main floor and outfitted it with a crib so the baby can be within sight if no one with commune earth is readily available. She has even managed to keep the patrons under control enough to allow the baby enough quiet to get well needed rest.

Surprisingly, one of the easier ones to quiet down was Dalagorn. Usually aggressive and noisy, the hot-tempered Angori has found a soft spot for Nozina as well, keeping his voice down far more than one might expect. Upon hearing that Nozina would quite likely not grow horns, the Angori spent an entire night crafting her a small leather cap with artificial horns, so that she might be able to grow to have the strength of an Angori in spirit.

Physical strength is not the only trait the Wolves hope to pass on to the young child, however. Lyra and Onyx both possess curative and healing magic, giving them some valuable knowledge of spell craft to help guide the young Aetherborn to explore that avenue of strength. With the resources of the Tower's library are now closed to the Wolves, these two mentors will have to suffice for the time being. Perhaps with time, others may choose to share their knowledge and leave behind their own legacy within Nozina.

Ripper has found her maternal side as well in recent days it would seem, having begun a metamorphosis of sorts in order to better take on a parental role. Motherhood is not a pixie's strong suit, after all.

It would be obvious to any observing the Wolf Clan's actions as of late, that they are taking their guardianship duties very seriously. The baby lacks for nothing, and is fiercely guarded with the lives of all the Wolves put on the line should anything threaten the youngest member of their pack again. While some of the members may be a bit rough around the edges and will deny it until the day they die, anyone watching them interact with Nozina would see that spark of parental compassion towards their new pup.


Lyra made her way upstairs, treading lightly as she ascended to take her turn watching Nozina while Adira and Onyx were otherwise occupied. The bar was rather full at the moment, and all the noise and shenanigans were a little too much for Nozina and Lyra both. Upon shutting the door to Nozina's room behind her, the Undine let out a little sign of relief and gave the sleeping baby a smile. 

She let her eyes take in the room, and couldn't help but marvel at the magic that the Noz had become. The room was silent, not a peep from downstairs penetrating the baby's sanctuary, and a sanctuary it truly was. The room was filled with everything a young baby would need, and then some. There was an endless wealth of toys, items, and objects, most of which Lyra did not understand. Some had a magic sort of aura about them (Sense Aura) and were no doubt intended in some way to aid the young Aetherborn in ways only her kind or very learned scholars would understand.

One such item caught her interest and she made her way towards it, before becoming distracted by a nearby toy instead. However, while the curious little undine was trying to figure out why on earth a wooden square with a letter on it was useful to a baby, Nozina stirred and began to wake. As the infant began to fuss, Lyra returned to the crib and picked her up, bouncing her gently and speaking in her most soothing voice she could muster. "I'm sorry, little Nozina.. I am not nearly as good at this as Adira is... At least she taught me how to hold you properly now." She smiled at the baby, and while she pondered what it was the little infant wanted, the Noz seemed to figure that out on its own. A bottle appeared next to Lyra, which you would think would have shocked her, however she was used to the Noz knowing what people needed by now. She picked up the bottle and offered it to Nozina, who began to drink eagerly. 

Lyra smiled, taking a seat on a chair, which was conveniently nearby for her thanks to the Noz as well, to continue to feed Nozina while she waited for things to quiet down enough for the more experienced Adira or Onyx to take over baby duty.


Adira quietly poked her head into the room about an hour after Lyra had gone up to watch Nozina, "How has she been?" she asked softly of the undine. "Not any trouble I hope," she added as she carefully eased her way through the door and shut it gently behind her. She silently glided across the plushly carpeted room over to the rocking chair holding them both to smile at the happy picture they made. 

Lyra's head perked up as Adira entered the room, giving the Ixifar a relieved smile. 

"Oh, uh... Well she was asleep and then she was upset, and then the Noz told me to feed her, and she seemed to like that." She glanced down at the baby, looking rather proud of herself for somewhat figuring out this whole looking after a baby thing. "I tried holding her the way you do, see?" 

Her proud smile slowly faded as her brow began to furrow down at the baby, suddenly unsure of herself and over-analyzing the situation now that she had a spectator. 

