Berylline Syndicate

The Berylline Syndicate, often referred to simply as "The Syndicate," is an interplanar cartel that oversees the sale of magical goods and services throughout Orn.


The Berylline Syndicate was founded several centuries ago during the Shunning of the Magicks. Spurned by their growing disfavor and prejudice, a small group of spellcasters banded together for mutual protection, eventually electing to leave Orn and find a new home for themselves in the Aether. There they created a small domain named Beryll. Though initially conceived for protection and research, ongoing contact between the founders of Beryl and their Ornish peers eventually created a thriving trade for extraplanar reagents.

As time went by, the Berylline wizards began partnering themselves with merchant and wizard guilds back on Orn to further their reach. Less than a century after the domain was formed, the Berylline Syndicate was officially founded with a mission to regulate the trade of magical goods and services on Orn. Though initially diverse and influential, the Syndicate's charter has expanded significantly since its inception, leaving it with few rivals.


The Syndicate is composed of three main wings that oversee the different aspects of its operations.

The Artisan Wing of the Syndicate is responsible for crafting magic items and performing spellcasting services for customers. When members go afield, they often act in an assessment capacity, appraising magic items for their properties and value, evaluating components for their usefulness, and investigating the nature of magical phenomena.

The Mediary Wing of the Syndicate manages the buying and selling of goods and services. Members act in a diplomatic capacity, managing relations with local governance and bartering the trade of items and spells.

The Sentinel Wing is the Syndicate's military force of combat specialists who accompany expeditions, guard outposts, and escort shipments. On the occassion that goods are stolen from the Syndicate, they also serve as the Syndicate's police in returning the goods and apprehending the culprit.

The wing to which a member belongs generally determines his or her skills and responsibilities. Outside of that, Syndicate members may be assigned to one of several groupings. These groups are almost always comprised of members from all three wings, depending on the nature of their duties.

  • Axis - Most members who are not assigned to an expedition or outpost perform duties for the Syndicate within Beryl itself, a position often referred to as "working the Axis." Duties within Beryl are varied, ranging from mundane tasks such as maintaining records and checking inventories to more elaborate tasks such as managing interplanar communication and travel.
  • Expedition - An expedition is a group of Syndicate members tasked with acquiring new goods or materials and determining the feasibility of ongoing collection. Expeditions almost always involve remote and/or dangerous locations, often on distant planes of existence.
  • Outpost - An outpost is a group of Syndicate members tasked with ongoing operations in a particular area. Some, called reaper outposts, oversee the collection of one or more raw materials in the area. Others, called trade outposts, are situated in populous areas and handle the buying and selling of goods. Some outposts may, on rare occassions, operate in both capacities.