Green Cross Clinic and Apothecary

On the edge of town, just within the town walls, the Green Cross Clinic and Apothecary stands warmly to invite all whom have medical needs and for the towns healers to congregate and learn from one another. Small flower boxes adorn the external windows, adding embellishment against the freshly white-washed walls. Behind the clinic, a decent sized garden has been planted with all sorts of methodically labeled herbs. Entering through the front door, a small apothecary shop offers many minor remedies and some of Dr. Tinkledink's own concoctions.

Just down the hall, the clinic proper has been furnished with several hospital beds for the sick and alchemical workbenches line the walls. In an adjoining room, a growing library has been established housing several medicinal recipes and research tomes. The upper floors contain rooms large enough for any residents to live and study as they need.

Resident Rules

  • All residents are to be dedicated healers within town
  • Must have atleast Heal 2 and 2 other curative abilities.
  • If you are not high enough level, but wish to pursue the Healing Arts, then you may apprentice with a Green Cross member of your choice.

Resident Slots: 1/3


Notes for Monsters

Alarm: Press the button on the box to activate the alarm and let it ring for 10 seconds. Pressing the button again will turn it off. If it doesn't ring immediately, gently tap the side. If still silent, then Tinkledink's gnomish ingenuity has failed him and you're free to pillage.


Notes for Residents

Resupply: As long as you are within arm's reach of the Clinic, you can replenish your consumables and tools.

Level 8 Sanctum

Residents: Dr. Theodore J. Tinkledink (Owner)
Value: 243.87


  • Alarm
  • Guest 1
  • Income 4
  • Library
  • Resupply
  • Room 3
  • Shop 10
  • Stash


Usable by residents and guests.
  • Touch "Renew Limb"
  • Touch "Rouse"


  • Herb 2 and Medicine 3


Essential Oils
Quality 3 Medicine
Supply "Rouse"
9.60 gold
Midnight's Tear Powder
Quality 2 Poison
Poison "Burst Dazzle"
14.70 gold
Nectar, Mass
Quality 3 Medicine
Medicine "Burst Revive"
38.40 gold