"Uhm... But you can have her back now, please?" She glanced to Adira with a pleading look in her eye.

The Ixifar smiled warmly at the nervous undine, “You did wonderfully, look how happy she is with you,” she said gesturing at the smile on the baby’s face. “But I can take her back so you can go see Drogan. He’s just come in from work.”  She scooped up the smiling baby, “And I’m very proud of you young lady for not making things difficult for your Aunt Lyra,” she gently teased the babe, tapping her lightly on the nose and eliciting a giggle from the child.  “Could you tell Onyx we’ll be right down in a moment?  Seems like she needs a change and a quick bath before we head down. Oh, and if you don’t mind, would you run her bath water while I change her?” She added as a noxious smell emanated from the small form in her arms. 

The little one had the gall to look up at her and grin toothlessly at her, but Adira had helped raise enough of her cousins that she wasn’t worried about what she might find in the babe’s diaper.  “You little imp,” she teased as she stripped Nozina down to change and bathe her. “You saved that for when you knew I’d be coming up didn’t you?”

Nozina giggled up at her, kicking her legs and waving arms while laying on the changing table.  “Yes, sweetheart, I still love you, even with your mischievous ways.”  Once the mess had been cleaned up, she turned to the warm water waiting in the tub for her and gave the infant a quick bath, singing the lullaby her mother had sung for her as a child. 

“Wandering child of the earth 
Do you know just how much you're worth? 
You have walked this path since your birth 
You were destined for more 

“There are those who'll tell you you're wrong 
They will try to to silence your song 
But right here is where you belong 
So don't search anymore

“You are the dawn of a new day that's waking 
A masterpiece still in the making 
The blue in an ocean of grey 
You are right where you need to be 
Poised to inspire and to succeed 
You'll look back and you'll realize one day” 

She dried the babe, redressing her in one of the many outfits the men of the Wolf Clan had just “happened to find” while they were out. She smiled as she kept singing quietly- she would swear young Nozina understood everything being said around and to her most of the time given the way her bright amethyst eyes would watch you.

“In your eyes there is doubt 
As you try to figure it out 
But that's not what life is about 
So have faith there's a way 

“Though the world may try to define you 
It can't take the light that's inside you 
So don't you dare try to hide 
Let your fears fade away 

“You are the dawn of a new day that's waking 
A masterpiece still in the making 
The blue in an ocean of grey 
You are right where you need to be 
Poised to inspire and to succeed 
You'll look back and you'll realize one day 

“You are the dawn of a new day that's waking 
A masterpiece still in the making 
The blue in an ocean of grey 
You are right where you need to be 
Poised to inspire and to succeed 
Soon you'll finally find your own way”

She finished the lullaby just as she was slipping the last little bootie on Nozina’s foot.  “Come on sweet one, let’s find out what mischief your uncles have gotten into when we’re not there to whip them into shape,” she murmured to her as they began descending the stairs.

At Adira's words of praise, the young Undine beamed with pride. However the moment didn't last log before she was pulled back to reality as  Adira took charge of the tasks at hand. Nose wrinkling at the smell, Lyra didn't need to be asked twice to go and run the water, relieved to not have to be the one to change the baby. 

Once her task was finished, she slipped quietly from the room and went down to the main floor to meet with the other Wolves and welcome Drogan back from his day working on the construction of the fortification.

As soon as the pair of she-wolves and the adopted babe descended the stairs the steady metal tinkling sound inside the 'cocoon' of cloth and fur paused. This happened often, when Nozina was brought nearby or began to cry. Sure enough though it would start up again soon, picking up a slight rhythm as the pix continued to work by her own glow. 


She'd tried to metamorph once before, under duress, and the rushed process had failed. But this time she was focused, working through those overwhelming pix emotions and learning to contain them...as much as any fae does really...while redirecting the stray interrupting thoughts back toward /why/ she had isolated herself once again. The desire to care for the tiny aetherborn.

The fae poked her head inside the Brokn Noz lookimg around for the wolves and a certain little one. The fae had heard they adopted a baby aetherborn not being familar with the race. The fae was curious to see them for herself.