Setting up shop

Submitted by Morzoth on Sat, 4/18/2015 at 8:36pm

Rex pays the gnomes he hired to construct his mausoleum. He walks in a coffin sits against the wall to the right lined with bedding and a pillow. A small fire lights a forge in the back of the mausoleum. Rex starts to lay out tools from his luggage. stoaking of a fire and hammering can be heard through out the graveyard

The loud hammer attracts the fae to the source. After fluttering around the new structure giving it is a good examination she decides to knock on it. "Hellooo?" Curious to see who has lives here and to find the source of the hammering.

" hello hello whos in there."    "can i borrow a cup of sugar"

" hello hello whos in there."    "can i borrow a cup of sugar"

The door swings open and the skeletal face of Rex greets the fairy. He looks past her fluttering songs to see Ezac. "Well hello friends I don't think I have any means of sugar but if you're looking for items of death and defense then you've come to the right place"

Ablelar comes to visit the graveyard, after months in the armoury. When he sees the new mausoleum. He examines the building in awe. He sees rex and ezach, "I gotta say this is a very beautiful mausoleum."

Out of the way poppy i smells like embalminng fluid and arsenic in there. 

Rex ushers the members of town into his home. He motions to the back of the room where you see a lightly stoked fire burning in an elaborate forge lined with filigree of gold an silver. Next to the forge stands a medium but sturdy anvil and a table with various hammers, pics, clamps and ingots. In the corner sits a skeleton proped up in  a chair. Rex turns to the skeleton.
" Thomas if you going to stay you"re going to have to dress for the occasion. i have guest over."
he waits in silence for a moment 
"Well so am i. if i used the fact that i'm dead as an excuse to not get dress i'd never get any customers"
The skeleton in the corner does not move not even an inch.

As she is rushed inside she is flutters around curiously looking at thing within the mausoleum.  "Oooo this is a cool place you got here Rex." Her attention is redirected when she hears Rex's conversation with his roommate. "Mhmm, He does have a point Thomas. You can't just run around in you birt-deathday suit" "Sure, we can find something for you to wear around here" She declared placing her hands on the sides of her hips

Rex turns to Poppy and pats her on the head.
"What a wonderful idea pengie yes let us find him some good clothes. Maybe you can ask your dark and mysterious friends for some?"
Rex then turns back to Thomas "You're gonna need a hat"

Ezac turns to thomas with a worried look 
"thomas you really must take better care of yourself your all bones"